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    Been playing and GM:ing RPGs since the early 80's. After a hiatus (1994-2010) we've started playing again :)
    Games played: RQ, CoC, D&D, AD&D, Traveller, 2300 AD, T2K, GURPS, CyberPunk, Kult, Warhammer Fantasy, MERP + some more
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    Classic D&D - Mystara
    Call of Cthulhu - 20s "Horror on the Orient Express"
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    Staffanstorp, Sweden
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    Currently GM:ing Call of Cthulhu

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  1. Hey, Are there any good BRP sources for 18th-century gaming out there?
  2. This is awesome! So, where do we follow your progress in this department?
  3. What Toadmaster said. RuneQuest was first, BRP came later. The early thin BRP rules were like today's Quick Start rules, presenting the basics of the d100 system. I have two copies, that was included in my RQ2 box. The examples are for fantasy gaming using the d100 rules.
  4. Awesome write-up there, o Cicero of Cthulian lore!
  5. Awsome! Just wait until Marco Clabustri the Croatian mercenary joins this merry bunch!
  6. 88 downloads

    A bunch of new Character Concepts for OQ2. Intended for my Ravenloft game using OQ2 as rules engine, but usable for all Dark Fantasy flavored OQ games.
  7. 91 downloads

    Here's an OQ2 Chargen worksheet I did for the players.
  8. Hey guys! I made some magic compendia for the gaming table: Codex Magica Minor - Battle Magic Codex Magica Major - Sorcery Codex Magica Divina - Divine Magic The idea is for an easy reference at the gaming table. Please notify if you find any typos or such. Cheers
  9. Thanks guys Unfortunately the above link doesn't work anymore as I've moved over to Wordpress. Here's the new address: http://libermalum.wordpress.com
  10. 120 downloads

    Compendium of the Divine Magic spells
  11. 135 downloads

    A compendium of the Sorcery spells.
  12. 133 downloads

    I've made a table-side compendium of Battle Magic. Spell list and all spell descriptions. It's meant as a quick reference for players and GM.
  13. Hey all! I'm trying to consolidate my gaming collection and make room for stuff we actually are going to use in the foreseeable future, so I'm selling some stuff. There's a list of d100 game stuff and shipping info on my d100 blog: http://libermalum.wordpress.com/the-market-buy-trade/ Maybe you'll find something of interest there Cheers /dawnrazor
  14. 123 downloads

    Here's a new 2-page A4 character sheet for my upcoming OQ2 driven Ravenloft game. Basically, the sam as the official sheet, but with a more gothic flavor, and a new skill - gun combat (for those front loading arquebusses and pistolas).
  15. 108 downloads

    OpenQuest 2 game master screen. In A4 format, with 3 panes.
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