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  1. I will include that as a quote in the next JC publication I put out in the NPC appendix.
  2. Its great, but it makes creating NPC a pain.
  3. Set the bottom set at abdomen level and let the fun begin. Just as they think they crossed the boundary, they keep taking damage the next round.
  4. You can set the warding wands into a wall, two at ceiling level and two at floor level and vola the area is protected against hawks.
  5. Each rune and technique still take 1 POW to master.
  6. Basically things like Intensity, Multispell, Duration, Range (in RQ3 as well as others that where added in different rules such as Ease, Combine, Speed, etc.) All of these manipulation techniques had a % associated with them.
  7. Absolutely. I tried many things to get it to work including Sandy's rules and others. That finally worked was getting rid of Free Int and limiting manipulations by the Sorcerous Arts /10 and Spell skill /5. Pretty much solved all issues without rewrite the book. Something similar can (and IMO should be) done as well.
  8. We all agree that the rules are vague, intentionally so at the moment, and I will take them as such which leaves the possibility for each sorcerer to modify the current spell list to fit a set of runes and techniques which he has mastered. The end result would be a similar spell with exactly the same result, but a different look to it.
  9. This one did not make it to the supplement due to formatting issues. Hope you guys like it. Bisjoe - NPC_Cheeseball.pdf
  10. The wands can be made of any material and can be so spaced as to enclose a maximum area of up to 100 square meters. The spell extends into the air for 3 meters above the wands, and underground to the depth of the wands. Square meters imply a perimeter defense rather than a cube. We have played that a Warding spell can be taken down with a Dismiss/Dispel/Neutralize, but the wands are not affected and can be reactivated by casting the Warding spell again (without the enchant rolls or POW rolls)
  11. I would agree on both points. The rules are incomplete, but its something that we can live with ... for now. Free INT as it is now, is a bad mechanic for the system as a whole.
  12. Gee thanks for the insult. The issue with this that it basically says "YGWV" and do whatever you want and there is no point in discussing any spell because of it.
  13. Yeah, so instead of taking out the familiars, the decision was to redo all the spells?
  14. Used to be even better when it was a variable spell.
  15. Yeah, except to cast that spell you need to have mastered Fire/Sky, Water or Earth runes. For a lot of sorcerers this would be an extra rune they would need to pick up.
  16. Yes, it does, but there are other limits which they must meet as well. Magic Points, POW for masteries, Read/Write etc. They have the potential, but to realize it they must get well beyond a novice state. If this is a big concern then, how about a staggered progression, something which already exist for priests I may add (aka +20% to their POW gain rolls). Allow a sorcerer a greater access to INT for example a student uses his INT (as per current rules), but one he reaches a Journey man level sorcery does not take up Free INT, and when he is a Magi he would use Species Max INT.
  17. Yeah, now just push that to species max INT vs. character INT and we are in agreement 😍
  18. Sure, they drop a point of POW for all common divine and 1 special spell and have a chance for DI. Makes sense to me.
  19. Exactly, but not the young sorcerer. IMO, a sorcerer adventurer will need as much POW expended and previous experience as an average Priest. Using Sorcery as Spirit Magic is possible, you would have to cast it before the fight start and pretty much without using Intensity. But, the difficulty there is a limited selection of spells based on the Rune/Technique mastery. Techniques are less of the problem since taking Command gives access to all the others, but Elemental and other runes make things restrictive.
  20. Young sorcerer? There is no such thing. The requirements are prohibitive. For 3 to 5 POW you could cast somewhat similar spells as spirit magic at x2 times the cost and in at least 2 rounds and your chance to cast is equal to the lesser of the spell % or you Read/Write skill which are both likely to be lower than your POW x5.
  21. But it does not have to. You can make it 'playable' and still have it " system for old men in schools and towers". It obviously takes time and a lot magic points, but it should not feel like to use it you need to hack off one of your limbs and spin in a circle for a minute before casting a spell.
  22. I must say, that since its inception it seems that Sorcery was meant to fail as a magic system system for PCs. I hope what Jeff puts out changes my opinion.
  23. Sure, then why not keep the entirety of the Sorcery rules from RQ3. Its basically the same at the core, with out the Arts, but including Mastery of Runes and Techniques.
  24. I am hoping to influence the official rules before they are released, by pointing out gaps and flaws in what is available.
  25. You mean that is does not need a separate spell to be created. The enchanter, who must know the spell, must sacrifice 1 point of POW to create the inscription. This is exactly what stops it from being a matrix.
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