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  1. Of course. Totally agree, but we are talking Homebrew stuff until they do decide to put it out. Honestly, I am getting too old to keep waiting.
  2. Sure, you are making it up. I can just as easily say Air Stasis and it would just as valid. Or, bind a Storm Demon into it that can shoot lightning and deliver Heatshock on contact.
  3. At the moment the RQG rules do not have a Form/Set spell. It is a left over from RQ3 so any method suggested would have to be Homebrew.
  4. If you are doing the character from scratch you do not pay, but technically he did at some point in the past. A sorcerer must have a minimum INT of 13 to understand one Rune and one technique. For each point of INT above 13, the sorcerer can learn one more Rune or one more technique. Thus, a sorcerer with an INT of 18 could know up to 7 Runes and techniques in total. You need at least one technique, which leaves 6 Runes. Its tight.
  5. Start by choosing which Runes you want your sorcerer to have mastered. Then see what spells that gives him. Then chose the spells you want him to have and see how you would have to change their runes.
  6. Even with time they are not very flexible unless you let them play with Rune and Techniques of the spells.
  7. Although possible, that is extreme. Most will likely wind up in the 3 to 4 range as it is unlikely that you will be casting a spell with 2 runes and 2 techniques using Insight. You are limited as to how many you can get to INT - 12, which means a sorcerer with an INT of 18 can have only 6. That means you will have 1 technique and 5 Runes (btw, that will also cost 6 POW). Unless you start substituting Runes on some spells, you will have a very, very limited selection.
  8. I have been facing the same issue with both my games and in print. All of what I am going to suggest is not RQG approved and is not supported by the current Glorantha canon. The best answer I can give is (keeping YGMV in mind) is all of them. The issue you will need to work out are the Runes and Techniques associated with sorcery spells, limitations on the number of these that a sorcerer can sacrifice for and the spells themselves. If you are not sure as to what I mean, or how to do it, just ask. I will be happy to help out.
  9. Thank Gods, otherwise we would have had to create a different area to populate with monsters.
  10. 1. They should never be outnumbered in any encounter. 2. Perhaps they can pick up a friendly NPC or a pet 3. Bump up their skills, give a few more points of spirit magic or Rune Pools.
  11. Yeah, I am biased though being a co-author on the Holiday Dorastor books. I think both the Temple of Heads and the Spider Woods would work for even starter groups. There are scenarios there for any power level.
  12. There are a number of good opponents already published in Jonstown Compendium supplements both Lunar and others.
  13. Welcome aboard. There are a number of good adventures both from Chaosium and Jonstown Compendium for you to get started.
  14. Find Enemy is an amazing spell. Throw a couple of points of Extension on it and you will never be surprised.
  15. 5* Review for Denarius the Minter by Mark M: i found this to be very useful since my GM started using some of these cults, especially Lawbringer. Also glad that they updated the cover to color.
  16. I am not a subject matter expert, but in my mind an increase in civilization reduces the number of local spirits. This is were housing starts to become a commodity and the the original question of "how much does it cost?" becomes more relavant. I was trying to capture a larger cultural and geographical area 😉
  17. The ownership is likely Family or Clan based. The construction requires a blessing or at least a permission from the local spirits and success can bring additional benefits. I imagine this would be very different than building a house in a town, but in a wilderness doing it without a HeroQuest is likely to fail and bring on several enemies/curses upon oneself.
  18. If they are starting from scratch, I would suggest they start with a homestead or longhouse. This will be a community project. Its not so much the cost but rather an effort. We describe the Laying of the Hearthstone with the following Stations • Settling (choosing a location) • Gathering the People • Preparation • Building • Feasting
  19. Cost a fluid thing. It depends a lot on the structure, who is building it, where, and what materials are near by. A creation of a home can be a HeroQuest (we have one example in the Holiday Dorastor: Spider Woods supplement). Can you be a bit more specific as to the background of the group.
  20. Really depends on your game. The more you give the more powerful the party gets and more powerful the enemies become. Money = POW in most games.
  21. Same for me. It needs to cost at least 10 L (RQG or 100 L RQ3) to keep track of it.
  22. I would say its similar to the Visibility or River Eyes spells, for most people useless. Detect Poison would be a useless spell for a Broo.
  23. Yeah, we all have a matrix for that, don't we.
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