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    AD&D in the 80's, Pendragon, Call of Cthulu, Villains and Vigilantes, Feng Shui, MERP.
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  1. It must be incredibly rare. I've been looking daily on Ebay for a copy for about 2 years and have never seen a copy for sale.
  2. Received my books this weekend. Mythic Rome, Britain, Logres and Constantinople. Gorgeous.
  3. Is there an anticipated release date yet?
  4. Missile Fire would be another way to go, since he can't parry that with a great sword and won't be using a shield since the great sword requires two hands.
  5. An NPC in a scenario I’m going to run has a great sword rating of 120%. If he is only attacked once per round, is the only way damage would reach him is if he fumbles the parry (00) or the attacker impales or crits? Seems pretty good. I suppose his weapon could break...
  6. I’m looking at a scenario that calls for a MP vs MP check but what if the characters aren’t magic users? Should I just default to POW?
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