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  1. Yes, but otherwise all your matrixes are subject to theft and there would be lots for sale.
  2. Its a matter of how much do the PCs value their POW. Have an encounter where an NPC asks the PCs to sell their POW. That should give you a relative value of matrices. Also remember that most matrices would have conditions on them, which may make them useless. My formula for a Spirit spell matrix is Price of the spell + 200 L + 200 L x POW (x50% of that if they are selling, x10 if using prices prior to RQG)
  3. Try using play by post game. Check out www.rpol.net. Everyone does not need to be on at the same time and it has a dice server built in.
  4. Except one would be denying the basic facts of the world that Gods exist. Even Godlearners did not deny that. Gloranthan atheists are agnostics who do not wish to tie themselves down to a particular set of beliefs. IMO, they would use Spirit magic mostly
  5. According to the rules, an antidote given to a poisoned but not-yet-dead adventurer within ten minutes cancels the damage done by the poison up to the level of the antidote. Heal Body should work.
  6. That is an interesting question. I know that in RL, an unintentional violation is easily atoned for and in fact the sin is considered to fall on the deceiver (if this was a result of deception). So I would say the shaman may need to conduct some sort of a ritual to cleanse himself, once he is made aware of the situation.
  7. These Taboos are taken to reset stat loss for Shamanic Abilities. Which spirit is enforcing that?
  8. Normally I may agree with that, but the topic here is Shaman Taboos, and it seems how they interact with Illumination is spot on for discussion. So, who/what enforces these Taboos?
  9. Yeah, nothing happens if the Broo is illuminated.
  10. I use a simple rule, if there is a to hit roll, then you can aim to a specific location. If there isn't one, then nope.
  11. The prohibition against shedding blood is illogical and seems like a carry over from the old days of D&D were clerics were limited to blunt weapons. Unless you give CA magic that can perform laparoscopy it makes no more than feel good nurses in a lot of cases. "Oh my, I can't release that turnicate to clean the wound before healing it." Is this what you expect a CA to say?
  12. I'm not sure that will help. A chance that they may or may not take. It would require contemplation, meditation and reasoning. A wast majority of Chaos may not have the luxury of time to even consider.
  13. Which is also another reason as to why illumination is desirable for a Chaotic.
  14. Under what circumstances would you see any healer having to perform an operation? And where is the prohibition on shedding blood from? We play that CA oaths do not cover Chaotic beings and CA are allowed to to hunt for food.
  15. Of course. That is understandable.
  16. At the same time the taboo of always attempt to breed would work as well and what about all of the weapon prohibitions when the shaman does not have hands. The table just seems too narrow focused.
  17. The table on page 363 obviously does not work for all Shamans. I for one can not see a Broo Shaman of Thed having to adhere to any celibacies taboos. Has anyone came up with thier own tables for this?
  18. Dispel Magic is good, but in this specific instance, that is reducing damage and the to hit percentage, Dullblade is better. If facing an opponent with a Bladesharp 4 on his sword for example, a Dispel 2 will have no affect (and would be a waste of magic points and of an action), while a Dullblade 2 will reduce the damage. BTW, something I just spotted under Bladesharp description: " If Dullblade is also cast on the weapon, the improved chance to hit from Bladesharp is not affected, but the weapon’s additional damage is reduced by the second spell." Does that mean that if
  19. Yeah, nice try, but .... no!
  20. Until they drop that sword and pull out another.
  21. Yes, on taking damage. There is a chance of going unconscious, and it would be nice to have spell go off even in that case.
  22. I would go with a Heal 2 instead. Less POW to make and could save you from bleeding to death.
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