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  1. That might be what you want from your game, but it isn't all I want from mine, anymore than I want that from any other art form. Films, books TV that are pure escapist entertainment have no appeal for me. So when gaming I am aware that 1930s America is a place where society works in ways that I find problematic. I am aware that the existential dread that HPL invokes was inspired for him in part by fear of what he perceived to be aliens that would destroy his world. The fact that existential dread is a common experience gives us something interesting to game around, even if our individual sources of that dread vary. I think it is part of discussing a game based in a racist misogynist time and place inspired by the writings of a racist and misogynist that we discuss how that may or may not impact on any particular game.
  2. One of the reasons I'm considering HQ, is because the hero plane is not the physical world and to my mind if a hero quest is the full journey to the god time type then the characters are some sort of amalgam of their real word self and the role they are playing in the myth. Which means the players should be able to some (or maybe all) the things a god or hero can, which rather breaks the whole real world modelling of the RQ rule set.
  3. I'm contemplating switching to HQ for running an hero quest in my RQ:G campaign. Has anyone else done this? Am I insane? Will I drive my players insane? Will they hate me? Any tips for converting RQ chars to HQ?
  4. In the god time there was no time and a myriad of sources say that all the events of the god time are all happening at once. So can one get creative with apparent paradoxes? Take for example the myth of Orlanth wooing Ernalda. I imagine that the versions told by Orlanthi and Ernalda priests and would be as different as the versions recounted by Danny Zuco and Sandy Olsson of a summer of love ( a walla walla). What I'm interested in though is creating an Uleerian version of that myth in which Uleeria is instigator and helps to keep the burgeoning romance alive in the face of interference of an as yet undecided god (possibly Eurmal, because lols). The paradox being I'm thinking of using the children of Orlanth and Ernalda as Uleeria's tools in helping Orlanth accomplish the necessary tasks thereby ensuring their birth. Sticking to the principle of if you want to make something feel more Gloranthan make it more fantastical.
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