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  1. 5 minutes ago, Kloster said:

    Why? (just curious)

    As pointed out, it is too open to abuse. All you need to do is Dominate/Command/Control spell and you are sitting on a POW mine.

    And I am not even mention just plain old fashion coercion.

  2. Quote

    The POW sacrificed for the enchantment does not have to be provided entirely by the enchanter; if the enchanter sacrifices at least 1 point of their own POW, others can voluntarily contribute to the sacrifice, with no limit.

    Yeap, this piece I have inked out of my book as an editing mistake.

  3. Quote

    Yes, that’s the balancing meta-game reason, I get that, but what’s the reason people in Glorantha produce for explaining this incredibly weird property of the glue?

    Not really as this spell requires a touch, and I would require a POW vs POW roll for something like that as well.

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  4. Quote

    Maybe, if the GM feels that the preparation is right. I wouldn't allow a mechanistic die rolling off stage event, but would certainly allow for thoughtful preparation, correct materials, and ritual preparation as part of an adventure. Why are they creating it? Who is it for? What do they do to prepare the object for the matrix? If they just want two, just to sell, then unless they were a merchant, i'd say it was unlikely to work

    And you have a full right to do this. YGWV and all that, but I prefer a more rule based answer as to it can or can not be done.

  5. Quote

    There's the pretty big downside of losing around a tenth of your soul every time you make one, at minimum, with a decent risk of making something nearly worthless unless you pump some more into it. Plus, anyone who's not a shaman or regularly adventuring has a relatively tough time recovering Power.

    Its not really 10%, more like 6% as I do not expect anyone with a POW of 10 to do this. Even an NPC gets POW gain roll several time a year and we are talking over a period of years anyway.

  6. 4 minutes ago, David Scott said:

    Like a lot of things this is a GM call. Depending on what the adventurer was trying to achieve, whether it contributed to the story, MGF, etc. Can you give an example of how this came up in your game. It's always good to look at the practical issues in play. For example, if my group were trying to make a copy of a magical item, they might very well be trying to do this.

    As this has just came out in the Red Book of Magic, it has not occurred in game, but the possibility is there. For example on resent adventure the group had defeated a barrow wight and some skeletons and among the loot they came across a Bludgeon 1 matrix in an old bracelet. If one of the party had Spell Matrix Enchantment spell, is he now able to create Bludgeon 1 matricies? 

  7. Ok, lets say a PC is being chased by a bare footed undead, whichever type, or guards wearing sandals, and decides to use the Glue spell in a corridor as a trap to slow or stop the pursuit. Would that work or would the creature need to stop, such as to open the door, for that to happen?

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Jeff said:

    It actually has to be - there was not a God Time Red Moon, so it is very had to have a Rune Spell hurl meteors of Moon Rock down on the earth. It needed to be a spirit magic spell and that had the added bonus that it could get manipulated by Lunar magic.

    See now it makes sense. :)

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  9. Maybe, but its a matter of consistency. In some cases they publish spells with examples and in other they just drop something vague and let the GM deal with it. Have you seen the new description of the Silence spell? Why mess with something that worked before? Just drives me up the wall.

  10. Just now, PhilHibbs said:

    I think that the last line precludes that use. You use it to stick two things together that are touching and not moving at the time of casting.

    "rope ladders with hook and glue" are moving as well. How long does something need to be at a standstill for the Glue spell to catch hold?

  11. My biggest thing about magic items is the fact that they last forever. In RQ3 at least there was a way to limit as to who can use an item by placing conditions on it, and we have always played that a failed enchant roll would loose you the POW of the attempted enchantment.  Having said that, we always had 1pt binding enchantments  commonly available from most rune level merchants and temple for their initiates. In RQG, that would switch to Magic Point Matrices and likely for less than 200L for cult members

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