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  1. I went with black dice for the narrator dice. The dice of Doooom. Of course one player got out their own black dice to roll alongside.
  2. There is a unofficial group to match the unoffical RQ and Glorantha groups. Tumbleweeds seem to be the most active of its 8 members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1490813331213101/ I find no evidence of an official page to match the RQ:G page.
  3. Well I tried my idea of the players rolling the "difficulty" dice and it did make a difference. It gave me more space to focus on the fiction. And it did feel more collaborative and less combative. I also used yes but on marginals which did work better and just to have them roll less, habits are hard to break. Which was all good because having been presented the challenge of dealing with a new criminal gang muscling in on an existing gang's turf our heroic watch men hatched a plan that only be described as a fist full of dollars meets the Bolshevik revolution. I am sure that one player ai
  4. That might be good at the end of an extended contest, I'll consider it when I run one.
  5. That feels even worse. RAW marginal is victory or failure with no consequences beyond the success failure, which is a bit dull I grant you given that is the vast majority of results, unless you and Ian are suggesting that the result of marginal is always "yes but" so always a success with a complication but not a mechanical boost and disregarding marginal failures. I quite like that. It solves the problem of high rolls and low rolls. differentiating between the two.
  6. I'm thinking I'll stop using the phrase marginal and go with victory, because that is a win with no other consequences and change minor to significant victory. I like the idea of the renaming the fumble and critical too, I might borrow triumph and disaster from SWRPG, crit and fumble are too tied to "traditional" RPGs I think.
  7. I ran my first session of HQ last night and it went OK. Our RQ was curtailed so I pulled out HQ char sheets and rolled a random encounter and riffed an adventure from there. HQ works as well as I hoped for improvisation. A couple of things appeared in play that felt odd. First rolling the narrator's dice felt like I was representing the obstacle rather than narrating the result, I thought I might get the players roll the narrator dice, which turns it into a FF star wars/genesys type pool, or puddle in this case. The obvious problem with this is no "pretend' contest but I don't feel I'll m
  8. I've not done it yet. The campaign has moved slightly more slowly towards the planned hero quest than I anticipated. I'm actually thinking of swapping the whole thing to HeroQuest , partly because of the players propensity to go off at tangents, it appears easier to wing things under HQ. I'm going to run a none Gloranthan HQ one shot first to try the system out in actual play.
  9. If Redditors are anything to go by then you will want to run Heroquest and play Runequest. I think I may be typical after all.
  10. Valnar

    Wyter Questions

    I love Wyters. They are so fabulously Gloranthan. They make absolute sense at first glance but the more you try to understand their true nature the more slippery they become. They are the mystic spiritual embodiment (hmm that's not the right word for a spirit is it?) of a community bond that only makes sense in a world driven by magic. They are fed and feed; are maintained by and maintain; a community but only respond to the requests of an individual on behalf of that community. It is clear from reading the recent RQ:G and source book that they are necessary for a community but it isn't clear
  11. I'm also struggling to see how an ability becomes obsolete. In a supers game a secret identity once revealed might no longer be secret but the identity remains and how would such an event be treated in the sort of stories you are telling about supers? The player and narrator may need to have a chat about the sorts of things that the identity can do now. How did Matt Murdoch use his true identity to attack the Kingpin once it was discovered? But remember Tools, Not Rules. If you and your player feel an ability has become obsolete and it is not enabling you to tell the stories you want to t
  12. That might be what you want from your game, but it isn't all I want from mine, anymore than I want that from any other art form. Films, books TV that are pure escapist entertainment have no appeal for me. So when gaming I am aware that 1930s America is a place where society works in ways that I find problematic. I am aware that the existential dread that HPL invokes was inspired for him in part by fear of what he perceived to be aliens that would destroy his world. The fact that existential dread is a common experience gives us something interesting to game around, even if our individual sourc
  13. One of the reasons I'm considering HQ, is because the hero plane is not the physical world and to my mind if a hero quest is the full journey to the god time type then the characters are some sort of amalgam of their real word self and the role they are playing in the myth. Which means the players should be able to some (or maybe all) the things a god or hero can, which rather breaks the whole real world modelling of the RQ rule set.
  14. I'm contemplating switching to HQ for running an hero quest in my RQ:G campaign. Has anyone else done this? Am I insane? Will I drive my players insane? Will they hate me? Any tips for converting RQ chars to HQ?
  15. In the god time there was no time and a myriad of sources say that all the events of the god time are all happening at once. So can one get creative with apparent paradoxes? Take for example the myth of Orlanth wooing Ernalda. I imagine that the versions told by Orlanthi and Ernalda priests and would be as different as the versions recounted by Danny Zuco and Sandy Olsson of a summer of love ( a walla walla). What I'm interested in though is creating an Uleerian version of that myth in which Uleeria is instigator and helps to keep the burgeoning romance alive in the face of interfere
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