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    RPGing since 1983 (i still own 6 different editions of Call of Cthulhu)
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    Currently keeping CoC 7e - Masks of Nyarlathotep on Fantasy Grounds and Playing Savage Worlds
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    I'm a smorgasboard RPer, I like to try many different flavours.
  1. Actually if they are part of Bits & Mortar the FLGS will send you the PDF. My experience is that if the FLGS isn't part of B&M and you try to send proof-of-purchase to Chaosium, they wont send you the pdf. Chaosuim will tell you to get your FLGS to sign up to B&M, but wont send you the pdf. My not so friendly LGS ignored my pleas to sign up to B&M so I never got the PDF of CoC 7e from either Chaosium or the LGS.
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