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  1. I actually did away with the Usurper brothers entirely in favor of other antagonists (Syagrius, a traitorous mercenary captain and a third one) that I wanted to get rid of and that the players already had history with (made the mistake of introducing too many plotlines and characters early on in the campaign, regretting it for a while as I've been trying to cut off all these loose ends my players keep bringing up ). But the principle idea is the same, usurpers have history with the PKs, at least indirectly (since only one is an OG PK from the start of the game, but the rest are some form of k
  2. Hey hey! I'm planning on running the Rydychan Usurpers the next year (499) in our campaign, since it's a year that not a lot happens. However, since it's the first "military campaign" the PKs will be heading, I'm hoping for some help. A series of battles and sieges seems like a rather boring mini-campaign (sieges being the absolute worst at the best of times), and in any case Salisbury alone can't muster an army to take Rydychan, even if Rydychan is split between the Usurpers and the countess. How have you run this, or do you have any recommendations on how to restore the countess
  3. I'll hijack this thread for a more general virtual tabletop discussion. Besides Roll20, has anyone had success with running Pendragon over the internet with other solutions? Foundry Virtual Tabletop seems interesting and doesn't have a monthly subscription, but apparently a lot of stuff needs to be imported manually?
  4. Hey hey! With the 6th edition around the corner (hopefully) and the quickstart rules and starter adventure already out, I got to thinking about how will the rather notable amount of previous material be compatible with the new stuff. Primarily stuff like Book of Feasts, Book of the Estate, and Book of Warlords. The change in naming conventions caused no end of headaches in our group, I understand that the "modern" naming has become standard once again? The most interesting part to me actually pertains to the new GPC, as the original has started to fall apart under the layers o
  5. So, your players have refused to pay the Saxons tribute, and the sea wolves are annoyed. You decide (as a GM) that they're going to raid Salisbury. How do you explain that all the manors in Salisbury are raided? Wessex (and Port, later on) are the only Saxon kingdoms close by to send raiding parties, Sussex can make it through Silchester due to their alliance, but how about the rest? Also, how would Wessex make it to the northern parts? Sailing the Avon would mean that they'd be spotted. Sure, they could send hundreds of Saxon warriors running all over Salisbury, but wouldn't they be caught an
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