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  1. None of the languages have enough info to really require a page separate from the list. I could see each Language group getting a dedicated page that goes more into the history and detail, such as utilizing the language family trees that show where and when they branched. Also had no idea Tarshite was also known as Hillspeech, by which name do the Tarshites usually call it? I can edit it to show only one of them but I want to use the proper name.
  2. It seems to be missing the different Theyalan dialects though. For example Esrolian vs Heortling. Edit: It was bothering me so I added Heortling, Esrolian, and Tarshite.
  3. Imminent you say? Excited to see what kind of content we have out at launch and dabbling with ideas of short projects to add up there just to add to the community but I never commit to anything long enough to actually make something worth a damn.
  4. Interesting, in that case it seems like giving access to spells can also make for great story moments when appropriate without worrying about handing the players too much too quickly.
  5. I think having certain main events be essentially unavoidable with alterations depending on what triggers them (Sartarite rebellion essentially guaranteed though who wins and what each sides strength is would depend on the PCs and whose side they are on) and then loading the book up with history, factions, and events from the de-facto timeline as well as tips on how to alter them would be more than enough. People break things all the time and I know for a fact some people ran Pendragon campaign's where the players were not only loyal knights of the round table but important lord's as well, some having taken power after certain events throw Logres into chaos. As long as the campaign gives us information about the de facto timeline as well as information about what fuels the events it makes it easier to understand them and how to change them based on your group's personal playthrough. Like oh we were supposed to be fighting this battle to invade the Lunar heartlands but since my players defeated the rebellion and join the Lunars instead we are going to invade Esrolia to add it to the Empire. Give us the main events and details about the world and main players at each point and we can easily make our own changes from there where necessary. If you know an important NPC's child is meant to rise to power after their death but the player's kill that NPC early welp time for a child with a hunger for revenge to bide their time as a regnant holds power in the meantime.
  6. @Bill the barbarian Honestly go with GoG to pick it up on Mac. You make a real simple account. can pay with a separate service you already use and you just download the files to install the game without the need for another launcher or digital store installed. I do find it a little ironic though that this game that sat exclusively in Apple's App store for near a year and a half wasn't released for Mac's in Apple's own store.
  7. Mirza this is exactly the level of unnecessary research that I adore. Did I need to know how bronze age branding worked? No Did I want to know how bronze age branding worked? Absolutely, and boy did you deliver. Pattern Branding!
  8. I really like the website, though still learning the ins and outs of character editing, but I've noticed that recently it does not work with Google Logins.
  9. So RAW is that you have 3 RP to start and thus can known spells equally a total of 3 RP meaning one 2 RP spell and one 1 RP spell or three 1 RP spells. Variable spells being variable you can take as 1 but cast up to whatever youre willing to spend as you would with Spirit Magic. Are we now saying you can actually just take 3 Rune Spells to start with regardless of cost?
  10. Undervalued as the mobile port may be it isn't exactly fair to tell some of your customers to pay more for no reason other than because you think they will. It isn't a regional issue either but simply because they believe PC users will spend more on a game than mobile users will so hey why not charge more. I waited an extra year and a half to get the game and now I finally can for the privilege of twice the price for waiting. Not with any additional content mind you, merely an increase in price. Also it appears as $19.99 for me on GoG, might be regional pricing for you then? Would depend on your local currency I'd think.
  11. I'm excited to get a chance to play it but why is the Windows version $20 when the iOS version is $10?
  12. Agreed, adding a general name for each culture could go a long way towards playing character from different cultures as these numbers already do. Obviously characters from Dara Happan are going to have very different views on the Unfree/Slaves in general than someone from Hendriki.
  13. Only further emphasizing my desire for those visual history books for children to cover Gloranthan cultures. I want to see Orlanthi homes, Orlanthi fashion, Lunar Weapons and architecture. Give me a stupid amount of material to draw from as I have enough words to last me decades but so many teases in artwork that never go into more depth.
  14. Actually traits, modifiers, and events could be utilized to replicate magic fairly easily. The core system of populations, religion, trade, warfare, and characters would make an excellent base. Magic would basically modify stats in most cases and when it was used for specific purposes events could trigger off of it as well as more regular events having more options if you have powerful casters around.
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