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  1. Steve3742

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    I can't remember the thread, I'm afraid. But no, it wasn't a Chaosium person, it was a customer who'd been unable to use more than one voucher. Well, that'd be great. But I do seriously believe that a lot of people intend to use both vouchers for the same order. If they all contact Chaosium support on the same day (or even in the same week), Chaosium support is likely to be overwhelmed. Actually, whilst looking for the original thread, I found a quote from Rick Meints that addresses this issue So, it looks like Chaosium will be sending single discount vouchers that work for both PDF purchases combined, ie $35 discount vouchers instead of a $15 and a $20. And that these will be possible to use against a purchase of either both items or the slipcase and both items bundle. So that's fine then. Sorry for having worried you all.
  2. Steve3742

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Hmmm... Regarding special request from customers. I bought the PDF of the Bestiary and then the PDFs of the GM pack when they came out, assured that I'd get vouchers giving me discounts on the physical products when they arrived, which will hopefully be soon. But I read in another thread that you're only able to redeem one voucher per order. Is this true? Because that leaves me (and, I'm guessing, between a third and a half of your customers) with a problem. The second voucher becomes more or less useless as we can't use it with an order ordering both products (which is what I'm planning to do) and whereas we could split it into two orders the extra shipping costs pretty much wipe out the coupon saving, so it's useless there too. Like I said, I doubt I'm alone in planning to do this, I'm guessing somewhere between a third and half of your customers are also planning this. As such, I'm not sure if it can be called a 'special' request, not when so many people want it. And it doesn't seem too much of a thing to ask for, the ability to use more than one coupon in the same order.
  3. Steve3742

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    I had noticed (my lack of seafaring ability doesn't stop me from reading a map). But the position shown - which it's still stuck on, by the way, 20 hours later - is further west than you might expect and there's a stream of southbound ships that turn off well before that. But, mystery solved. As Styopa has pointed out, it's heading for Shanghai, having unloaded the RQ stuff at Prince Rupert or Vancouver. They're going to travel by train to Michigan. This would take about 45 hours by passenger train, don't know if freight would move faster or slower than that. It does mean that it still has to cross another international border, the Canada-US one. But you guys have NAFTA, right? Should speed things up. Styopa's guess is 20/3 for arrival, assuming they go via Minneapolis. Going via Chicago might take longer. That's over a week from the docks at Prince Rupert to Minneapolis, but, given customs checks and the fact they'd probably have to get the two 12m containers from Prince Rupert to Vancouver before they can rail them... well, it could be right. Could be shorter. Could be longer.
  4. Steve3742

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Annoyingly, it still hasn't updated, 14 hours after this was its position. I know very little about seafaring, but I imagine their are things that might force it to head off coast 100 miles before turning south (ocean currents, rocks, shallow water, typhoons, pirates, sea serpents, Leviathan, etc.) But I'd like to see it turn. As an alternative... is everyone sure they're being shipped to LA? That they haven't been unloaded in Vancouver and are now being trucked to LA?
  5. Steve3742

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    I just looked on Vesselfinder and XIN LA has a destination of Shanghai... which is confirmed by MarineTraffic.com. Not so sure she's going to turn south...
  6. Steve3742

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Getting back to the ships... The XIN LOS ANGELES docked in Vancouver 12 hours ago. I don't believe it's called at LA yet, so presumably it's unloading and will then be heading for LA. I'm guessing this will take about a week. The MOL TRIBUTE docked in Southampton 2 days ago and is presumably unloading. Hopefully the RQ stuff will clear Customs quickly. Is it true that Chaosium won't start selling any of this stuff till all three warehouses are full? Now that the British one has arrived, I'm kind of supportive of a two out of three policy.