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  1. On 11/10/2019 at 1:21 PM, weasel fierce said:

    * I am leaning towards Runequest 3 since I feel it fits the best balance of things I want (robust rules without too many options to overwhelm the group, multiple character creation options, rules for a ton of critters and gods etc.). It's also the one I am the most comfortable with, and since I'll be running it for a fairly large group, that's going to be important. 

    Though as most people no doubt do, I am of course intending on borrowing from here and there.

    If you and your players have played with this system, its a good choice.



    * Divine magic bugs me a bit though. I feel that it's too limited in 2 and 3, but I also feel like RQG gives too much, too soon. Have anyone adopted a middle ground? 

    I was pondering making it easier to regain spells for initiates (something that both the never-released Adventures in Glorantha and Roleplaying in Glorantha does) but I don't want to undermine what makes priests special either.


    I went with the rune pools, but discarded the holiday system of regaining points. Use 1 day of praying to regain 1 point. Makes a good balance, at leas tit does for us.


    * 2nd edition scenarios give out a LOT of coin, but prices are all over the place across editions. Even from 2 to RQG, it seems you'd run into some challenges. Is there a reasonable rule of thumb out there to convert money amounts or do people just not worry about it? 

    Stick with one or the other. I use a simple 1 = 10 conversion 



    * To avoid quite as many limbs flying off, the rule will be that limbs are severed if you take double hit location damage in a single blow, not from accumulative damage.

    * Spirit magic will probably work as in 2e (it just works, unless there's a resistance roll). Last time I ran RQ, we adopted that for spell casting outside combat and honestly, nobody found the dice rolls to be adding much to the game. 


    Yeap, also kept spirit spells lasting 5 minutes instead of 2 as per RQG


  2. Quote

    For me, the worship of Ompalam is divided among the slave estates with the Masters as the high priests of the estate.  The Fonritans have no civic/bureaucratic structure as that would be an obstacle to Ompalam's demands for power.  Having their yads (ie their favourite slaves) practice the equivalent of Rightness would only increase the power of the Masters against each other and be good in their eyes, no?

    I would not disagree that in some places that certainly exists, but to me that seems like a plantation model of slavery which can only exist in cases where a particular high demand commodity, requiring a large labor pool, is present. In our history that would be sugar, cotton, tobacco or drugs. All of these require a whole sale demand in quantity which point to large scale commercial centers, that is cities (basic blocks of civilization). Once we start talking cities, we start talking bureaucracy, civil servant slaves. A pyramidal structure with Jann at the top.  

  3. Quote

    An interesting possibility is that the Fonritans might have something similar to caste magic within the cult of Ompalam.

    Although possible, I would argue against that.  The Fonritans threw off the shackles of freedom imposed on them by the Malkioni and would be loath to maintain such an outdated concepts as casts (Yes, I know they divide their society by slave strata). IMO, sorcery for the Fonritans is another building block of civilization, like slavery. It is more than likely integrated into the civic/bureaucratic structure as opposed to religious one.

  4. Ok, so they can become Initiates and possibly Rune Lords, but not Priests or God-talkers with the Sorcerer casts performing that role? Is that close at all? 

    Or do they 'worship' those spirits as way to access specific Runes and the rune magic they can sacrifice for are not cult specific, but rather rune specific?

  5. Quote

    Is this the model for the ascended masters? The vast majority are lay members with very few initiates and no(?) rune masters? He does provide some rune magic (two of his specials are in the common list, so presumably that is not accessible), but would be the motivation for the few to initiate to Hrestol - to follow his heroquest pathways?

    I am interested to see how Sorcery fits into this and does it mean that all Malkioni have access to at least some Rune spells?

  6. 4 minutes ago, Shiningbrow said:

    hmmm ... Personally, I'm not convinced by that.

    Noe, if their deity chose to give Species Max Free INT, I'd buy it. Or something super special about the Magic Rune (perhaps as a spell..), maybe.

    Call it the benefit of following the way of the Invisible God and aligning yourself with the Universe.

  7. Quote

    I think you are way off in both those estimates. Most initiates have more urgent things to do than invest in magic point storage, and non-powered crystals are a common way of acquiring magic point storage. 

