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  1. Used these in my campaign last weekend, and other than the Traits area being perhaps a little too cramped (vertically), we were all pretty happy with them. When I can get to it I'll adjust based on the latest feedback, and post a new version. 👍
  2. Saw this post the day before running the Imber bear hunt myself, and as a side note: the description of the hunt actually says "finding the best way to ride through the brush" (pg. 225 KAP 5.2), so you definitely didn't do that bit wrong.
  3. For my campaign, I'm also imagining wily Saxons sending small parties to harass and distract: traveling up the Avon on small boats at night, camping in forests, striking quickly, killing and burning but not plundering (too heavy, slows them down), and disappearing off into a nearby forest again. Considering the speed at which information travels, the population density, and the time it takes to travel, it's reasonable to expect that a raiding party like this could strike and disappear well before anyone capable of dealing with them could be informed and arrive. I have no idea if Saxon Guerilla
  4. I'd also tend to check the PK's relationship to their liege, his personality, the current political climate, and the rank of the captured prisoner. Dependent on all of that, I might have their liege handle the ransoming, and take a portion of it for himself.
  5. I'm writing a little adventure (my first!) to run at cons and in my campaign. It's set in 481: King Uther agrees, at the urging of Merlin and Count Roderick, to send an embassy to Summerland (before the invasion he's already planning in 482). The PKs have been doing a good job with diplomacy in The Marriage of Count Roderick, so they get sent. I'm planning on using it to inject more wonder into my campaign, since the rest of Uther/Anarchy is so dour and gritty. This adventure will get the PKs close to the happenings in the invasion, and, if the players are into it, Summerland will probably pla
  6. I've put in those childbirth rules, for all the very sensible reasons above. I left out the "blessed bonus" bits, which I love, partly due to space limitations on the one-sheet, but also because I quite like the idea of them being the GM's little secret: a player rolls a blessed birth, doesn't have to roll survival, and forgets about the kid until he becomes PK age, then the GM says "by the way, you were a blessed birth, remember? Gimme a d6 roll..." Now I've got 2 versions of the Winter Phase Summary sheet: Plain vanilla KAP 5.2 childbirth Improved Morien & Thijs childbirth
  7. Thanks to @Morien's clarification, here's a new version which (I think) covers Morien & Thijs' great childbirth suggestions. I quite like 'em! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo1lmatjx0ia5ix/WinterPhasev03.pdf?dl=0
  8. On a quick look, I'm finding "-5 if Poor, +1 if Rich, +5 if Superlative" in KAP 5.2. Do you know of any other relevant modifiers in other books?
  9. Hmm, I know I started originally with a sheet someone else had done. Maybe those were his house rules. I'll flip through the relevant books and correct it. Thanks. Yeah, there are all sorts of imaginable rules and modifiers, but I was going for a "so y'wanna play a knight?" kind of game, and ignoring any other variations. Wanted to keep it all on one page, after all.
  10. Have another look. That's all in there. I re-worded the improvement stuff (under section 6, Household Member Improvement) you quoted to fit it in, but it's the same in meaning. Is the wording confusing? That's straight up BoEntourage, page 10, and exactly what you quoted above, isn't it? "20+: roll 1d20: 01-19 = no gain, 20 = +1 point." Hrm, where's this from? BoEntourage pg. 10 just describes advancement as it is on this sheet and discussed above. Wouldn't need both, would you? Good ideas. 👍I've added them, so reload it and have a look (same link). As for family e
  11. Oh yeah. This file currently has over 20 layers, but only because I separate the various sections – Passions, Traits, Skills, etc. – into different layers, so I can turn them on and off at will. What InDesign doesn't enable you to do (as far as I know) is to build interactive elements that export into a PDF with logic behind them, like "if British Christian is selected here, turn these layers on and hide those." If I ever decide this is finished-finished, then I could create layers for all the variations, and export a Cymric-British-Christian sheet, and a Cymric-Pagan sheet, etcetera ad nauseu
  12. Religious markings This is one of those areas where I'm wishing that InDesign offered a little more in the way of interactive PDFs. I'd love to be able to make one where, when you select religion from a dropdown, the appropriate traits get underlined, and when you select a culture, the skills and their starting values change. As far as I know that's well beyond InDesign's capabilities, but I'm looking into it. Gear Yeah, like I said, copied it thinking, "I'd never use it, but YPMV so maybe someone needs it?" For my purposes I'll happily delete it and use that space for something more
  13. NOTE: there are now 2 versions of the Winter Phase Summary sheet: Plain vanilla KAP 5.2 childbirth Improved Morien & Thijs childbirth I'm GMing my new campaign's first Winter Phase tomorrow, and wanted a one-sheet with all the relevant stuff to do, collecting all the bits and bobs from BoEstate, Bo Entourage, etc. I'm hoping others might also find it useful. Having said that, I'm almost certain I missed something, for the same reason I wanted this: there are far too many rules expansions, options and exceptions in too many different books. Here it is, have
  14. Intentionally. Considering religion is a choice, and different religions have different traits, I couldn't really underline them. I've assumed the GM will go through this with players at chargen, and once they've chosen a religion, he'll tell them which ones to underline. I'm pretty sure this is how all official sheets have been so far, isn't it? Yeah, you may be right. I waver between "people aren't idiots and don't need lines to tell them where to write" and "well, guidelines are helpful", and you've made me aware that it's inconsistent in the current layout. Taken under advisement.
  15. So, worked in the feedback so far, and a new version is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/agn12e5esbrbs5q/KAPCharacterSheetv06.1.pdf?dl=0
  16. Finally getting a chance to really read BoSires, so here’s a few things I’ve found... Page 24, first sentence: “Theodoric embrace Lancelot”. There’s a “d” or maybe an “s” missing? Page 90, Battle of the Lochs: says “roll on Trait: 440a”, but 440a is an Events table. Should be 440b, I think? Page 100, third sentence: “High High King Vortigern”. I know he got pretty powerful, but one “High” is probably enough. Page 103, Battle of Morgaine Forest: on a 20 “killedf” Page 109, Year 479: “to the disgust of many * their Dumnonii kinsmen”, there’s an “of” missing there *.
  17. Yeah, I don't mind at all having rarely used Passions. It's those rare moments when it is relevant that add unexpected and interesting complications. 14 years of nothing, then in 494 the PKs remember the words of their dying father, and boom!
  18. So I checked and, yeah, I screwed up. Not in game, but in memory. One of the players misunderstood and wrote down Cumbrian instead of Cambrian, we straightened it out, and I remembered the conversation, not the context. So both players ended up with a Hate (Cambrian tribesmen) passion, so it’s answered. Thanks! My only remaining question is: does anyone know off the top of their head when in the GPC anything happens where that passion might actually be relevant?
  19. Ah, could be cool. But... it’s for Windows. That’s me out. 😞
  20. Mentioned in the other thread, but missing here, are some adventures focussed on hunting. I, for one, am all for this book. 🤘
  21. Gotcha. I was just briefly confused because the context of the sentence is granddad’s death, so previous feels like previous to his death.
  22. Thanks, but I actually like the work. 😉 But I’d be happy to see what you’ve got. And one of the main reasons I started on this was not the content, but rather the design. I felt the existing sheets needed a bit of tweaking as far as the order of things and what draws the eye. I’m guessing the program you mentioned wouldn’t solve those problems... I’ll finish this one as a Cymric default (most common for most games), and then I’ll have a look at a “works for anyone” version.
  23. All started in S. Logres (Salisbury), and one ended up in Brittany as a Rebel, returning for the March with Aurelius.
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