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  1. For a while we were trying to fool around with varying Initiatives, as in the other game, but in the end we went back to strike ranks. Not really happy with anything I seen in this respect.
  2. Perhaps. We started playing with big mix of RQ2/RQ3 rules and no one really tried to separate them out.
  3. My first character was a Waha worshipper from the Zebra tribe. He had the absolute worst luck with mounts and must have had at least five killed under him until one day the group came across an Argar Argar merchant with riding beetles. To make a long story short, my character got a beetle and rode it for the next five years of gaming. After a successful HeroQuest he was able to Release the beetle's Int and joined Gorakiki. Made an interesting team.
  4. Looks like we were more generous than the rules called for.
  5. These are new rules and we are talkin 80s and 90s
  6. Hmm, troll tend to use blunt weapons, which would mangle limbs as opposed to sever them. Do not need Heal 6 to restore mangled locations.
  7. Heal Body is a great spell, but it was either 2 or 3 points of POW previously depending on the source you read and only few cults offered it. Since Rune spells were one use for the most part, that was even worse. Sure, people got it if they could, but we always considered it more of a "well its either that or a DI" type of magic. Magic points were mostly available in games I been after a session or two. Everyone had at least one POW spirit or a magic point matrix. Heal 6s started to disappear from the party once people started to make Acolytes or Priests to free up the INT for other spells.
  8. For the initial sacrifice, but once you have it, getting it back is simple (no matter the method you use). Getting Spirit Magic away from 'home' is not easy. Good luck finding a shaman or God-talker willing to teach someone who is not an initiate or a tribe member. That's a whole separate topic. I just do not believe that priest do that for initiates except in very rare cases and at much higher rates than most people believe.
  9. We always assumed that there would be a minimum charged equal to the tithing that the teacher must give to the temple. So a priest may give a discount, but the temple takes their share.
  10. And a Heal Wound with 6 magic points will do the job.
  11. Exactly the reason not to bother learning Heal 6
  12. Pretty much all religions start this way. Someone has to be the first.
  13. You could Befuddle or Mindblast a creature. The chance was not that good, but it was there. People already mentioned the Familiars, but it was also useful for see what a various pets could do, and what you could train them to do. I tend to use the Handle Animal skill from Pathfinder now in absence of any clear rules in any RQ editions.
  14. The game has been goin on for decades, but we switch characters every few years with old ones becoming NPCs. At teh moment the PCs have about 6 to 10 points in their Rune Pools. We are pretty much using RQ2/RQ3 rules, but are using RQG Rune Pools. The issue with temples and cults is that the PCs are in a relatively unexplored area of the world. There are several population centers about 3k people, but they are spread out. The cults are semi custom being subcults of major ones. Perhaps it is the accessibility to Spirit Magic vs Rune Magic which is influencing things. It is a lot easier, and cheaper, for PCs to get access to Heal Wound than a Heal 6 which is influencing their choices. Just wanted to know what others have experienced.
  15. Keeping track of calendar. Our games do not rely on set a set time schedule. Nor do we use standard cults.
  16. Sounds like you have a beginnings of a JC supplement on Alchemy. 😉 Drop us a line if you want to talk about it.
  17. We disagree on that. Given the time, a Sanctify spell should be enough to re-pray.
  18. Sure, if the player worship the well known Gods, and are in the area with temples. It just does not work from our games.
  19. To me the entire recovery system on holy days is very flavorful, but mechanically a pain. We went to the old way of recovering rune spells 1 day per point used in prayer.
  20. So what? Keeping their POW at 18 they have a 35% to increase If they do, they make an Enchantment. Under the RQG rules there is no change to fail.
  21. What we did was to add a 1pt Rune spell (Divine Grace) which stacked with a Spirit Spell when cast and converted Range, Duration and casting cost to that of a Rune Spell. For example: Blade Sharp 6 stacked with a point of Divine Grace would give you Blade Sharp 6 which would not have cost any magic points and would last for 15 minutes, could also be extended with Extension since its a Rune spell. This way you can add this spell and it makes those spirit spells a lot more useful for Spirit Cults. If you think its too powerful, make it use the magic points as well.
  22. In my games Heal 6 used to be a must of the party, now no one bothers with it since they all have access to Heal Wound.
  23. Yeah, I know what you mean. It came as a bit of a surprise to the Humakti in the group when his Truesword kept getting removed. LOL The other Common spell I am getting to love a lot is Multispell.
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