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  1. Ralzakark does indeed. The most noteable is a female broo called White.
  2. OK, so at BurritoCon in Fanboy3 in Manchester on Saturday, I had the pleasure of playing in Ian Cooper's new HeroQuest Glorantha scenario Wyrmghost Tower. This was my first time playing HQG, and to be honest, who better to run my first game for me than Professor Cooper? I found the mechanic startlingly easy once you get your head around it, and felt it was reminiscent in some ways to Gumshoe with the idea assumed proficiency. The scenario itself was really well realised and offers more in the way of lore for Glorantha. Line of the day: Player: So, these rabbbit people... are we talking Bugs Bunny here? Prof. Cooper: No, more like Donny Darko to be honest.
  3. I am so glad I got a refund on this when ASG was actually responding to questions. I think he can essentially say goodbye to being able to KS anything for a while.
  4. Wowzer! That is SPECTACULAR!
  5. Yes, completely. This was a collaborative thing - I narrated the actual text of his review from back in 2016. I assume he used the word "pirate" due to it being a ship at sea. He published the text of my review on his blog. Why would he be promoting it if he thought I had stolen his words?
  6. Not sure what you mean.
  7. It looks fantastic. Two issues though. 1) It ain't cheap! 2) It's for a scenario that is not currently available for 7th Edition (not really a proper issue I know, and hopefully it will be revisited)
  8. I can live with that! Them just being available again would be a bonus.
  9. Well of course he didn't. He wore Gbaji's hollowed out feet.
  10. Wait. So I can't get into the fine details about the colour of Arkat's boots in these threads? Dayyum! I fully support this though. Some of the threads just devolve into "well actualy..." and for new people it must be REALLY intimidating.
  11. My only real "please do this" would be to make sure the slipcase Btmom set had the sew on expedition patch (or maybe six for your party).
  12. I am currently reviewing it chapter-by-chapter for my Patrons and it is absolutely top-draw fantastic. If it doesn't win, I will be amazed.
  13. - Shadows of Yog-Sothoth - Slipcase Beyond the Mountains of Madness - Revised and expanded Slipcase of Spawn of Azathoth - Revised and expanded Fungi from Yuggoth (not Day of the Beast)
  14. Are you treating Nysalor/Gbaji as one and the same?
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