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  1. https://www.facebook.com/rmeints/videos/1157251844784671
  2. A reply on the recent discussion thread on fb about starter set unboxing.
  3. It is a quote from Rick Meints, I think he is an important person here.
  4. I think I have read on fb that Starter set will come out with some VTT integration ... I hope so.
  5. In particular playing KoDP you have a very strong Elmal Cult, then reading the new books you see that Elmal is, at best, of irrelevant importance, if ever existed as a standalone God. Is this only due to the different time perod or KoDB is strongly based on "now non canon" sources? Are there other big differencies? Thanks
  6. Reading various sources I tought ducks were brave amd successfull respected warriors, then I found in RQ:G Bestiary: "Most ducks have a special Passion of Cowardly 60%, which acts in a similar fashion to Honor but enforces craven behavior." How this is possible? Are ducks cowards or fierce warriors? Thanks
  7. After one and a half years of study I'm starting my RQ:G campaign. I was thinking to create the PC with the players ... but then I discovered RQ Starter Set is coming out. I think it will be better to use one of the pregenerated characters, to avoid to overwhelm the players with the complexity of the (beautiful) character creation process. When will it be published approximately? Will it have a pdf version too? Thanks.
  8. I often asked myself a thing that like most other in Gloranta, is for me very fascinating and confusing. What is the connection (that seems very "dynamic" depending the time) betweek the poor Elmal loyal thane horse's and Yelmalio. Now they seem to be the same thing and the cult of Elmal has almost disappeared as "Elmal" and survivies only under Yelmalio. But I am among these who discovered Glorantha through KoDP, and betweeen early sartarites it appeared to be an important deity. I wondered very much to discovered it was wiped away. Now I see that the KoDP repreentation is considered a little "out of canon" ... where is the truth? (I understand that is a totally absurd question ... ) Thanks
  9. Reading RQG I have not well understood how many adults are Initiates or only lay members to gods, it seems that almost everyone is Initiate to some God ..how much Lay members between adults, especially in Dragon Pass Area? Thank you.
  10. Yes, now that I looked to the Guide I have seen there are a lot of deities using runes non existing in RQG ...
  11. The fact is that runes does not seem a game mechanics element but an essential Glorantha world element, like to say that Orlanth exists only in RQG and not in HQG.
  12. One is trade, movement, trade, the other is harmony, movement. And trade rune is missing from RQG, as some other do. And perhaps there are more "glorantha" differences between the two systems, apart the game system. And this make me ask another question: are the Glorantha depicted by RQG and the Glorantha depicted by HQG really the same? Thanks
  13. Why Discord and not Zoom to chat (or vice versa) ? Discord to write and zoom to talk? Thanks.
  14. I'd like to use some virtual tabletop to starting play RQ:G. What do you use? RollD20? Are there around some resources? I have seen there is a very good character set for RQ:G but I can't find it. Sorry but I'm newbie to RollD20 (and to RQ:G too, being expert on Glorantha will be much more difficult I thnk) Thank you very much.
  15. Beorne

    What is canon?

    I have not well understood this. Writing them in HQG to use them in RQG?
  16. Beorne

    What is canon?

    I think that when I feel ready I'll use standard RQG setting, Dragon Pass. I have read HQG, RQG and I'm approaching the wonderful Glorantha Sourcebook, RQ monster and RQ GM pack. I'll stick to the RQ system, but I liked much the HQ material I have read.
  17. Beorne

    What is canon?

    Che reason I asked what is canon was only to narrow the huge amount of published materials to study/obtain. It is obvious that YGWV and that any real campaign not run by Jeff is "not canon".
  18. I'm newbie to Glorantha, having only about one and a half year of occasional study of this wonderful world. I have a question arised since the start of Runequest Glorantha reading. In RQG you can play a Sartarite, a Tarshite, a Lunar, a Praxian etc, different cultures in and around Dragon Pass and Prax. But players from Hendrikland / Heortland have been left out. They are culturally very similar to Sartarite, and are dwelling between Sartar and Prax. In what they differ from Sartarite culture? And why they have been left out? Thanks
  19. Is one year since I started to study Glorantha. There is so much material, even from older RQ editions. I have seen somewhere that some RQ3 materiale is "not canon". Glorantha is so huge that I'd like to stick to canon material. I'm curious to know what is considered canon and what not, Thanks.
  20. I can foresee the great quality of the Glorantha world from the quality of the Glorantha forum contributors.
  21. To tell you the truth I never played narrative based RPG like RQ, and it is possible I like them, I don't know. When I quitted gaming they were at the very start. Maybe it will be a pleasant discovery.
  22. Yes but now I'm more interested in the world from a literary / scholar point of view, I don't know if I will ever be able to set up a table, but I love well detailed, realistic and original fantasy worlds.
  23. Are you trying to scare me? ;)
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