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  1. Absolutely. MPs for Sorcerers are a must. That is why I added this spell in the JC Denarius the Minter supplement AID (Magic, Command) 2 pt (Ranged, Instant) If successful in casting this spell, the caster transfers magic points equal to the spells Intensity to the target of the spell. These magic points can replenish any spent by the target and any additional, above the targets POW, will stick around dissipating at a rate of 1 magic point per 10 minutes. These additional magic points are not added to POW for purposes of defense or offense but can be used to cast spells by the target.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in the spell description, it costs 1 additional magic point to increase the intensity of a spell by one level; or double the amount of magic points if it uses a Rune or technique that the sorcerer has not mastered. Based on some interpretations it would 4MP + 28MP. But your point on spell casting in combat is well taken. This is where bound spirits and spirit magic matrices come into play in a big way. The only way to cast a Sorcery spell in combat would be a two rune/technique spell and with an Intensity of 5 and that would take two rounds.
  3. That would be another way to equalize. Why would this be a limit? EDIT: Never mind:
  4. Does not really matter since these spells will be cast ahead of time with duration going into days, weeks and longer. The armor is not going to matter as the criticals will bypass it
  5. Sure, and if they have an INT of 14 they are always behind the curve. Its still possible for a novice sorcerer to cast a bigger spell than an Archmage. A size 8 and str 8 weapon master will still beat a size 18 and str 18 novice every time.
  6. I would say so for ritual type magic at least.
  7. I think this is one of the worst concepts to have migrated from RQ3 to RQG and should be removed from the rules. It makes Sorcery completely INT stat depended and allows a novice sorcerer to cast a bigger spell than an Archmage. The entire thing should be replaced Spell % divided by 5 as the amount of intensity which can be added and Magic Rune % as your chance to cast a Sorcery spell. #givesorceryachance
  8. … and at least 5 points of POW, and source of magic points (the more the better) to get you started.
  9. Ok then. Are we saying its one shot thing, or can we apply this to ALL sorcery Rituals? What would be the casting cost to such a Capitan … 4 mpm since he known neither the rune or technique?
  10. Since this is a Sorcery spell and you need to have at least insight into the water Rune and Command technique, how could any sailor cast it? It seems that every ship would need at least one fully fledged sorcerer onboard to venture into open seas, or at least a sorcerer in the harbor to cast it at departure.
  11. According to the rules, no Sorcery spell skill can be higher than the character's Read/Write. Considering that most people are illiterates, then by definition sorcery is the realm of the high castes.
  12. Is there a special place to discuss Sorcery rules and spells? I got a LOT of things and ideas.
  13. Ok does this mean that to learn the spell of Neutralize Chaos one must master the Chaos rune and get a Chaotic taint?
  14. So the cost for additional Intensity is always either 1 or 2. The base spell cost is minimum equal to the number of runes/technique if all mastered or number of runes/technique x2 if all implied/opposite?
  15. This should be straight forward but I can't seem to wrap my mind around it. I have a sorcerer who has mastered the following: Harmony, Water and Magic Runes as well as Command, Combine techniques. Case 1. Casting a spell which uses Harmony and Command. The cost is 2 mp plus 1 mp for each additional level of intensity (This is pretty much the example in the book p386) Case 2. Casting a spell which uses Harmony and Combine. The cost is 3mp plus 1 mp(or is this now 2mp) for each additional level of intensity Case 3. Casting a spell which uses Death and Dispel. The cost is 4mps plus (?) mps for each additional level of intensity Case 4 Casting a spell which uses Magic, Air, Combine and Separate. The cost is 7mps(?) and the cost for each additional level of intensity is (?)
  16. LOL, that's more of a mugging than learning.
  17. And I say 'no'. There should not be three different ways to get the exact same thing. Similar yes, equivalent no. Bladesharp should be different from Damage Boosting and different from Truesword. That is what makes things fun.
  18. Except that in RQG you do not learn spirit spells from spirits, but from Rune Masters of the cult and they can only teach you what they know.
  19. Well said. It is one of the things that killed D&D for me.
  20. Yes, more than a round and a lot of magic points. Since spirit magic in RQG does not last as long as it used to, you better win that fight fast and hope nothing else comes after you.
  21. The most I seen cast in a game is 12 point spirit spell, but that was with a Focusing crystal. The biggest issue with something like that is that it take a several rounds to cast and a lot of magic points.
  22. Hey! We take baths, and a lot more often than most of you Barbarians!
  23. So these rites are the measure of divine acceptance to the rank. Now normally, one would learn these by being accepted by the priesthood, but there is a possibility that they can also be revealed by other means, perhaps even directly by the God.
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