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  1. I was wondering what types of magic are covered in Mythic Iceland? I know that there is rune magic, from the review here http://www.wexogo.com/2011/08/mythic-iceland-review-brp/ but what about SeiĆ°r?
  2. Merry Yule to you all.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yule
  3. RQII Vikings is well worth the money I paid for it.:)

  4. I'm Midgardormr. I am hoping to get Mythic Iceland in the dead tree version to run a campaign for my local RPG club. I already have both versions of RQ Vikings and have run those in the past, but I like the new look BRP and want to give it a go with a setting that I really like.
  5. I will be happy when I am holding the dead tree version in my sweaty calloused hands. Skraelings are what I'm looking for as well as Vikings.
  6. It is a great pity that Chaosium did not get the printed version to the shops before Xmas. Since Chaosium's website is as secure as a gazebo I am not going to purchase the pdf from them.
  7. I have been stung before while buying from Chaosium's website. Which is why I'm going to purchase Mythic Iceland in the dead tree version and not as a pdf!
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