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  1. And you consider that all "Broadsword" modifiers affect left hand weapons as well?
  2. Hm. Guess I missed that somehow. I guess that means if you want to increase it at character creation you're wasting quite a few points before they even start increasing the skill.
  3. I'm very certain you start at a 5% base, not half your right hand skill. Lefthanded 1h sword is a completely separate skill from right handed 1h sword. As @PhilHibbs said, put points into it at character creation if you want to dual wield decently well (or use Sword Trance to get 100% in it anyways).
  4. Definitely do not add the 1D6 from learning a new spell. That is for learning new sorcery spells after character creation, as @jps just said. You don't add a base 1D6-1 to your initial alchemy or navigation skill just because you would've started with that when initially trained. The starting percentages from homeland/profession/cult in adventurer creation are what you get.
  5. Honestly seemed like he posted that as an afterthought to counter all the arguments before it. It makes sense, but it really should be in the description, especially since the bestiary (with Arrow Trance) came after the core book.
  6. I'll fight anyone for it. I may or may not have season-long Sword Trance precast.
  7. Then again, couldn't any Shaman go find a CA healing spirit and steal the spell from it? And then he could teach it to whoever he wants. Or you could torture a CA priestess and force her to teach you the spell (if you were so inclined).
  8. Like it or not, you're welcome to house rule it as "Arrow Trance", but RAW, it isn't. I definitely wouldn't blame any GMs if they chose to house rule it though.
  9. The difference is the spell alters the adventurer, not the weapon, and boosts the Sword skill - ie. any and all sword skills. For 1 guease, having no shield, and an amazing chance to parry, +sword HP is the best gift to get imo.
  10. You start an adventurer with an automatic 3 Rune Points. You sacrifice for 2 more and cast Sword Trance (1) with Extension 4 (lasts a full season), and pump it with as much mp as you can (let's say 10mp for +100% with any sword). Dual wielding swords, which grants you 2 attacks per round, means you survive by parrying with one of your swords. So you take the +50% sword HP for one (or both) of your swords for an awesome 18 damage block at 200ish% chance of success. At 200%, you could effectively block 6 attacks before your Parry chance drops to 100%. Also, make sure you cast a countermagic or a cheap protective spell everytime you go into battle so Sword Trance doesn't get dispelled first, and you should be fairly safe from dispels.
  11. If your CHA isn't *only* physical appearance, what happens to it if you possess another person's body (Aka Shaman gift, or any other way)? Do you retain your charisma in the new body, do you now have their charisma, or a sort of merger of both? I'm assuming you keep yours, or you could lose spirit spells, but then could you still have 18 CHA as an ugly trolkin?
  12. Your Humakti sacrifices 2 extra POW to have a season-long Sword Trance right at the start. Take the increased sword HP gift and you Parry at 200+% with an 18hp sword. Give your second weapon skill to left-handed sword, and you have probably close to (or over) 200% to hit with 2 attacks per turn (and you can still Parry normally). Any melee opponent will die very quickly to this brand new adventurer.
  13. gochie

    Vishi Dunn

    Not sure giving spirits to a starting adventurer is kosher... But we sure house-ruled it in RQ3!
  14. Not gonna lie, Sword Trance is more OP than shield imo.
  15. gochie

    Becoming a god

    Something I haven't thought of... You could turn an allied spirit into a spirit cult?
  16. gochie

    Becoming a god

    Yeah I think you guys are right... It definitely seems like heroquesting would be a requirement for godship. Even if it's not full "godship" and more just being able to accept POW from people. Perhaps true godship would be divided in multiple hero quests, where one would grant immortality, one would enable you to transfer POW, one would let you own/create rune magic, etc.
  17. I didn't know the rules that well back then lol.
  18. Honestly in RQ3 we had so little opportunities to raise our POW, and our GM loved throwing spirits and whatever resistance rolls at us, that we very rarely used Divine Magic. We also had maybe 2 or 3 spirit magic points and that we used mostly for heals and light. Magic was mostly used by enemies and NPCs.
  19. We use rules to boost our rolls of course, like we reroll 1s, and one switch for stats that have the same dice (Aka switch STR with CHA).
  20. gochie

    Becoming a god

    But why not? If spirits can becomes "gods", what's so different about people? Why can a Shaman start a spirit cult, where regular initiates can sacrifice POW to a spirit, but there is no way to start a cult for living beings? You can attune to objects, and you can "share" your POW to create enchantments that someone else cast... But you don't have enough control over your POW to give it to someone? Doesn't seem logical to me. How did Nyssalor or any other living god get worshipped when they were alive?
  21. Here's a good question, and I'm not sure rules exist for this... Are there mechanics that enable a player to become a "god". By that I mean some sort of demi-God that has minions sacrifice POW to him/her. It happened to one of my characters many years ago, when my earth elementalist (mage) convinced a group of little goblin creatures to sacrifice POW to him. Let's just say he was suddenly pretty strong at 30-something POW. If such mechanics don't exist, I would love to hear what you guys think a house rule would look like... Is he restricted to 21 POW (as a human) or can he get in the 100s or 1000s? Would he be able to offer spells, or perhaps only protection? Would the player be exiled from his existing cult(s) when he becomes a "god"? So many interesting possibilities...
  22. Honestly, I had a discussion about this with my GM (who happens to be my dad, lol). We were reviewing RQG rules and comparing them to our RQ3 ones (with many house rules). One of the RQG cults he didn't particularly like is Black Fang, with only 3 special spells and very limited common spells, and a pretty boring backstory (so far), he doesn't seem like a good pick for anyone. I argued that if you add stuff that is only accessible to initiates of the cult, like unique poisons, special tools (poison-proof "gas mask", climbing claws?, etc.) and skills (garrotte?), it could make the cult much for interesting and useful, even if it was weak in the spells department. I don't know that he's convinced, but we're also waiting for the full cult description to come out in GOG before making any permanent changes.
  23. Depends on your rolled stats... My Orlanthi/Humakti with 18 STR, CON, and SIZ, and 16 DEX is special for sure 😊.
  24. If someone has Fireblade on an iron sword, do they deal 2x the fireblade damage to a troll or elf?
  25. I always draw my characters too, but that area is preeeetty small for a drawing (in my opinion), and the block tracker for armour details would be pretty cluttered with HP and AP slapped on top. I could add a 3rd page with the appropriate border and a large "Background section" and half a page for a drawing though...
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