    Everything is relative of course, and if you can get a non-powered crystal then its a way to go, but if you can not and extraneous mps are pretty important if you planning to cast spells in any combat situation, you better have some.  I would revise my statement to say it applies to martial and adventuring types of initiates.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

    you will have to edit to boost the NPCs to suit your tables needs. 

    They would have to be edited. Just giving all initiate NPC a rune pool and runes will take care of some things, but you will now have to consider that they will all be a lot more willing to use Divine magic and the abilities that opens up for them. Remember that most will now have access to All common divine and at least one special divine spell.

  9. 3 hours ago, metcalph said:

    The way Jeff describes it it would be one sorceror doing nothing but cast Enhance INT on the other sorcerors who then cast biiger spells etc.

    All you need is one who specializes in this one spell. Strength 25 (adding about 9 Free Int) for three hours or so to other sorcerers would not be unusual in that case.

  10. 6 hours ago, Shiningbrow said:

    Possibly, but not a real "precedent", as the resisting at Max POW is specifically stated as the god making up the difference to defend their RL - so definitely not the same reason, and definitely not really related.

    Sure, and expanded mind capacity can also be explained as training in Logic which sorcery requires and attuning oneself to the rune, especially Magic Rune.

  11. Crystals were common in RQ2 games, in RQ3 games they became very rare as characters found/created binding and magic point matrices. Any crystals found were given to allied spirits for additional magic points. Not sure if that was a rule or something we came up with in our games, but allied spirits could have bound spirits, so crystals were the way to go.

  12. Quote

    There is no requirement on the Rune Pool, but you need 11 RP to use safely the DI Runelord way (without risking losing POW).

    Yes, but you do not HAVE to use it and if you do, you will get to below that sooner than later.

  13. Quote

    best qualified, and Rune Points will be an important factor here. I would assume that in many cults, there are more people qualifying for Rune Lord than can actually fit in the structure - I could easily imagine that there are bunches of veteran, qualifying Storm Bull initiates competing for far fewer Storm Khan positions.

    If there are limited number of positions, but I can see in many cases that may not be the case and the fact that they do not have a high rune pool makes them useful and somewhat expendable as lower level leaders for the cult.

  14. 4 minutes ago, davecake said:

    I've never heard of a crystal changing its nature, other than rarely DI being used to remove some taint. 

    Unpowered crystals seem more common than binding enchantments, but many people just use them for magic point storage. 

    Hmm, it seems to me it would be easier to create Magic Point matrices and binding enchantments. (I could be wrong)

  15. 47 minutes ago, davecake said:

    Basically, if you really want to keep doing adventures for personal gain, try to fit it into 10% of your time. That can still be enough for an adventure a season if you plan it. But if your adventures are not at least mostly related to the goals of your cult or tribe as well as your own, something might be wrong - and maybe you should not have sought that higher office. 

    But mostly, what do those statuses mean?

    A Wind Lord of Orlanth needs to fight the enemies of Orlanth, fight Chaos when he hears of it (and can ask other Lightbringers to help him), fights Darkness if it bothers the Earth temple - sounds plenty of adventures to me. 

    A Sword of Humakt must face enemies of Humakt in battle, slay undead, maybe lead his regiment or temple forces in battle - sound plenty of adventures to me. 

    A Storm Bull Khan must seek out Chaos and destroy it - sounds adventurous to me. 

    A tribal shaman of Waha or a shaman of Daka Fall must investigate magical threats to his tribe/family - sounds plenty of adventures to me.

    And so on. 

    Plus, the cult can always give the character some big adventurous responsibility, and say that that counts as cult service - yes, the prophecies say that it is important you find the long lost temple of the Bee Maiden, and free the spirit of the hero trapped there. 

    Of course it also means that the rest of the party need to be made up of closely aligned/associated cult members.

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  16. Just now, Akhôrahil said:

    Huh, no idea where that came from, then! Never mind me. 🙂 Although I'd still say you want those Rune Points either way - you will be a sad Rune Lord at 3-5 Rune Points, and since the requirements are just that - the minimum requirements - someone more holy may get the job ahead of you if you skimp. Something like 10 Rune Points is probably the expected amount, even if it's not a prereq.

    Most of the time what I seen in play are Rune Lord - Acolytes. Requirements for that are much less POW. This way you can build up.

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