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  1. The wife of the player knight could also have a Deceitful of 18 and might do bad things behind his back. On hearing of these the knight will have to match his Trust (whomever tells him) vs. his Love (Wife) to believe these rumors.
  2. Note that you can kill off anyone in the campaign by rolling (or claiming to have rolled) on the Book of the Estate Yearly Survival table...
  3. Why not have squire A's knight suffer a major wound or whatever so the squire is out of battle. Then squire B's knight captures an enemy and gives the captive to squire B to take to the rear lines. The captive of course escapes and then the two squires have to re-capture him or face the wrath of the knight. The escapee flees into an old forest/tower/whatever where many dangers lurk.
  4. If you think there are discrepancies between AP 5.2 and the Salisbury map in Warlord, don't obtain the Map Folio book - more headaches!
  5. Other stuff I'd like to see: * Honor awards/penalties listed and explained (what if your squire dies from combat, or sickness, or suicide, do you lose honor etc.) * Clear explanation of when you may/may not use a passion for inspiration (Honor, Loyalty Lord etc.)
  6. I've had this supplement for close to twenty years and, like you, have done nothing with it. The idea of Ireland in the Arthurian age is very inspiring but the supplement is not. Currently I'm thinking that since Ireland is several decades behind the Logres when it comes to chivalry etc. perhaps I could place some unused Uther age scenarios in Ireland. But then I'd need to railroad the player characters into visiting the island...
  7. I'm sure Sir Palomides would have very oriental-looking cats and up north near Dal Riada and Lothian they have many tailless cats
  8. I watched every episode of Lumpkin's campaign on YouTube and it was great. I'll definitely try to follow yours as well. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I too got mine this morning. The Paladin book's production values are sky-high with gilded pages and even an integral bookmark. Very, very nicely done!
  10. There's also Steven Lumpkin's The Great Pendragon Campaign - The Fall of Uther on YouTube: I highly recommend this, Steven is a great GM.
  11. I believe Grail Christianity is also covered in the Great Book of Pendragon treasures?
  12. In my campaign the player of a Christian knight had rolled so badly on his Christian virtues that he was much closer to the Pagan ideals. So we just decided that he would convert over the Winter Phase. Today I'd require a bit of roleplaying in order to achieve this (a visit to a Pagan temple, convincing someone of his sincerity) and also award a check to each of his Pagan virtues as he'd get religious instruction on how to be a good Pagan.
  13. In the old Nocturnal forums there was this use for APP: In order to attract the attention of a lady you need to win opposed roll of (your APP+(glory/1000)) vs. the lady's APP. If unsuccessful, you fail to make an impression so cannot invite her to dance, or to flirt with her or whatever. I'm also considering awarding a modifier to all social skills (those also affected by glory) of something like: APP Modifier ----------------------- 1 -5 2 -4 3 -3 4 -2 5 -1 16 +1 17 +2 18 +3 The bonus would
  14. In my campaign I use a custom-written program to generate a lady's stats, including traits and attributes, passions, backgrounds and family connections etc. using BoKL and my own modified systems. Players are of course immediately aware of any scores of 16 or greater ("she's famous for her zeal to get things done" for Energetic 16+) and as time goes by they will also become aware of any scores of 14+. The traits give the lady a bit of character. In addition the program generates some other useful NPC attributes such as Intelligence, so a knight might have a brilliant wife who would give h
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