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  1. I would hybridise 1 and 3: one main PK with 3-5 ally knights. If they're best friends, they don't really need any more reason to adventure together than a normal group of PKs do. You could streamline the ally knights to reduce paperwork, maybe something like the husband knight in Book of the Entourage (beefed up a bit to be closer to PK level). Depending on one's emulation preferences, this approach also allows a 'get out of death' option: if the PK would die and the player isn't ready for that (e.g. the PK has no heir), one of the allies who is present can take the fatal blow instead.
  2. Well, you could cut out the knight's discretionary budget unless he makes savings elsewhere, but honestly I wouldn't worry about it for player knights (unless the player is interested in tracking these details). That said, here are a few scenarios for a £10 BoE manor and a widow with standard £3.5 dower: The heir inherits the manor and his mother is still alive. She stays on to manage his household until he is married ('freebench', as Voord mentioned). Her widow's portion remains within the manorial budget, and they don't need a steward, so there is no net gain or loss. The he
  3. KAP 5.2 Table D.4 (page 249) also indicates that Saxon elites can be ransomed. Re the passages from Saxons! , that paragraph also mentions that a very generous offer might induce Saxons to return a captured knight. Elsewhere in Saxons!, they are at least aware of the custom by Badon, as in one of the skirmishes they have the option of capturing knights for ransom (page 103). So I think there's plenty of wiggle room. My take is that it's harder to organise ransoms for and from Saxons, particularly in the early phases, but not impossible. (Probably also easier for a king than a t
  4. Righto. And yeah, relations with neighbouring lords would be important.
  5. By "riding out to battle outside Salisbury", do you mean outside the county (as opposed to Sarum)? Because I'd use something like your numbers for responding to threats inside the county. Going further afield would involve more planning (at least the four days for messages) but could take up to as many knights as the count/regent is willing to send.
  6. At one point I briefly thought that Uther might be suggesting he'll work with Gorlois to conquer the Kingdom of Cornwall (after a round of Saxon-bashing) and add it to the duchy. Uther and Gorlois talk further after the scene, so there's plenty of time for him to confirm this to Gorlois and set at least the main points of a deal. It doesn't really fit with Uther as presented in GPC or BoU -- he wouldn't want to make Gorlois more powerful, plus it'd upset most of the other dukes -- but maybe at this point in time he wants Gorlois's Collegium vote that badly.
  7. hui! utinam commentare latina lingua meum satis esset.
  8. I just read up to the Adventure of the Wizard Bag. Fun stuff! And Sir Monroe's unmasking was a twist I didn't expect.
  9. The bride likes the character, and they're basically a good match. The romantic comedy part we're already doing -- it was coming up with genre-specific ideas (beyond the obvious I mentioned) that I was having trouble with. But I have a bunch of good ideas from this thread now, thanks!
  10. Yeah, I know it's a passion and I'm not planning on making it a penalty -- it's more just that I had a mental blank on relevant plot ideas for a moment. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. Thanks, folks! I'm thinking on the mundane side, but I'll look up those adventures too. We're in the Uther period. A shopping trip to London could be an adventure in itself, so I might try that.
  12. So, I have a PK who rolled a Love (Wife) of 16. Does anyone have suggestions for plotlines/scenarios that can make use of this? There's always the old villain-abducts-wife routine, and also enemies of the PK accusing the wife of something awful, but I'm trying to come up with something a bit less obvious.
  13. Apparently it's being worked on, but Chaosium haven't made an official announcement about dates.
  14. Expanding on Morien's point, I think the manors that Roderick holds directly (his demesne manors) won't normally have knights present. They'd be managed by a bailiff at each manor or equivalent, reporting to Roderick's seneschal. The people living at them would be more or less the usual manorial staff minus a knight and family. (If I'm reading Book of the Warlord correctly, a single steward is enough for outlier holdings within a single county, and for the county that contains the caput major the steward's duties are folded into those of the seneschal. For that many manors, I'd be tempted
  15. For what it's worth, the 5.2 rulebook mentions this on page 109 under "Crossbow": "Knights generally scorn the use of crossbows in combat, although some may welcome their use in hunting (only!)." (Presumably those knights who do use them in hunting also train up their crossbow skill.)
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