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    Started the hobby with WFRP and D&D (like many others.) These days it's d100 or nothin'!
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    I've been called a grim bastard once or twice in my life.
  1. Many thanks for the info! I will for sure check them out! And yes, I have taken a lot at R.Tal's Witcher game. And while I love the fact that they actually made one, it is just a bit to crunchy for my tastes! I will for sure check out all the other stuff you mentioned. Many thanks again!
  2. I think any of the extended family will work! And I am looking for something that will support low-ish Magic. Think The Witcher style world, since that is kinda my inspiration for my setting!
  3. Hey gang! New guy here. I have been a fan of the d100 system for quite some time, and am looking to start collecting some RQ books! Searching for the perfect edition to use for my homebrew world that I have been working on for a few years now. Though I find that a rather daunting task with all of the various editions out there. Still, it should be a fun quest! Looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better!
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