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  1. The situation for us has always been a bit different as I find that most of the characters in our games are not Orlanthi, although there have been a number of Storm Bulls and Humakti.

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  2. White Dwarf #38 and 39 look to have a number of enchanted swords

    • Volcanic Sword
    • Severblade
    • Blurblade
    • Stormblade
    • Nightblade
    • Spellblade
    • Fortress Sword
    • Vigor Sword
    • Vorpal Blade
    • Chillblade
    • Chaos Knife
    • Vortex Sword

    White Dwarf #51 and #52 has enchanted rings

    • Ring of Agonizing Doom
    • Ring of Alarums
    • Ring of Fire
    • Ring of Teleportation
    • Ring of Terror
    • Ring of Flying
    • Ring of Communing
    • Ring of the Nether Planes
    • Ring of Soul Storing
    • Ring of Red Ruin
    • Ring of Shapechanging
    • Ring of Invisibility
    • Ring of Invulnerability
    • Ring of Fortunate Action
    • Ring of Sensing Enchantment

    Others seem to be sprinkled around various issues as well Runequest/White Dwarf Index - The Oldhammer Wiki

  3. Full disclosure: I did have an Aldrymi character gain a Chaos Feature once from attuning a Chaos crystal. Got +3D6 Dex to boot. Had full intentions of playing Flash, but rolled badly and turned into a Broo at the same time. Had to DI to get that cleansed. Oh well. 

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  4. Quote

    great majority of beings touched by Chaos are definitely evil and often twisted and perverse. It's clearly very difficult to have the Chaos rune and remain a reasonable sentient being 

    My point is that the Gloranthan always is 80% and Chaos = Evil at that rate. Just because something is difficult, it does not mean impossible. Sure, your average Orlanthi will ask to be cleansed of Chaos ASAP, but 20% won't and out of that 20% will not be Evil/twisted/perverted. Which is enough for a PC to get away with trying to play it.

  5. 7 hours ago, Martin Dick said:


    Yes, no Evil as such, but the great majority of beings touched by Chaos are definitely evil and often twisted and perverse. It's clearly very difficult to have the Chaos rune and remain a reasonable sentient being and yes, I agree a lot of Storm Bulls are evil but not Evil, their two redeeming features are 1) they are not as bad as the things they go and fight and 2) they are sort of on our side

    Ok, what about Zorak Zorani, little e or E ?

  6. Quote

    On the other hand, the Chaos Rune is evil, twisted and perverse, so how could the PC not change?

    Is it now? There is no concept of Evil in Glorantha unlike in some of the other games we know and love. Sure the Storm Bullers tell us its evil. They should know, they are Evil themselves. 

  7. 48 minutes ago, Scorus said:

    A question from one of my players as we prepare for their first heroquest: How does time work in the Before Time plane that they will be adventuring in? He is specifically interested in spell durations and how Extension would work, or if the spell is even possible.

    We play that there is no time and no spell duration on HeroQuest. Players cast all of the spells before beginning the quest. BUT, casting spells once on the HeroQuest is discouraged as it attracts BAD to VERY BAD things which come to feed on the released magic points. 

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  8. Quote

    I agree. As with all spirit spells though if your cults don't teach it, and you don't know a shaman who knows where to get it, then it effectively is not available.

    Never really had an issue with this. Players always seem to be able to find a shaman willing to teach if they just go handle this little problem.

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  9. The most useful spell, but one you do not see very often is Detect Detection.

     Detect Chaos this one used to be problematic in my games. I never want to give a spell that is for one point is better than a rare skill. I think it would be better now days with something like:

    Detect <Rune> - Which would detect a presence of an association to a particular rune. The range of a spell would depend on the strength of association. 

  10. In a game we played in the late 80's and early 90's the Sun County got involved in a Civil War between the various pro and anti Lunar factions. The end result that their military was mostly destroyed, but the anti Lunar faction won and there were representatives during the liberation of Pavis.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Akhôrahil said:

    Why doesn't this interface have a ❤️-button?!

    Also, what year are you going with? The 1617 of Dorastor or the 1625 of "modern" time?

    Its not any year specific, but in my mind I would say closer to 1625

  12. On 5/23/2021 at 4:43 AM, Agentorange said:

    I don't think so, I never saw or even heard of it being published. It was mentioned at the back of the Dorastor book somewhere wasn't it ? Along with a supplement called Gods of Dorastor which also never saw the light of day.

    soltakss and I have also published Holiday Dorastor: Temple of Heads  https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/356993/Holiday-Dorastor-The-Temple-of-Heads?affiliate_id=66807

    as further adventures in Dorastor. That does not have additional Riskland campaign stuff, but the one we are working on Holiday Dorastor: Spider Woods will and could be integrated with an existing Riskland campaign. After that we are working on Holiday Dorastor: Seven Hills. We are considering more, but got enough on our plates as is. 

  13. Quote

    Johnstown Compendium would be a great place for anyone who got the RQ bug and wanted to publish an adventure in the same way adventures were published in White Dwarf magazine or by Judges Guild or anywhere in between (with most of the JC content probably trying to hew close to canon).

    As someone who is doing just that. I agree.

    The key to, as far as I am concerned, is to start on a micro level with Glorantha. Don't worry about what is going on on the macro level, and just try to kill that Broo which has been eyeing your herd.

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  14. 48 minutes ago, ffilz said:

    Honestly, much of what I have heard about RQG turns me off. Part of that is because my Glorantha is NOT the Glorantha of today. It is the Glorantha of RQ1 with Cults of Prax added on. The implied setting of RQ1 is NOT bronze age, it's more medieval, or at least "D&D-like fantasy" (with skills instead of classes and levels...). That's the setting I've played on and off, with at least some play in every decade, since 1978. I don't NEED all that stuff that ties RQ more mechanically to Glorantha because it isn't making ties to MY Glorantha. Sure, my choice NOT to buy RQ2 a year after I bought RQ1 set me on a path of sticking with the original, but it's what I am comfortable with and like. I don't need to absorb hundreds of pages to run my RQ. Picking up RQG for me would actually put me in the deep end just like the OP. Or worse because I'd have to unlearn something...

    All that said, that's ME. For others, I'm confident RQG is the right game for them.

    And the Starter Set will help people get in. And I'm going to buy it for the cool content. And I will eventually buy RQG to see if there's anything I want to steal.

    In that case you should stick to RQ1 or invest into RQ3 or BRP as it supports that style of play. You would still be interested with various published scenarios published for RQG. 

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