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  1. A promissing new approach to the Mi-Go design. To be honest, I am somewhat unhappy with the artwork of the 2015 field guide. Yes, they do have a modern feel to them but in a way many of them look the same. Furthermore, I also think that many designs in that book do not do the descriptions in the story justice. For exameple, for me a Dark Young must have short, massive legs to trample over its victim. The Mi-Go are another design in the 2015 edition I disagree with. Though the description only speaks of a "multitude of short antennas" I think that their head being a bundle of pinkish tubes has become common lore. The new design here is a step into the right direction. Still missing the claw-like limbs. the new design looks more insect than crustacean. All in all, please do an modernized version of the canonical images, nothing Giger-style even if it suits contemporary taste better.
  2. Hi there, having just played "Miscatonic University: The Restricted Collection" for the first time some questions on rules have arisen: Can a player use the "Gift" defense card on a player who has already left or was expelled from the library? After having used the "Steal" defense card, does the turn player still draw a card? When a teaching assistant is used as a sigil card, what happenes if the sigil card that the TA replaces is drawn? When a teaching assistant is used as a grimoire fragment card, do I have to specify which type of magic it replaces? What happens if a fragment card with the same type of magic is drawn later on? Thanks in advance! LF
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