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  1. Actually traits, modifiers, and events could be utilized to replicate magic fairly easily. The core system of populations, religion, trade, warfare, and characters would make an excellent base. Magic would basically modify stats in most cases and when it was used for specific purposes events could trigger off of it as well as more regular events having more options if you have powerful casters around.
  2. DerKrieger

    Mythras Bundle!

    @Bill the barbarian I can also vouch for Bundle, they are very reliable and I've used then for Pendragon and a Coriolis/Tales from the Loop Bundle as well as a couple of indie and OSR bundles. Ive yet to see better deals on TTRPGs than Bundle of Holding but you just have to wait until they have a bundle you want. I'm more so just sitting here with my RuneQuest game on hiatus wondering...do I really need both bundles?
  3. DerKrieger

    Mythras Bundle!

    So i see both of the Mythras bundles up and they are quite tempting. I am enjoying the new RuneQuest and like the core mechanics though there are things Ive considered changing so I'm wondering if picking up Mythras would be a good deal for more historical campaigns and just to see the differences in what are similar core mechanics.
  4. Understandable, I just thought there may be a rough idea out since it was stated that some may be available at GenCon. Just keep at doing what you all are doing as the books thus far look amazing!
  5. Mind giving us the jist of the main mechanic behind the system?
  6. Do we have a rough idea of a release time? Not an exact date but could we reasonably expect a full print the end of this year or is sometime 2020 more likely?
  7. They did remove the ability to choose the number of craftsmen BUT there are a few extra scenes and new art plus it is optimized to work with modern OS's without an issue including a slightly updated interface (mostly scaling, could be better). There are also community patches to try and improve running the original game on modern machines but those tend to be Windows focused so I dont know your luck there. I'd keep the disk because it's awesome but for the price I'd say pick the game up again as you'll certainly get your money's worth,
  8. If you buy the updated version on Steam it will work with modern Macs.
  9. Pendragon in Ancient Japan works a little too well for me. If we get Sengoku era Pendragon then we are covering one of my favorite periods of history (the other being the Great Heathen Army invading the British Isles).
  10. Everyone has already broken things down fairly well so I'll just throw my voice in and agree with some others here that the Dual Wielding house rules presented here are not only more work but they aren't any more realistic than what is presented in the book and may be arguably less so. The V2 that was posted is closer to something I would consider using as it simplifies things greatly while also dropping the emphasis on learning a skill unlearning another one. Don't get me wrong learning something new can screw with your ability to do what you are used to doing but if anything I would only add a temporary penalty during early practices as it sets an odd habit in your head, like a -10% malus when trying to revert to using your normal hand to attack right after training in the off-hand. (And I mean literally right after training otherwise your regular muscle memory will supersede your overthinking things from training). I would only consider enacting such a penalty for the first 20-30% or so in the offhand after which it has become so common that your brain is used to switching between either hand though one is likely more practiced than the other still.
  11. My very first session was run before the Adventure book and GM screenkit were out so I had to come up with everything myself but I used my knowledge from the King of Dragon Pass games and thought a cattle raid sounded fun, but the players were the raiders! The group for whatever reason thought moving in on the cattle at midnight was the best plan with almost no moonlight, even after I mentioned the serious penalties involved. They greatly outnumbered the defenders but hoping to avoid a fight one player crawled up close to be an immediate armed threat to dissuade the sleeping watchers from acting while the group herded the cattle away. Well things went as they usually do when players get involved and half of the herd was sent running in separate directions while the other half was being lead away by the players. Some of the players decided to help push the cattle along a certain path by standing up tall and banging on their shields which worked. The Lhankhor Mhy Initiate on the other hand decided to jump in front of the cattle and scare them back towards the path....at night...in near total darkness. They failed their dodge check and disappeared on their herd's many hooves with the player's asking, "Did they die?" to which I simply responded "You don't know". The group gained a healthy respect for how lethal the system can be and the Lhankhor Mhy player almost gained a Fear of Cows.
  12. Campaign has been going since late September and we have run 8 full sessions as well as an online only mini-session set during the celebrations of Sacred Time (no Heroquesting or anything just letting them enjoy the celebrations and get to know their clan better. 2 players competed for the affections of one NPC to the group's amusement). However I have had a few players drop and now have it on a mini-hiatus this month while we try and bring in some new blood and finish up the story we started.
  13. Hasn't the book essentially doubled in size since then?
  14. Does it really get detailed on different regions and their cultures? I heard it was great for reading about the areas but that it didnt go very detailed on the people themselves more so the locals. If so I'm even more interest than I was before but I would certainly like to see an easier entry point to the people's around Dragon Pass.
  15. I posted this in another thread but its very fitting here. I chose racial/cultural supplements and while I would love some that focus on additional mechanics I just really want great references that I can show players to help them understand what makes each culture unique, what to expect from each. I can point to different cultures/nations/kingdoms/clans in almost every other RPG we play even in settings I have made up and can easily explain the differences between groups. While I try in RuneQuest (and semi-succeed) I still run into instances where my players ask me about whether or not something would makes sense for their clan or if thats a common mindset for their people. This isn't to stop them from playing how they want but they like to know where the standard is when they deviate and I would love that as well. Also I'm just a sucker for more Bronze Age cultural art, bury me in it!
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