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  1. I'll caveat by saying I haven't yet run any of these for a solo investigator myself, but here are a few ideas: 1) Paper Chase -- As klecser mentioned, this one's in the Starter Set and explicitly designed for 1 keeper + 1 investigator. 2) Spark of Life -- Published in the Miskatonic Repository as an "isolated investigator adventure," meaning 1 keeper + 1 investigator. (Here's hoping that term catches on to make these scenarios easier to locate!) 3) Monophobia -- You'll have to adapt it from 6th edition, but it's free to download and contains three solo investigator scenarios (Vengeance from Beyond, Of Grave Concern, and Robinson Gruesome) 4) Mr. Corbitt -- Published in Mansions of Madness (and so you'll need to update to 7th edition), this one is written for "one or more investigators" and I've heard runs well with just one. 5) Macabre Tales scenarios -- Macabre Tales is a Lovecraftian RPG designed for one-on-one roleplaying. You could look at adapting its scenarios to Call of Cthulhu.
  2. I take the flame curling over sideways not as evidence of a strong wind, but as an indication of motion on the part of the adventurer. (Similar to when you move quickly while holding a sparkler.) Hang on. So if I buy Saturnine Chalice, you'll throw in a copy of Dead Light, revised and with new art?
  3. @Kijli, Chris Spivey is interviewed on the latest episode of the Miskatonic University podcast, and discusses his superhero game for around three minutes. That discussion is at about the 0:24:30 mark.
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  6. Glad you found what you were looking for. When I run scenarios, I usually try to stick to the dates and months, but I adjust the years as needed--either by literally adjusting the handouts, or by asking my players to assume every year they see is in fact two years earlier. So, if my most recent scenario was set in June 1923, for example, I might run a scenario set in August next, and just make it August 1923 through one of those two methods.
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  8. This is crazy cool. I've never seen--it's never even crossed my mind!--that players might adopt minor historical figures as their investigators. I think @DevintheGM's got it right. Early on, there'll be some hamming it up--although you'll avoid the curse of players who aren't sure how to embody their investigators or what their personalities should be like. But when the Sundance Kid confronts a Lovecraftian horror against which he's clearly overmatched... well, in some ways, isn't that even scarier?
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  10. Totally valid. I just don't have personal experience with it so wanted to make sure I wasn't wandering too far afield--on your insight, I've now included it above. Also added in the Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5th edition. Thanks for flagging it!
  11. *pant, pant* Okay, edits are made! I also did some slight rearranging. The Laundry is right on the bubble for me, since it's not technically a Cthulhu RPG, but rather an RPG based on a book series with clear Mythos elements. The fact that it's currently unavailable and being revamped tipped the scales so that I'm not going to include it. Since the 2d20 Achtung! Cthulhu implementation is in beta and not in wide release yet, I'm going to leave that off for the time being, too. Nemesis is a tough one, because while it contains some Cthulhu Mythos elements and Lovecraftian influence, it looks like it's designed to be more of a general horror RPG, with several horror influences. I'd like to keep this list focused on Cthulhu roleplaying--I'm a big fan of Dread as a horror RPG, for instance, but haven't included it because I don't think it belongs here. I'm going to leave Nemesis off, too, unless someone who's played it argues that its central conceit is in fact Lovecraftian.
  12. Thanks, @measuredrums! Not sure how I overlooked Dreamlands. I appreciate you putting it in a matching format I could easily drop into the main post! I'm still working on compiling the others and should have a batch edit ready to go in soon--possibly later tonight, most likely in the next day or two. @andyl, I can't find any info on World of Cthulhu. Do you have a link/resource I could reference?
  13. I've updated the Dark Streets link--thanks for flagging, @rsanford. I'll try to look into the others and get them added, described, and categorized within the next week or so. I'll admit, it's turning into more of an undertaking than I anticipated! I expected there would be a small handful of systems I'd missed that would be notable enough to revise and include. We're already at 19 suggested additions--and it hasn't even been three days since the initial post!
  14. Mansions of Madness immediately comes to mind as one I'd love to see up-converted to 7th edition and re-released.
  15. Thanks, all. I've added in the latest suggestions while also reorganizing the list into a few categories in hopes of keeping things from growing too unwieldy.
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