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  1. soltakss and I have also published Holiday Dorastor: Temple of Heads https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/356993/Holiday-Dorastor-The-Temple-of-Heads?affiliate_id=66807 as further adventures in Dorastor. That does not have additional Riskland campaign stuff, but the one we are working on Holiday Dorastor: Spider Woods will and could be integrated with an existing Riskland campaign. After that we are working on Holiday Dorastor: Seven Hills. We are considering more, but got enough on our plates as is.
  2. LOL, and that is on top the two new supplements we are working on and two others that I know off that you are working on. Good thing your wife is away for a bit.
  3. As someone who is doing just that. I agree. The key to, as far as I am concerned, is to start on a micro level with Glorantha. Don't worry about what is going on on the macro level, and just try to kill that Broo which has been eyeing your herd.
  4. In that case you should stick to RQ1 or invest into RQ3 or BRP as it supports that style of play. You would still be interested with various published scenarios published for RQG.
  5. I found that most Spirit Magic is combat related, or can be if used correctly.
  6. Work at playing a game ..... yeah, I can see it.
  7. Now having said that, I am not exactly sure just how many stat blocks I did for the Temple of Heads supplement, lets just say it was a bunch, but most are very unique.
  8. Stat blocks are great as samples of what can be made and the unusual. I love making stat blocks for rarely played cults to explore the range of abilities. For the mundane, I use the average listed in the Bestiary or wing it by just assigning a certain competency level for core skills like 50s, 70s and so one
  9. That's the thing, the only cult I know off which can create Holy water is Zola Fel. I would assume other river cults and most water cults could do it as well, but all of those would lead to the reawakening the Gloomshark Temple. (que Jaws soundtrack)
  10. Wait a couple of days, just in case there are a few other things that need changing and do it all at once. Otherwise you can get into numerous versions listed at the same time.
  11. Are you trying to awaken Cthulhu? Because, let me tell you, that is how you awaken Cthulhu!
  12. Not in Dorastor. Ogre centric supplement (Holiday Dorastor: The Seven Hills) coming after we finish Holiday Dorastor: Sider Woods
  13. Yes, but otherwise all your matrixes are subject to theft and there would be lots for sale.
  14. Its a matter of how much do the PCs value their POW. Have an encounter where an NPC asks the PCs to sell their POW. That should give you a relative value of matrices. Also remember that most matrices would have conditions on them, which may make them useless. My formula for a Spirit spell matrix is Price of the spell + 200 L + 200 L x POW (x50% of that if they are selling, x10 if using prices prior to RQG)
  15. Try using play by post game. Check out www.rpol.net. Everyone does not need to be on at the same time and it has a dice server built in.
  16. Except one would be denying the basic facts of the world that Gods exist. Even Godlearners did not deny that. Gloranthan atheists are agnostics who do not wish to tie themselves down to a particular set of beliefs. IMO, they would use Spirit magic mostly
  17. According to the rules, an antidote given to a poisoned but not-yet-dead adventurer within ten minutes cancels the damage done by the poison up to the level of the antidote. Heal Body should work.
  18. That is an interesting question. I know that in RL, an unintentional violation is easily atoned for and in fact the sin is considered to fall on the deceiver (if this was a result of deception). So I would say the shaman may need to conduct some sort of a ritual to cleanse himself, once he is made aware of the situation.
  19. These Taboos are taken to reset stat loss for Shamanic Abilities. Which spirit is enforcing that?
  20. Normally I may agree with that, but the topic here is Shaman Taboos, and it seems how they interact with Illumination is spot on for discussion. So, who/what enforces these Taboos?
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