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  1. Still playing around with this idea. I'm trying to piece together enough lore from the materials I have to see if the Eurmali could actually make the party enter the heroquest without them realizing they ARE in a quest. PS. Phone spell check recognizes heortling as a word now.
  2. You are all awful enablers. Thank you.
  3. Could, for example, an Eurmal trickster fool a party into a heroquest for his own absurd purposes, without them realizing it until it's too late?
  4. Today, the uroxi was taken down by a tusk rider. First thing in the action sequence. One horrible critical tusk gore. He didn't die, but the faces of the rest of the players as they saw the strongest fighter impaled on the ugly end of a boar and dragged for a few rounds was priceless. Gods damn it I love this game.
  5. As an illustrator for RPGs, I am glad I've not had the honor of illustrating for RQ, after reading this thread. Wakboth forbid the curvature of a stressed spear in one of my pieces is wrong.
  6. Ochoa

    HP in RQG

    Is exactly how I would handle it.
  7. Reading Arcane Lore, and it says Arkat got the XYZ by initiating into a Humakt cult. Whether placeholder, typo or actual designation, I am intrigued. Any of the august sages (or barbarians) present care to Enlighten me?
  8. Now to integrate this with the updated Warhamster rules surely included in the upcoming RGG!
  9. Ochoa

    Old Wind Temple

    I am torn about the big map. I love looking at it but it is very hard to use at the table as a reference.
  10. Ochoa

    Old Wind Temple

    Yes I found a lot of great setting material in that and Storm Tribe. The maps on this one though, so so useful and good! I may end forced to redraw them for table use but finally, all the detail I need. I am so glad you folks are here.
  11. Ochoa

    Old Wind Temple

    One purchase and download later and wow. How had i not seen this book when I bought old materials. I like this version of Old Top better I guess a huge plus of RQ for me Is the inextinguishable well of lore for me to read and enjoy!
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