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  1. Honestly speaking, I find it amusing the amount of time we are spending in attempting to rationalize real world into a magical world metaphysics. Makes me kind of glad I am married with kids, otherwise I would say that my chances of finding a mate and procreating is quite small.
  2. My point exactly. This is why Detect Poison works.
  3. Your game, but you can also apply the same logic to Treat Disease and Treat Poison skills since these are different and would in real life require different treatment.
  4. Had Trolls run around with Detect Iron. Other ones I found useful are Detect Poison, Detect Detection, Detect Spirit and of course Detect Undead.
  5. Yes, it is based on how you an your players view the whole concept of Chaos and the way you view the attitude of the culture to it. Let me show how it would be in the games I been involved. Eurmal - The one think tricksters do not get involved with and always oppose. Orlanth - Kill it now Ernalda - Can he be cleansed before it infects others? Humakt - Why are we even discussing this? Get it cleansed (DI) and/or die Lhankor Mhy -Can I study it before you DI to remove it? Chalana Arroy - Please do not make him suffer as you kill him Babeester Gor - <hack> Storm Bull - He dies, now! Its the only way to be sure. Maybe we should kill everyone he came in contact with in the last week for good measure? Lunars - Welcome to the club!
  6. Except for that whole separation thing. I never bought into humakti as being part of a community. They are loners IMO.
  7. That depends on how you view Humakt. In games I have played Death, and by extension Humakt, is viewed as the force which in the end is able to stop Chaos. Granted I am not speaking for the "Glorantha", but from what I seen published this view is supported. Even the Broo Legion in Dorastor consists of illuminated Broo.
  8. Well, make sure to pick up a one of our guides and see all the sights.
  9. The situation for us has always been a bit different as I find that most of the characters in our games are not Orlanthi, although there have been a number of Storm Bulls and Humakti.
  10. White Dwarf #38 and 39 look to have a number of enchanted swords Volcanic Sword Severblade Blurblade Stormblade Nightblade Spellblade Fortress Sword Vigor Sword Vorpal Blade Chillblade Chaos Knife Vortex Sword White Dwarf #51 and #52 has enchanted rings Ring of Agonizing Doom Ring of Alarums Ring of Fire Ring of Teleportation Ring of Terror Ring of Flying Ring of Communing Ring of the Nether Planes Ring of Soul Storing Ring of Red Ruin Ring of Shapechanging Ring of Invisibility Ring of Invulnerability Ring of Fortunate Action Ring of Sensing Enchantment Others seem to be sprinkled around various issues as well Runequest/White Dwarf Index - The Oldhammer Wiki
  11. Full disclosure: I did have an Aldrymi character gain a Chaos Feature once from attuning a Chaos crystal. Got +3D6 Dex to boot. Had full intentions of playing Flash, but rolled badly and turned into a Broo at the same time. Had to DI to get that cleansed. Oh well.
  12. My point is that the Gloranthan always is 80% and Chaos = Evil at that rate. Just because something is difficult, it does not mean impossible. Sure, your average Orlanthi will ask to be cleansed of Chaos ASAP, but 20% won't and out of that 20% will not be Evil/twisted/perverted. Which is enough for a PC to get away with trying to play it.
  13. Ok, what about Zorak Zorani, little e or E ?
  14. Is it now? There is no concept of Evil in Glorantha unlike in some of the other games we know and love. Sure the Storm Bullers tell us its evil. They should know, they are Evil themselves.
  15. Just kill him now, and problem solved.
  16. We play that there is no time and no spell duration on HeroQuest. Players cast all of the spells before beginning the quest. BUT, casting spells once on the HeroQuest is discouraged as it attracts BAD to VERY BAD things which come to feed on the released magic points.
  17. I would go with Beetle stat distribution. Less armor and of course jumping ability.
  18. Never really had an issue with this. Players always seem to be able to find a shaman willing to teach if they just go handle this little problem.
  19. The most useful spell, but one you do not see very often is Detect Detection. Detect Chaos this one used to be problematic in my games. I never want to give a spell that is for one point is better than a rare skill. I think it would be better now days with something like: Detect <Rune> - Which would detect a presence of an association to a particular rune. The range of a spell would depend on the strength of association.
  20. Yeap, I remember them. Added some of mine to JC publications.
  21. Did not fit the Bronze Age theme of Glorantha.
  22. In a game we played in the late 80's and early 90's the Sun County got involved in a Civil War between the various pro and anti Lunar factions. The end result that their military was mostly destroyed, but the anti Lunar faction won and there were representatives during the liberation of Pavis.
  23. Yeah, I would not be working in my day job that's for sure.
  24. Not exactly true, lots of things get out of Dorastor.
  25. Ok, twist my arm, but at this pace you are never getting out of Dorastor.
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