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  1. I wonder if Greg was inspired by Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. The hoodoos present there could inspire thoughts of earth elementals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goblin_Valley_State_Park
  2. The Gamemaster Screen Pack includes the adventure Cattle Raid. While reviewing it, I had multiple questions related to Orlanthi laws and customs that I don’t understand. I’m looking for some feedback from the community on this. Note: For purposes of this discussion, I am assuming that all parties would be speaking the truth about any of these matters. I want to find out what Orlanthi laws and customs should be. Background: The Varmandi clan hires the PCs to kill two sakkars that have been raiding their cattle. It is clear that the PCs are not members of the Varmandi clan. The PCs are offered 50 Lunars per beast slayed (negotiable up to 100 Lunars); this appears to be the fee for the entire adventuring group. Topic #1: Trespassing Once the cattle are initially recovered, the PCs can determine that they are in Orleving clan territory (though the Varmandi dispute that claim). After the sakkar attack, the PCs must travel further into Orleving clan territory to retrieve 50 cattle and then they are accosted by Deseros (of the Orleving clan). This is interesting since the PCs and the Varmandi have clearly trespassed onto Orleving territory. Deseros initially insists on the PCs leaving all of the cattle, but will settle for 50% (variable based on Bargaining rolls). While that cost seems high, some form of payment does seem in order. Topic #2: The Mission The PCs were contracted specifically to kill the two sakkars; no mention is made of protecting the cattle from other threats. Perhaps this is assumed. If the PCs allowed Deseros (of the Orleving clan) to have any of the cattle, the PCs could be on the hook for that cost when they return to Oakton. The normal cost of cattle is 20 Lunars for a cow and 30 Lunars for a bull; since these are a sacred herd, the PCs could be on the hook for much more (perhaps 2-5 times the value of normal cattle). This seems patently unfair to the PCs who could lose many multiples of their contracted fee for something that they weren’t hired to do. Topic #3: Blood Feud The best option for the PCs seems for them to hold their ground, gather the cattle herd, and retreat back to Varmandi territory. In fact, this would seem to work except that Heortartl (of the Varmandi) loses his cool and insults the Orleving, who then attack the PCs and the Varmandi. Afterwards, the Orleving send an emissary insisting that the PCs provide compensation for their casualties. Since the Varmandi have trespassed onto Orleving territory and provoked a fight (even if the Orleving actually started the fight), their claim to compensation has merit. Given the clan nature of Orlanthi society, it seems odd to me that they would seek compensation from the PCs. I expect that the Orleving would seek compensation from another clan and not from individuals (i.e., the PCs). But which clan is appropriate? The mission is on behalf of the Varmandi clan; therefore, it seems much more reasonable for the Orleving to want justice from the Varmandi. The Orleving demand 500 Lunars per clansman killed (1000 Lunars for Deseros) and one-half of that number for the wounded. What does Orlanthi Law and Custom have to say about these three topics? Topic #1 (Trespassing): What is an appropriate payment for trespassing onto Orleving clan territory with 50 grazing cattle? Topic #2 (Mission): Are the PCs responsible for the general safety of the herd (as opposed to the simple mission of slaying the sakkar)? Shouldn’t Varmandi clan members be more responsible for the loss since the Varmandi were grazing in disputed lands? Topic #3 (Blood Feud): Who should the Orleving hold responsible for casualties (the PCs, the PCs clan, the Varmandi clan, or some combination)? Is the amount of money for killed tribesmen reasonable? Is the amount for wounded tribesmen reasonable? What constitutes a wound for purposes of payout (e.g,. any hit point damage)?
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