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    Been role playing for 39 years now, Runequest was my first game at age 11! I have played many, many games since then usually being the ref, just recently been delving into glorantha once again after many years.
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    Star Wars RPG, starting a runequest game soon
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    50yo from Milton Keynes UK, 4 children 29, 15, 14, 12 and I still find time to role play lol

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  1. I am trying to decide what kind of campaign to run for the new Runequest. I know it's obviously going to be set in Glorantha but after that really beginning assumption, I've not decided. I am really tempted as the players have zero Glorantha knowledge to run a very old school sandbox game almost ale Western Marches based on random geographic encounter tables, rather than traditional adventure design. Maybe set in Prax? But let the players come from elsewhere and let them do exactly what they want and learn about Glorantha slowly and Organically. Has anyone any experience of run
  2. Hugely excited for this book, it's going to really flesh out Glorantha for my new campaign. Armed with this, the core and the bestiary, it should go a long way into making the setting playable with the new rules edition. Rgds Dean
  3. Maybe a silly question, but does the different types of magic look, sound, smell differently when being cast? How does spirit magic differ in this regard to rune magic or sorcery? Does each spell have it's own look when cast or is this totally up to me as the GM? I found a reference in the rules stating that each cults spells looked different, so my question is just expanding on that? Rgds Dean
  4. Just a quick message to say this thread is amazingly useful to a new Runequest GM like myself. Great stuff, please keep it going. Rgds Dean
  5. Apologies if this has already been stated elsewhere and I have missed it, but can anyone tell me what are the plans for the line in the next 6 to 12 months? After the bestiary and screen/pack are in physical form, what pdf/physical releases can we look forward to? One reason I am asking is I am preparing my group for a long running campaign so seeing what is coming down the pipe is very useful, not so worried about dates and timescales, more about what can we eventually expect? Rgds Dean
  6. I have noticed that although most people here advocate using minis, the rules themselves do not mention hexes or squares, grids or such rules for things such as facing, flanking, attacking from the rear etc. Do you guys include these kind of rules as house rules? Or are they present in other BRP games or are they just considered overkill and not needed? Rgds Dean
  7. Are there any plans for official glorantha miniatures to come out? also, although the combat rules are crunchy, they do not mention miniatures for rules such as grids, hexes, flanking etc. Fo any of the other basic RPG games do that anywhere? rgds Dean
  8. What’s the consensus about using miniatures for Runequest combat here? My group has traditionally used them for other games, but there is no mention of them in the new rule set , so I am assuming many people use theatre of the mind? What are the pros and cons of each viewpoint with the new rule set? Are there any problems with using miniatures that anyone has any experience with? rgds Dean
  9. I am trying to decide what type of campaign to run and where? I must admit to feeling overwhelmed in the dragon pass region, mainly getting straight in my head all the differing tribes and clans of the Orlanthi. As a gm I usually like complexity and deep background but I am very afraid of getting the whole region wrong in some fundemental way. Perhaps these fears are unfounded and I know everyone says it’s my Glorantha to do what I want with, but if I do run in Dragon Pass I want to get it somewhat right. I have been instead toying with using Either Prax or The griffin mountain
  10. I am very curious to know about long term gms that use Glorantha as a setting, what their campaign was/is like? What system did you/ currently use? where is it set? what time period? how long have you ran it? how did you change the setting? Or did you keep to canon? loads of questions are swirling in my mind as I prepare to take the plunge myself!
  11. Confused with divine intervention - is the power point loss for an Initiate permanent? Or do they regain those power points normally much like spirit magic use? Thanks Dean
  12. The link you posted goes back to the main forum? any ideas of the time frame for it? rgds Dean
  13. Just wondering if there is a general timeline for when the Runequest Bestiary will be in print? I am in the UK. I have the pdf but can’t wait to get my hands on the physical copy! Any general info for when it will be available? Thanks Dean
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