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  1. 2 hours ago, soltakss said:

    I have never used sorcery in my games and we only had one sorcerer PC in any campaigns that I have run or played in, so it is pretty irrelevant to me

    We use it all the time. 


    2 hours ago, soltakss said:

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that a lot of people won't like how Malkioni are treated in forthcoming supplements.

    I fear you are right, but hoping you are wrong.

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  2. 5 hours ago, French Desperate WindChild said:
    • Your ancestors will reject you if you use sorcery (by yourself or with a supplier) because when they lived they did not use it
    • Your gods (or your priests...) will reject you because you try to bypass their power

    Aeolians and Stygians prove it overwise. 


    4 hours ago, David Scott said:

    That assumes that the game is balanced and it clearly isn't. 

    So what? We already see that the sorcery is nerfed. 

    5 hours ago, French Desperate WindChild said:

    but a background issue: the dragon pass is filled of "scared" barbarians who reject sorcery

    And it will continue to be so, as its been the excuse for at least the last 40 years.

  3. 1 hour ago, French Desperate WindChild said:

    I m not sure you will meet a lot of "sorcerers" selling their art on these barbarians homelands ? The competition with local" magic" market leaders (priests and shamans) is too hard (and too dangerous)

    Sure, you would see some Arlaten type situations, but there is a need for long term magic in all kinds of areas, does not need to be military.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Jeff said:

    A sorcerer is anyone who uses sorcery. Do you mean a professional sorcerer? There are basically two options in the core rules - be a scribe of Lhankor Mhy and you get to be a sorcerer. Or be a weird philosopher and learn sorcery.

    Problem solved.

    I mean Professional sorcerer. I know there are options for part time dabblers in the core rules. 

  5. If the rules allow to for a starting character to be a Priest, Shaman, or a Rune Lord there should be a way to have a reasonable Sorcerer at the start as well. With the current rules that is not the case. I hope it gets rectified when the "Full Sorcery" rules are published. 

  6. 52 minutes ago, David Scott said:

    Sorcery spells fall under the Magic category, they start at zero (00) and as a zero point skill, can have no category bonus added until at least 1% (per page 163). They can be increased by training, research, and experience, with the easiest way to learn a new one from from a teacher per page 389. The initial training gives D6% and I also allow 3%(not d6-1 or 2% per page 416). My players cast their magic at any opportunity for the chance of an experience check. They also realised that there is a skill bottleneck with read and write, which can't be increase by experience. It's easy to have your spells capped by your R/W not keeping up with your seasonal experience ticks (3% experience vs 2% training or 1% research). Both sorcerers spent every season in R/W training, fortunately training requires no experience roll. With the right money and timing you can reach 100% R/W in 50 seasons! 

    In my games I have speed training and checks up to happen weekly instead of seasonally which gets rid of these bottlenecks. 

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  7. On 7/17/2021 at 5:02 AM, soltakss said:

    The ideal situation would be that Sorcery has no spells.

    You just rely on the Runes and Techniques that you have mastered and improvise effects based on them.

    I see spells as just being handy little packages to make such improvisation easier.


    If memory serves, there was a Stormbringer supplement dealing with The East that had sorcery structured something like this. 

  8. 10 hours ago, Dissolv said:

    Frankly the main reason to do the sword and a half is more as a fun thing to do for the player.  I have had many, many players with 1d10+1 swords and it is in no way overbalancing or such.  My original group generally preferred Storm Bull's with Great Axes, until they realized how easy it was to buff up a Berserk Storm Bull with a Bastard Sword (from previous editions).  It could get silly fast, if everyone would lend the Storm Bull follower their god's power in the form of Rune magic, but that was 100% how the myth goes, so I thought (and still think) it was excellent play.

    There are multiple reasons that people prefer a sword over a spear in the games I played since the early days:

    1.  Swords seemed to have more HPs (or APs)

    2. We always played with special damage for slashing weapons as well as impailing ones, so there was not a huge difference in damage

    3. We played with shaft of shaft rules where imapiling weapons got knocked aside with a successful parry by a shafted weapon

    4. There is a cultural bias of people imagining their heros wielding a sword. Wielding two bastard swords was a mark of a true hero.

    5. True Sword is a lot more available than True Spear in RQ

    6. Yemalios were viewed as wimpy, Lunar bootlickers. 

  9. 40 minutes ago, Deanjday said:

    I'm intrested in those playing Runequest Glorantha, what if any rules or house rules do you use from other editions of Runequest? And what made you use those rules for your campaign? 

