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  1. As I understand it (please check the Jonstown Compendium forum for the details), you are free to reference any existing Chaosium runequest canon material, including character names etc. Art is automatically the copywrite of the creator, but so long as you aren't simply copying someone else's art, YGMV. I assume that means you can create you own maps referencing chaosium places, characters etc. and sell them on Drivethrurpg under the Johnstown Compendium arrangement...
  2. Thanks for responding anyway. That's a shame, they're really nice maps I'm not familiar with "illwinds creator" though and google doesn't reveal anything... what is that?
  3. Hi Smokebadger, have you managed to create Roll20 maps for any of the other Apple Lane locations (or even Apple Lane as a whole)?
  4. I'd be open to writing scenarios, writing articles, editing, proofreading, cartography/location maps, npc/monster creation, mechanics creation, magic item creation, general critique, playtesting.
  5. Tricky it might be, but it's easier than going toe to toe with the bat without the cloak
  6. Broyan’s Crimson Cloak of Whispers This pale beige (note that it isn't actually crimson at all) deeply hooded cloak is made from the stitched-together skins of several soulless victims of the Crimson Bat. The hood of the cloak is made from the skin taken from the entire head of a priest of the Crimson Bat. The wearer essentially inserts their head inside the complete skin of the priest, looking out through the spaces in the skin where the priest’s eyes would have been. Cults This section lists the relation of the item (and its possessor) with various cults. · Associated: Lhankor Mhy. The formula for creating this item was originally devised by a somewhat warped member of the Lhankor Mhy priesthood. · Enemy: Cult of the Crimson Bat. · Friendly: None – this item is generally considered disgusting by almost all cults (except possibly Chaos and Darkness cults who appreciate the practicality of it). · Hostile: All lunar cults. Knowledge Automatic, Cult Secret, One of a Kind. History Historians have written many pages on the defeat of the Crimson Bat by King Broyan. What none of them have been able to accurately state is how he actually achieved this near impossible feat. The secret, known only to him and a nameless priest of Lhankor Mhy is in the cloak that he wore on the day of his epic encounter. When Broyan heard that the bat was heading to his city, he despaired and begged the local Lhankor Mhy temple for advice and aid to save his people. The high priest was unable to help and was one of the first to bravely lead his faithful out of the city before the bat arrived. However, one slightly insane priest remained behind. He had been collecting the bodies of victims of the bat, along with every eye witness account that could be found (a tiny number, given the efficiency of the bat), including some from members of the Crimson Bat cult that had fled when it became apparent that they would soon be on the menu themselves. He had noticed that priests of the cult seems to have some immunities to the Bat’s attention and powers and theorized that this could be used as a defensive measure. Broyan offered him anything he wanted if he could create a viable defense against the bat. The priest toiled for 10 days and 10 nights, harvesting what he needed from his own collection and the city around him. He set Broyan the task of obtaining the undamaged body of a priest of the Crimson Bat. History does not say how Broyan obtained such a body, but he did and the cloak was created. Procedure Only the initial stages of the process are generally understood: 1. Catch and skin a priest of the Crimson Bat cult. Ensure that the skin for the entire head is removed in one piece. 2. Skin the bodies of at least 12 humans that have had their souls devoured by the Crimson Bat. 3. Use a combination of non-detection sorcery and spirit magics to suppresse the senses. 4. Bind all of this together with a Divine Intervention to Lhankhor Mhy. There are no doubt a number of other steps and processes but these have not been recorded. Powers The cloak makes the wearer invisible to all the senses of the Crimson Bat but note that this only affects the Crimson Bat itself, not any of its entourage. The wearer is also considered a Rune Priest of the cult when targeted by any of the Bat’s powers or abilities. Unfortunately, the spirit of the priest constantly whispers unpleasant threats in the ear of the wearer (-25% to the user’s Perception and Magic skill checks). As in life, so in death – the spirit of the priest still harvests POW for the bat and the wearer must feed the cloak 2 MPs for every hour that the cloak is worn. Value If you are intending to go up against the Crimson Bat, this item would be priceless. The Lunar Empire is currently offering a 100,000L bounty for anyone who brings them the cloak. Many entrepreneurial types have been executed for delivering fake copies of the cloak. There is even a minor industry of unethical sorcerers creating cloaks of invisibility that match the known appearance of the cloak. These individuals bank on the potential purchaser misunderstanding what the cloak does and often sell their cloaks for 10,000L each.
  7. or a divine mead even
  8. Makes no difference, it's a diving mead. Mechanically, the benefits are strong, so removing the potential penalty would be overpowered.
