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  1. I was trying to include something for everyone
  2. Thank you Jason (and Charlie) for posting the preview pages. Now that these pages are up and Chaosium is selling the limited edition I'm starting to post jpegs of my BRP illustrations in the Gallery here. I'll be putting up one every week or two. Cheers!
  3. I have most of the first run of Deadworld somewhere in my long boxes. At the time it debuted it was a unique beast, serious gore, you never knew who would die and the art by Vince Locke was impressive. It was Locke's art that was the main attraction for me. I dropped the book when he left. I haven't read any of the newer series from Image.
  4. All my illustrations are black and white, even the Cthulhu one I posted here. (The black and white version is slightly different from the color one although they are both based on the same pencil drawing.) I did thirty illustrations and have offered to do more if needed. I was pretty much let loose to draw whatever I wanted. I intended the illustrations for the entire book but it will be up to the designers to place them. I'm not sure whether they'll be using more original art by other artists or re-using older pieces. (I'm guessing re-use as well.)
  5. I sent the last illustration to Chaosium yesterday. Hopefully that brings the book that much closer to coming out before Christmas.
  6. I've just added my first image to the gallery in the Horror section. It's a color version of one of the illustrations that will be in the BRP sourcebook.
  7. I'm David Lee Ingersoll, one of the main illustrators for the BRP sourcebook. Sverre emailed me earlier this week and invited me over. I've been illustrating gaming material since 2002 when I did a few pieces for the first issue of the Black Seal. I'm not much of a writer so I'll probably lurk more than post.
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