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  1. Ahhhhhh yeah, now I see it. (5d6+10) x 10 for marriage. 👌 Thanks!
  2. @Morien I'm curious: were the random Glory bits for father and grandfather intended to include marriage Glory, or does it make sense to roll for that and add it?
  3. So, after a bit of a browse of Sires, things look thusly, for starting in 480: 408: Grandfather is born. 429: Grandfather has his 21st birthday at the end of the year and is knighted. 430: Grandfather marries and starts gaining yearly events. Starts with (1d20 x 100) + 1,000 Glory. 433: Father is born. 439: Events begin. Add 9d20 Glory for 9 years of grandfather's actions. 454: Father has his 21st birthday at the end of the year and is knighted. Inherits 1/10th of grandfather's + 1,000 Glory. 455: Father marries and gains yearly events. 458: The Player-k
  4. You pretty much answer every question, don't you @Morien? And I'm convinced that the BoS is worth buying.
  5. G'day! Prepping to run the GPC from 480, and I've been mulling over changes needed to the family history in the KAP 5.2 rulebook. Some are obvious (PK birth year) and some, less so... My main question really is: does the Book of Sires family history (for bog standard Salisbury knights) start at 480? If not, has anyone already solved these problems before?
  6. Hi all, Once a lurker on the Noturnal forums, and out of KAP for a while, but now prepping to dive into GMing from year 480 of the GPC. Oh boy. One thing I remember is lots of useful random generators for knights, potential wives, etc. I'm aware of drpendragon.com (useful, but lacks ladies) but also remember enora.dk, but the Pendragon stuff there seems to have unfortunately disappeared... Are there any other handy generators out there I should know of? @Morien: you made some too, did you not?
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