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  1. I would say no, but there is a case to be made for Buserian (although only to the Gods on the Wall perhaps)
  2. Not the case. An initiate devoting 90% of his time and magic points tending the shrine, would still not get the same benefits as a priest.
  3. In that case two worshippers with an equal Rune Pool would have the same abilities no matter the title, but they do not.
  4. I am not sure about that, after all there are specific and tangible benefits in terms of magical power to becoming a priest or a rule lord. Why would a priest, for example, have a +20% of a POW gain if it was all the same to a deity.
  5. The problem is that he is on an island, and there aren't any priests.
  6. In my case a player has discovered an inactive shrine to Vrimak and wishes to become an initiate. The character also happens to have an empty matrix of Speak to Birds, I was thinking of having him make a Worship Vrimak (the skill does start at 5%) check and sacrifice a point of POW. He could also modify his roll by Sacrifice as per rules. What do you think?
  7. Lets say a person wished to initiate himself to a God, but there are no worshippers of this God around. How would he go about doing that?
  8. Yes, but those require an action to cast and have a limited duration, a true martial art would have neither.
  9. Agreed. What I would like to see is a variety of effects based on different styles. These can be things as a counterattack strike in the same round, or a skill penalty on the opponent in the following rounds and of course additional damage or increasing/decreasing the level of success.
  10. What I was trying to say, and I think you agree, is that every Martial Cult/society has a "martial art". What we are doing is trying to identify which have unarmed styles. My argument is that Alkoth as a society should have an unarmed MA style associated with it.
  11. There is a theory that all eastern martial arts can be traced to Pankration which was originally brought by Alexander's army to India from where it continued on. This may or may not be the case in Glorantha. In which case we should consider as to where Gloranthan Martial Arts originated in the first place.
  12. I will let this article speak to that https://shortboxing.com/is-boxing-a-martial-art/ In modern armies Martial Arts are part of the training, but in the Bronze Aged societies, ones where people grew up learning combat skills from a young age, and army does not need to offer it of spend training time on it. Why should they, the soldiers already know it and its not something they will use in formations at all.
  13. But they were. No, not necessarily in unarmed combat. Their weapon skills techniques are Martial Arts, we are just talking about cults/areas which have developed such in particular.
  14. Yes, we should, and no it isn't hard to learn. It is hard to master. Pankration is perfect for berserkers, it has few rules and nothing is out of bound in the way of strikes and grapples.
  15. Alkoth dedicates itself to all things martial. Surely they would develop a technic when a weapon is not at hand. Boxing not a 'martial art' only in you consider it a 'sweet science', but it does fit a definition.
  16. How about Pankration for Alkoth and Boxing for Pavis.
  17. The third book should be coming out soon, according to him. What do you expect of a Humakti?
  18. Chaos! Kill it with FIRE!!!
  19. Three is always a CRACK spell .... It would have to be boosted a lot to effect the Watchdog Could sever a leg for example.
  20. That's an interesting thought ......
  21. No, voluntary is of ones own free will. Magical domination is not what. Even more, I would argue that which ever cult you try with, spirits of reprisal would be soon follow. At the very least, once the spirit becomes a Lay Member the shrine defenses would most likely register the dominating person as an enemy.
  22. That does not sound like a voluntary donation and thus would not make the spirit eligible to a Lay Member
  23. Agreed, although in this specific case Arlaten mentions a Priest, a Champion and a Temple and calls them idolaters. Sounds more like a theistic cult. (p64 in Strangers in Prax)
  24. Is this the one with the Fort of Doors? I ran that one in the past, but in it Brother Mouse was more of a Eurmal type figure
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