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  1. Oh this is so good. Thank you!
  2. http://www.jane-williams.me.uk/glorantha/stories/index.cfm Just 2 stories in and so amazing! Thank you! I also need to get to work. Just one more read.
  3. And so begins my hacking the timeline to adapt to my players' progress. Right now they're three weeks game time from the battle (and already at Humakt's hill which is convenient). They know there will be a battle and can`t wait to join up. I guess I'll make this just a battle and not the BotQ, perhaps I'll just move the timeline up a year.
  4. What is the best source for details on the Battle of the Queens, apart from the Glorantha Sourcebook?
  5. Thank you! My friend went there earlier today. Didn`t tell me what he got
  6. Loose question. What shop in Berlin would you folks recommend for RQ books, current and old editions?
  7. Yinkin's emissaries approve the latest acquisition.
  8. Next game won't be till the end of September so I'm preparing for Apple Lane.
  9. #NoEnvy, especially since I've missed Maiden both times they've come to Colombia.
  10. I'm going to use Cradle of Heroes for this, in fact!
  11. A surprise. Basically a summoned awfulness, either chaotic or lunar in nature, who will bolster the baddies in their dawn assault. I haven't defined his powers yet but thinking (since I printed out a smaller version before doing the properly scaled one) that he'll start out human-sized and rush the barricades, getting killed quickly, and a turn after that will burble and rise as the big version.
  12. Ochoa


    Exactly, g33k, this is what i'm aiming for!
  13. Also, no expertise at all! I got this cheap little printer on a whim about a year ago, mucked around with it a bit and put it in storage, and not till RQG came into my life did I feel the need to push it to acceptable mini quality!
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