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  1. Hmm, it seems to me it would be easier to create Magic Point matrices and binding enchantments. (I could be wrong)
  2. Some groups do well with that ... and then there are groups I play with LOL
  3. Of course it also means that the rest of the party need to be made up of closely aligned/associated cult members.
  4. Most of the time what I seen in play are Rune Lord - Acolytes. Requirements for that are much less POW. This way you can build up.
  5. Which brings us to an interesting point in the rules. As there seems to be a president for using species MAX INT for Free INT in. "A Rune Lord always resists magic with their species maximum POW and not their current POW." Perhaps as one advances in their sorcery, Magi level for example this can happen.
  6. Actually no. There is no requirement for the Rune Pool as listed in RQG p280. A Rune Lord needs to have been an Initiate for 5 years, have a CHA 18, and five skills at 90% (two of those skills should weapon skills)
  7. If memory serves, unpowered crystals are solidified blood of dead Gods, while powered crystals are solidified blood of living Gods; which leads to to a question if anyone has faced, have there ever been the case of someone's crystal changing type while in their possession? How common are unpowered crystals when compared to people using binding enchantments?
  8. Tomato -tomAto. Whatever excuse you want go with.
  9. Its a trade off. You need an 18 POW to be a priest (and get +20% once there). Much easier to get from 17 to 18 then from 13.
  10. Inefficient in terms of POW gain, yes. In terms of character survivability, its a must. Know you GMs gaming style.
  11. CHA limiting spirit magic makes sense. CHA also limits how many spirits you can have bound. INT used to be an important stat for modifiers, and getting skill increases once skills got over 100% (or maybe this was just a house rule we used). Now, unless we are talking sorcery, it seems like dump. Seems like the only reason to have it is to put another limit on sorcery. And, yes sorcery is a the realm of the Logic, so INT should be the prime guide. That is fine, but the mechanics are not that great so far.
  12. If we stick to the basic tenet of shaman / priest /sorcerer donating 50 - 90% of their time and money then we should not be seeing these characters adventuring, except in unusual circumstance. But as this is a Role Playing Game character are always built with unusual circumstance in mind, otherwise there would be no need to adventure. That is why when I see people say that certain builds are not suitable as PC, I just shrug and move on.
  13. Sure, but why can it not be both a connection and a convenient alarm. As a warning system it is easier to setup than a Warding spell and sometimes, you do not want to do damage.
  14. Partially a result of making CHA as the primary stat which governs the number of Spirit Spells one can 'know. BTW, Int is not a dump stat for any character in D&D who wishes to have some skills, but this is not the place to discuss this 🙂
  15. And we are back to the YGWV. Seems I have been there from the first time I was Greged thirty years ago.
  16. Only if you stick to the Dragon Pass area.
  17. Yes, but consider that before you even start doing it, you would have had to spend somewhere in the order of 5+ POW to master runes and techniques (likely more as you will most likely need Magic point point matrices or spirit bindings) and you begin to realize that is an expensive proposition. Possible, sure, but very expensive.
  18. All temples have Sanctify, Warding not so much. Note that Warding works against the enemies of the caster (or anyone but the caster that attempts to touch the stakes). Sanctify works on non initiated. To me that says that Sanctify is an alarm, Warding is a defense.
  19. I would expect Sanctify to be that. By the way, Sanctify is specifically specified to be a "one hemisphere would roughly be in the air, and the other within the earth."
  20. There were two methods proposed, one was to get rid of it completely, one used Spell % /5 as to the amount manipulation which could be done, while another suggested using species maximum (21 for humans) as FREE INT. The next discussion was the limitation of the number of Runes/ Techniques which can be mastered as these are limited by ones INT. My personal opinion is that I would not limit those since mastering each requires 1 POW (or you can limit them in the same way as Divine magic that is based on ones CHA), or once again by using the racial maximum INT as the limit, which works out t
  21. I will include that as a quote in the next JC publication I put out in the NPC appendix.
  22. Its great, but it makes creating NPC a pain.
  23. Set the bottom set at abdomen level and let the fun begin. Just as they think they crossed the boundary, they keep taking damage the next round.
  24. You can set the warding wands into a wall, two at ceiling level and two at floor level and vola the area is protected against hawks.
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