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  1. 7dot62mm

    Winter Phase Summary PDF (in progress)

    Neat and really nicely laid out! You could add some of these things if you feel they'd add value: * Page references to where to find the various solos in the Pendragon rulebook * In section 2 is there a rule saying the equivalent of "A die roll of 20 always results in a one-point increase in the score, even if currently 20 or greater." ... or is it just our house rule? * In section 5 is there a rule stating the equivalent of "All horses suffer a –1 modifier for each year of the horse’s age beyond 7 years" ... or is this another house rule of ours? * You could add family events, i.e. sister marries. * In section 7 I think you should add "Traits cannot be increased over 19. Passions cannot be increased over 20. No statistics can be raised higher than its maximum cultural value, which is usually 15, 18, or 21. SIZ may not be increased after age 21 and no statistics may be increased after he reaches age 35." In section 7 maybe: " For NPC squires roll 1d6 and add the points to any of the squire's skills desired, to a maximum of 15." For player squires "Roll 1d6 for SIZ and 1d6 for STR at each Winter Phase. Result: 1-3) no growth, 4-6) 1 point of growth. The squire also receives additional training from his knight, which is represented by 5 additional skill points that the player may distribute to the squire’s skills. In addition he receives the normal Winter Phase choices same as knights. * In section 8 add conspicuous consumption. * Section 3 add 1 to age of squire, if he becomes 21 years old escalate the matter to the GM * Followers Experience (Book of Entourage): "Each Winter Phase, during Step 2: Experience rolls, after finishing the rolls for your knight, all Followers also try to improve. All Key Skills and Passions Skills for Followers have a chance to progress. First, raise their Age stat by one year. Second, attempt to raise all their skills and passions. The amount and method depends on the ability’s current value: 15 or less: +1 point per year up to 15 16-20: roll 1d6: 1-5 = nothing, 6 = +1 point, up to 20 20+: roll 1d20: 01-19 = no gain, 20 = +1 point. * If your character is or holds an office with a Baron or higher noble, decide on his future attitude towards graft and corruption, as explained in BoW p. 51. Decide what types of Graft the officer will attempt to partake in during the year to come and write it down.
  2. 7dot62mm

    Book of Beasts

    You could consider adding Traits for exceptional beasts. For example one of my player knights has a black Andalusian charger by the name of El Diablo who has Cruel 17 and Proud 16.
  3. 7dot62mm

    In need of ideas - teenage liege lords

    You could look at The Marriage of Count Roderick (available free from this site) and put your players on a quest to find a wife for their spoiled brat liege lord There's a Flashing Blades adventure called The Ambassador's Tales which might work well as a Japanese diplomatic mission. You'd have to change lots of things but it is brilliant and my players just loved it as a Middle-Earth RPG adventure, 25+ years ago. It is available on DrivethruRPG I believe. It would also work as a Pendragon scenario/small campaign.
  4. 7dot62mm

    Hating Cambrians & Cumbrians?

    Savage Mountains is the book on Cambria. It shows you where the tribes live and lists their names and army sizes. It also contains a military campaign where Arthur's army conquers two Cambrian kingdoms and meet lots of the said tribesmen.
  5. 7dot62mm

    Character sheet (in progress)

    Nice! Thanks! That last page is especially useful.
  6. 7dot62mm

    Map of North-Eastern Escavalon

    That may take a while yet. But I should have a map of middle Wuerensis (just south of this map) at some point...
  7. 7dot62mm

    Map of North-Eastern Escavalon

    It's based on Google Maps over which I've drawn using Campaign Cartographer. It's a very confusing program with difficult to use functions but you're allowed to distribute the maps you make freely even for commercial use.
  8. In my campaign the players are adventuring and holding land in the very North-Eastern part of Escavalon near the meeting point of the Severn and one of the Avon rivers. The land is held by a count Hywel. Here's the map I've made: http://eeronsivut.net/pelit/Pendragon/Hywels_Lands.png
  9. 7dot62mm

    Better Battles

    Thanks for the quick reply. Last night was just a practice run which I played solo in order to get a feel for the system. The “real” tournament melee with live players will probably be tomorrow. In this test run the Round Table side had 40 RT knights, about 100 others plus some infantry, and was led by the player character who is a RT knight himself. The other player knights were in another unit of knights. The guests side had an equivalent number of knights plus a bunch of infantry, some armored. In all it was an equal 10 tokens per side. I marked the tokens to indicate what type of units they represented though it really does not matter. I then placed the tokens on a large printout of the BoB page which shows the layout of the army. On the other side of the table I did the same for the opposing side. That really gives an indication of which units are in reserve etc. I felt that worked pretty well. I decided the RT Army Commander held two units of 10 RT knights each (2 tokens) in reserve while the other AC held only one unit of 20(?) knights (1 token) in reserve. This gave the other side a slight advantage on Turn one. The RT Army Commander had a Battle of 22 and the other side 20. As the RT AC had been appointed by Arthur for this melee event I felt he could be inspired by his loyalty which he did successfully, critting on the first turn. He rolled really well for the rest of the battle and only started losing men on Turn four or thereabouts. And then on Turn five he committed his reserves and was able to roll some more criticals. I liked the fact that the army Intensity was provided by the Army Commanders rolls and not by the 3d6 rolls used in BoB. The reduction of enemy (tokens removed and affecting AC rolls) was also handled well. As it happened the Intensity vs. the player Unit Commander rolled a critical on Turn one… therefore the player knights had to fight two units of infantry and they got slightly banged up and were Crushed, having to retreat one zone and becoming disordered at the same time. I then (it now turns out incorrectly) applied the resulting -10 to combat skills also to the UC’s subsequent Battle rolls with the result that his unit was (Crushed and) chased down the battlefield first by knights and then infantry in leather armor. By Turn four I had figured out that maybe the -10 shouldn’t be applied to UC rolls after all and the UC was able to get his unit organized and even perform a successful lance charge. I take it that in BBB maneuvers table the modifiers to AC Battle rolls resulting from player character actions apply for the next battle Turn only? What I missed during the battle was any visibility of what was happening to the UC’s unit apart from that one player character whose fate is detailed (I realize this is probably a deficiency in BoB?). The UC was leading a unit of one PC and 19 NPC knights and the fate of those NPC knights did not come into the picture at all. So I need to re-read BoB and if I find that the system does not cover such peripheral characters then I’m thinking maybe I should take the bit from the old battle rules from KAP where you lose only 10% of your men if you roll a Critical success and 50% if you win or whatever and integrate that into the UC’s intensity roll result, or something. That way the AC might lose the UC’s unit token during the battle due to player UC’s bad rolls, that should be fun. In all I much liked the system and felt it gave me a good feel of what was going on in the battle. The rules as laid out here are very clear and well-written and I’m very happy and thankful that you took the time to publish them. We’ll see what my players think of them when we get that far, probably tomorrow 😊
  10. 7dot62mm

    Better Battles

    Just fought my first battle using Better Battles. It took around three hours to play a six-turn Camelot tournament melee with three player characters (Army Commander, Unit Commander and knight). This was my first time playing the Book of Battle as well so there is a learning curve. It was interesting though a little confusing. Is it just me or is the BBB-Maneuvers file broken/unfinished? The one downloadable from here is a page and a half long and ends at "Remove/Self" whereas I think it should go to "Withdraw". I'm a little confused as to the Disordered status which is quite easy to get. Once you're disordered you get -10 to combat skills. My question is, does the -10 also apply to the Unit Commander's Battle skill roll? If it does then you can easily be driven off the field because the hefty penalty will usually cause you to lose all subsequent battles with a Crush result.