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  1. We have always played that Protection, Shield and Woad offer actual armor points and a large enough Countermagic, like 8 would stop a Sunspear. Yeah, that's not good enough. All it takes is a single Yelmalian to cast a Sunbright and Sunspear away.
  2. Same here. First thing to go from my game was the CHA limit on Rune Magic.
  3. That is cool. Hope to see at least a list of what is in there.
  4. Trying to clarify something in regard to Matrix Creation Rune spell. The spell is cast by POW x5, then So, if a Storm Bull initiate finds and uses a Speak with Birds matrix ... there is really no way for him to get it refilled, unless he can find someone with right Worship skill to take to a right shrine to do so.
  5. I am thankful for the breadth of coverage, but at least for now will have to rely on what I can scavenge and fill in the gaps with I perceive it to be.
  6. I pretty much have. Just needed the write up for spells and stuff. Substituted some stuff, because I do not know what his do.
  7. Not a PC cult for my world, but I like to have a one pager around to refer to when the players run into a worshiper Very excited about that. I am hoping they include a lot of deities which we have not see full write ups for previously and as a personal request ... no more Kyger Litor!!!! Yes, I can see these although I believe Nysalor/Gbjai does not grant anything and is allied to everyone, no matter if want it or not. I guess until that book comes out I will have to use what I came up with. Comments and advise are welcomed. Skills: Craft Courtisan, Human Lore, Cult Seseine Lore, Ceremony, Dance, Sing, Orate Cult Magic: Befuddle, False Healing, Invisibility, Glamour, Silence, Sleep, Vigor Divine Magic: All common, Chameleon, Charm, Erotocomatose Lucidity, Pregnancy. Associated Cults: Ikadz(Pain Blow), Krjalk (Conversion) Note: Seseine worshipers can use Summon and Command Cult spirit to summon and control a Succubi/Incubus. Charm 1 point ranged, temporal, stackable, reusable By overcoming the targets magic points, this spell makes the target creature regard the caster as a friend. The spell does not make the target fall under complete control, but all requests will be viewed favorably (giving the caster a +100% to a proper Communication skill check). A caster may attempt to give the charmed person an order, by if the order goes against the target's nature another POW vs. POW check must be made. An order to commit suicide will be refused. An attack by the caster, or his allies on the charmed person breaks the spell. Each additional point stacked with this spell adds +5 to the caster’s effective POW during casting. Sadness 1 point ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reusable By overcoming the targets magic points the caster causes the target to enter an emotional state of disassociation and not caring. While in this state the the target uses all skills at half ability and is more susceptible to suggestions (half the defensive ability vs. such attempts including half POW against Dominate type abilities and magics including Charm)
  8. The RBM states that: "Casting a Rune spell literally channels part of the power of a god into the world" , "As a result, there are almost always sensory manifestations with Rune magic." and "Spirit magic is the work of spirits and usually has a lesser sensory effect than Rune magic. Even so, it is noticeable when spirit magic has been cast" But there are spells the casting of which the caster may not want to be perceived by the target or others near by. Is there are way to mask spell casting? Lets say a bystander may know a spell was cast, but not who cast it? Does the target of a spell "know" that a spell has been cast at him? Even if it fails?
  9. Wow, what a find. I been looking for information on SESEINE, and this is feels like a treasure trove. Would like to get some more info though. Has anyone done any more work up on this? Such as does Seseine have any allied cults? Any ideas as to the structure? It seems to me that it would a cult centered around a single priest or priestess, a coven(?) which may be in competition with even other covens in the same location. How would a coven start? By summoning a Succubi/Incubi which can teach a Summon Seseine spell?
  10. I would only allow this if the spell was cast at the same time, even if it was the same spell with the same RP cult.
  11. Page 387 of RQG: Incompatible Spells Some spells cannot be cast on the same target. When a spell is cast on a target that already has an incompatible spell, then only the spell with the greatest magic point value takes effect. If both spells are of equal value, then the already-existing spell remains in effect.
  12. I agree with you on this and we have seen stuff like this in RL many and many of times. The homeless have been used and taken advantage off for many illegal activities, as well as other groups. I do not want this to be even a possibility for PCs in games. That is why I am not allowing any kind of coerced contribution during ceremonies, unless "evil" magic is involved.
  13. Same here, as well as some others like Worship, Initiate and Sanctify.
  14. This the now out of print Avalon Hills version of RQ. This is the spell as it was written at the time:
  15. In RQ3, yes I know I speak heresy, I remember that only the Intensity of the spell was considered for purposes of dispelling. That's pretty much how we assumed the rest of the magic worked as well. That is not what is now being said, let me ask some follow ups. 1. How big is a Heal Wound stacked with Cure Chaos Wound for purposes of overcoming a Countermagic? 2. How big is a Shield 2 stacked with Extension 2 3 How does boosting and Multispell work? Does Multispell add to individual spells for purpose of overcoming a Countermagic?
  16. This is what existed previously in RQ3. Not sure why this was taken out.
  17. Unless the countermagic is a result of the Shield spell .... right?
  18. As far as I am aware it has never worked this way. I have never heard of anyone boosting a spell for defense to make it more difficult to dispel.
  19. Seems like an argument for getting ones POW Tapped. Why does this bring Theodoric of York SNL skit to mind? 🙃
  20. YIFMV - Your idea of fun may vary
  21. Boosting would only help to punch through Countermagic, or similar spells. Boosting a Spirit Screen 1 with 5 magic points against a Countermagic 4 will punch through, but won't do anything due to the Countermagics higher intensity. In case of Shield spell I imagine it would work something like this: Defender has a Shield 2 and Protection 2 up on himself. If the attacker casts a Spirit Screen 4 or lower without boosting, it would be stopped by the Shield. If the attacker casts a Spirit Screen 2 and boosts it with 3 magic points. The Spirit Screen would punch through the Shield spell, but fail to do anything against the Protection 2 If the attacked casts a Spirit Screen 3 and boosts in with 2 magic points, it will go through Shield. The attacker would then need to make a POW vs POW roll and if successful, the defender's Protection 2 would go down and be replaced with a Spirit Screen 3, and thus preventing the defender from casting another Protection spell on himself of intensity 3 or less (unless he dispels the Spirit Screen 3 first)
  22. Thank you Kloster. We have played it the other way by letting the higher intensity spell take precedence. I think either way is fine as long as it is consistent in the game, but would like to see an "official" ruling on this.
  23. I am fine with that, but the question now seems to be would a Spirit Screen 4 take down a Protection 3, or a casting of Spirit Screen 1 prevent the target from casting any Protection spell until it is dispelled?
  24. I figure a higher intensity spell takes precedence, otherwise a well timed Spirit Screen 1 would prevent a Protection 8
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