    I use mostly RQ3 rules. I did not like a lot of the changes made. My players did not want to learn another set of rules as well.  

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    8 hours ago, Shiningbrow said:

    Form/Set isn't really the best way to use offensive magics... But it's great for quickly putting up walls, or sculpting jewellery or armour.

    Depends. Throwing a Form/Set Stone lance was very effective. 

  11. 8 hours ago, SDLeary said:

    So we are looking at a minimum 5pt spell (one for each rune and each manipulation, and one just because)? Range would be 10m, but what would damage at base intensity look like. I'd say 1d3, simply because you want to be able to impart a warning shot on occasion.


    No, a 4pt spell. There is no just because. The only because is an extra round to cast it. I would say the damage would be as per the strength table.

  12. 1 minute ago, Shiningbrow said:

    "Making it up"... But, RAW we're expected to!  There's a full section on making your own spells.. 

    Not like I need permission to. The issue of course when you start down that path is why even bother converting? Anything you come up with is can, and most likely will be invalidated with what the will come up with. Keep what you have from the system you were using and adapt parts from what you like.

  13. Just now, Shiningbrow said:

    Sure, not currently RAW, but it's been clearly stated that what we've got is a pretty simplified version of the final,(which we won't likely see for a couple of years)

    Of course. Totally agree, but we are talking Homebrew stuff until they do decide to put it out. Honestly, I am getting too old to keep waiting.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Shiningbrow said:

    Command Combine Stasis Movement

    Sure, you are making it up. I can just as easily say Air Stasis and it would just as valid. Or, bind a Storm Demon into it that can shoot lightning and deliver Heatshock on contact. 

  15. 2 hours ago, SDLeary said:

    Right now I can only comprehend this as first calling on lightning, enough of which to comprise at least a cubic meter, and using Form/Set to contain it.

    At the moment the RQG rules do not have a Form/Set spell. It is a left over from RQ3 so any method suggested would have to be Homebrew.

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  16. On 7/17/2021 at 12:24 AM, Shiningbrow said:

    Not really. If they start as Philosopher of Aeoleanism, they'll already have 2 Runes and 1 Technique from Aeolian, plus another 1 Rune and 1 Technique from Philosopher... So, there's 5 gone at zero POW loss, out of a (probable) maximum of 10.

    If you are doing the character from scratch you do not pay, but technically he did at some point in the past. 

    A sorcerer must have a minimum INT of 13 to understand one Rune and one technique. For each point of INT above 13, the sorcerer can learn one more Rune or one more technique. Thus, a sorcerer with an INT of 18 could know up to 7 Runes and techniques in total.

    You need at least one technique, which leaves 6 Runes. Its tight.

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  17. 1 hour ago, Murf said:

    Thanks for the fast responses guys. Now the real challenge assigning runes to spells 

    Start by choosing which Runes you want your sorcerer to have mastered. Then see what spells that gives him. Then chose the spells you want him to have and see how you would have to change their runes. 

  18. 21 minutes ago, Nick Brooke said:

    The author’s intention is to make sorcerers less flexible on the spot, but more flexible if they have preparation time (and of course a grimoire to bone up on).

    Even with time they are not very flexible unless you let them play with Rune and Techniques of the spells.

  19. 30 minutes ago, Joerg said:

    Be prepared to pay up to 16 MP per point of the spell for a four rune/techniques spell with that approach.

    Although possible, that is extreme. Most will likely wind up in the 3 to 4 range as it is unlikely that you will be casting a spell with 2 runes and 2 techniques using Insight. 


    36 minutes ago, Joerg said:

    A flexible sorcerer really wants Magic, the Fire rune and either Darkness or Air to cover all five elements, four Power runes to imply their antitheses, and then Forms, Moon, and possibly some of the implied things.

    You are limited as to how many you can get to INT - 12, which means a sorcerer with an INT of 18 can have only 6. That means you will have 1 technique and 5 Runes (btw, that will also cost 6 POW). Unless you start substituting Runes on some spells, you will have a very, very limited selection.

  20. I have been facing the same issue with both my games and in print. All of what I am going to suggest is not RQG approved and is not supported by the current Glorantha canon. 

    The best answer I can give is (keeping YGMV in mind) is all of them.

    The issue you will need to work out are the Runes and Techniques associated with sorcery spells, limitations on the number of these that a sorcerer can sacrifice for and the spells themselves. If you are not sure as to what I mean, or how to do it, just ask. I will be happy to help out.

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