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    I've been gaming since 1982, just discovered Glorantha. I also illustrate for RPGS
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  1. Almost there! Game's tomorrow and I may be rushing things a bit.
  2. Getting these Lunar dogs ready for the eventual return to in-person gaming
  3. Getting these Lunar dogs ready for the eventual return to in-person gaming
  4. What sort of blessings does the Rainbow Dragon bestow on the PCs who sacrificed power/touched the orb?
  5. New printer, testing to see if I can get it to do what I want.
  6. Argrath was Durulz.

  7. "(see the heroquest rules in the RuneQuest Gamemaster Sourcebook)" AAAARGH!
  8. DTRPG has a decent profit sharing mechanism that some of my clients have used to send me proceeds.
  9. Season one is over, and everyone is happy. Proper report to come.
  10. It definitely went well. Small crowd but quite interested. Many inquiries about a Spanish edition!
  11. Last year for my first talk I spoke with the host about how RPGs had evolved during my lifetime, the plethora of different systems for different types of play availible now, and how a little work should be put into researching systems other than DnD . I'm thinking about calling this years' talk something along the lines of "This isn`t your generic Forgotten Middle Realms".
  12. at out only comics/games con this Monday. I'm planning on talking about RQG, of course. Apart from the obvious, what would you folks throw into the mix?
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