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    RuneQuest 3rd edition, Basic Roleplaying, Call of Cthulhu, The Riddle of Steel, Codex Martialis, old-school D&D, Shadowrun
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    My own homebrewed offshoot of BRP and Codex Martialis
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    Also a practitioner of historical fencing and martial arts. Want to put HEMA into gaming.
  1. Messer as in langes messer, or grosse messer. People argue about what the difference is, but the reality is that there are one-handed, two-handed, and hand-and-a-half versions. I like all three, but they are all variations on the type that bears a resemblance to the sabre. I'm compiling in typed form my ideas on "fixing" BRP combat (as they have until now been notes in a notebook). I'll post them at some point, just not today. I actually met Sandy Petersen once, and he said he liked the idea of what I was doing (while acknowledging that EVERYONE homebrews to some extent). I'm still going
  2. Well, I study a bit of everything (longsword, ringen, dagger, sidesword, sword & buckler, staff) but my favorite is the messer. Another game I have seen try to implement something vaguely HEMA-like was Witch Hunter: The Invisible World. And then there is the computer game Mount & Blade.
  3. I'm new to this forum, but not to BRP systems (I remember the fateful day I found RQ3 on clearance in a book store in the 90s; D&D was never the same afterwards). My other main hobbies are Texas-style BBQ and HEMA (which stands for Historical European Martial Arts, if you are not aware). Anyone else out there into HEMA at all? We sometimes note on our forums how many people into studying historical martial arts are also into gaming, so I'm curious if I might already know anyone here. HEMA is also sometimes known as "WMA" (for Western Martial Arts, though WMA is somewhat broader than HE
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