  9. Hell Boots A pair of roughly stitched but robust thick black leather boots. Cults This section lists the relation of the item (and its possessor) with various cults. · Associated: Lhankhor Mhy, Orlanth. · Friendly: Chalana Arroy, Issaries. · Enemy: Any Troll cult. · Hostile: Any other Darkness related cult, Daka Fal (who doesn't like that they interfere with spirits). Knowledge Automatic, One of a Kind. History Lhankhor Mhy originally made these boots for Orlanth to help him when he returned to Hell to retrieve the Sun. They were badly damaged during the trip and were thrown away on his return. Orlanthi cultists recovered the boots and were able to restore a limited part of their magic. Procedure Powers The wearer of this knee-high pair of boots made from Mistress Race Troll skin gains some protection from creatures of shadow and the spirit world. Darkness Elementals (Shades) will not attack the wearer, even if Commanded to, nor will Shadows. The wearer has a +60% bonus to their Intimidate skill against all Uz, other than members of the Mistress Race. The wearer is Invisible to the Darksense of all non Mistress Race Trolls. Note that this is not an illusion effect, it is the removal of knowledge of the wearer's presence from the Troll's senses. The wearer can see in total Darkness as if it were normal daylight. The boots act as a Spirit Screen (4 pts.) matrix. The boots alter size to fit the wear comfortably but cannot be worn under or over any other clothing. They provide 4 points of armor to the legs of the wearer. The boots are VERY obvious to the Darksense of any Mistress Race Troll and they will go to extreme lengths in an attempt to recover and destroy the boots. The boots can only be damaged or destroyed in Hell. In Hell, they have 20 HP each. Value As artifacts of two gods, probably priceless.
  10. Eurmal’s Golden Mead A small amphora with a wax seal, with a horn cup tied to it with a piece of rope. Cults This section lists the relation of the item (and its possessor) with various cults. · Associated: Eurmal. · Friendly: Chalana Arroy, Issaries, Lhankhor Mhy, Orlanth. Knowledge Automatic, Few. History Eurmal has never been one to refuse a drink and he also appreciates a good story. He also loves the idea of tricking his worshippers into focusing their attention on something for an entire month. Procedure The secret of making this mead is limited to High Priests of Eurmal that also know the Glamour spell. The priest must establish a beehive and raise the bees to be a productive colony. They must personally gather the honey, then ferment it for a month, whilst casting Glamour on the fermenting brew every day. Needless to say, most High Priests of Eurmal can’t be bothered so although not particularly difficult to create, it is relatively rare. Powers This mead is normally found in an amphora with an attached cup. Each cup full is one dose and the amphora contains 1D4 doses. Drinking anything less than an entire dose has no effect, other than tasting pleasant. Anyone that drinks an entire dose of the mead must make a CONx5% check. If the check is successful, they gain the following benefits for 20 minutes: +25% to all Knowledge skill checks and +50% to all Communication skill checks. Every 20 minutes thereafter for the next hour, they must make another CON check, but reducing the multiple by 1% each time (CONx4% after the first 20 minutes, CONx3% after 40 minutes etc.). After an hour, their system has managed to tolerate that particular dose of the mead. If they fail the CON check, they lose the benefits and are then very inebriated for 15 - 1/2 CON hours (-50% to all Communication, Knowledge skills, Manipulation and Weapon skills). The benefits do not stack if more than one dose is drunk but the skill penalties and duration of those penalties do. Value 1,000L.
  11. Asrelia’s Penny Pants. A slightly threadbare pair of trousers, seemingly made from bison skin. The trousers are stained with a variety of substances and have obviously been around a long time. Despite that, the stitching is completely intact. The trousers have one pocket on the right side. This pocket appears to be lined with white silk. Cults This section lists the relation of the item (and its possessor) with various cults. · Associated: Orlanth and Xiola Umbar. Knowledge Automatic, One of a Kind. History Asrelia has a somewhat unfair reputation among the gods and goddesses as a bit of a hoarder. She created these trousers and released them into the world so that there would always be evidence that she shares wealth rather than hoarding it. Procedure Requires a hero-quest. Powers Must be attuned. If the trousers are ever destroyed (10 HP), then the remains vanish and re-appear randomly somewhere in Dragonpass. They provide 2 points of armor for the legs but cannot be worn under or over any other armor. If the pants are worn for 12 uninterrupted hours, the wearer can reach into the pocket, where they discover one perfectly normal Clack coin that they can remove and keep. The pants can only produce one Clack per day, but the wearer can accumulate coins over a period of time. Value 200L.
