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    Been gaming since 1980. I love collecting, reading and playing all kinds of rulesets and themes of games.
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    D&D 5E, CoC 7e, Cypher (the Strange)..... lots of HERO system and L5R over the years.
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    Just love gaming.
  1. Eagerly awaiting the MoN Fantasy Grounds release.
  2. I think with piloting, it is rare for you to be able to just stop. You often need to apply corrective force to not move. Sometimes you try and the current still takes you, other times... you might drop like a rock. All very arbitrary of course.
  3. 1) More Strength can also mean more muscle mass, and more general bulk. 2) I prefer to not over complicate things that actually have minimal impact hehe.
  4. Well, I personally think if you are driving something, you control where it goes. I know phrases like a 'Cattle Drive' mess with that distinction, but Driving something to me is controlling it's direction with your efforts. Ride to me is coaxing it to go where you want. You are on top of it, but you are actually at it's mercy. You can either Drive the bus, or Ride on the bus. You Ride in the back of the car, even if you tell the driver where to go. So for me, all mechanical vehicles are Drive. All animals... because if they don't listen to you, they will go where THEY want, and you are along for the Ride.... use the Ride skill. Piloting is then for longer planned out type vehicles like Boats/Ships/Planes/Dirigibles/etc... With those, you often plot out the course, and when you tell it to change direction the change isn't immediate. You also often can simply stop in place. You often must go port to port, and can;t just get on or off safely anywhere you like.
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