  12. Hiia’s Scabbard of Persistence. A scabbard made of black leather, bound with silvery-grey thread made from some kind of animal, possibly a wolf. The scabbard automatically changes size and shape to accommodate any one-handed sword. Cults This section lists the relation of the item (and its possessor) with various cults. · Associated: Humakt. · Enemy: The hair bound around the scabbard was taken from the wolf form of a vanquished Telmori. As such, Telmori will generally attack the user of this item on sight if they recognize the hair bound around the scabbard for what it is (difficult Scan skill check). Knowledge Automatic, One of a Kind. History Hajii died to cross the Crossline. Whilst in the spirit world, he encountered what appeared to be an old maid who offered him the scabbard if he swore to protect and champion the helpless. He readily agreed to this and when he found himself back in the world, he also found the scabbard strapped to his side. Procedure Requires a hero-quest. Powers Must be attuned. The wearer of this scabbard does not go into shock or become incapacitated when an extremity (arm or leg) suffers excess damage. They do however lose the normal amount of hitpoints from the attack and may lose the limb or use of the limb as normal, depending on the amount of damage. If their chest, head or abdomen is reduced to 0 then they still collapse as normal, but are otherwise able to continue taking actions as long as their total hit points are greater than 0. Value 5,000L.
  13. Hydra’s Tooth Arrow This longish arrow appears to be made of bone, with black fletching and a glistening tip that seems to be seamlessly merged with the shaft. The tip gives off an acrid stench and every so often, drips a foul fluid to the ground, which sizzles as the fluid hits. Cults This section lists the relation of the item (and its possessor) with various cults. · Associated: The secret of making these arrows is limited to cults that specialize in the use of poisons and acids – Aranea, Bagog, Bodkartu, the Black Fang Brotherhood, Natha etc. Members of these cults are the primary users and/or makers of the item. A member of an associated cult is likely to have heard of an item even if it is fairly obscure. · Enemy: Humakti tend to consider poisons and acids as the weapons of assassins. As such, anyone known to have such an arrow is likely to be an assassin, or someone who deals with assassins and should therefore be killed on sight. · Friendly: Given the likely use and the probably nature of the user, none. · Hostile: All healing cults (e.g. Chalana Arroy) and most warrior cults (e.g. Orlanth and Storm Bull) detest the use of poison unless it is against Chaos. Higher ranking members of Chalana Arroy who are aware of their cult's involvement in the history of the item will go to additional lengths to make sure the proper authorities (e.g. Humakti) are aware of anyone with such an item. Members of hostile cults will have a strong tendency not to like users of the item. Hostility does not indicate that a battle will occur automatically, but the two parties will not get along together. Knowledge Automatic, Cult Secret, Few. History Ironically, the potential of Hydra's teeth was first discovered by a somewhat naive worshipper of Chalana Arroy who was looking for a potential cure for Hydra venom. He was the first to re-activate the tooth of a dead Hydra so that he would have a reliable source of venom to practice with. Unfortunately, his work was discovered and his secret was tortured from him by a Black Fang Brotherhood Rune Lord. It didn't take long for the cult to see the potential uses for such a weapon. The only challenge they face is the shortage of accessible Hydra and people willing to die to get the necessary raw materials. Procedure First, find a Hydra’s tooth. Them prepare or procure a POT 13 systemic poison and a POT 6 acid. Mix the poison and acid with the tooth, cast Heal 6, then clean the arrowhead and attach it to a bone shaft and cast Repair 2. Finally, request a successful Divine Intervention to imbue the arrowhead with some of the hydra’s original life force and to merge the arrowhead and shaft together. Powers The tip of this arrow is made from a hydra’s tooth. The arrow has 15HP and is constantly dripping hydra venom from its tip. The venom is both a 13 POT systemic poison and a 6 POT acid. On a hit, the tooth does 1D6 normal damage, then the acid permanently damages the target’s armor. If this is sufficient to penetrate the armor, then any remaining POT from the acid is immediately applied as damage to the underlying location. The systemic poison is then introduced, taking effect 1 melee round later. Venom that has left the arrowhead loses its potency after 1 minute. Anyone can use this arrow; however use is not without risk. The user must take great care how they handle the arrow because of the constant dripping and must make a DEXx3% check every time they draw the arrow, are subjected to rough movement or move faster than half their normal move allowance in one round. If they fail this check, then one random locations has had venom fall on it (resolve as per above). Some of this risk can be mitigated if the user is able to seal the arrowhead in a container that can survive the acid. If the arrow is ever broken, or the arrowhead is removed from the arrow, the tooth and the arrow permanently lose all magical power. Value This item would never be sold on the open market as it has limited uses in most people’s eyes. However, on the black market and to the right buyer, it could be worth up to 10,000L.
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