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    I've played table-top RPGs since the 80s: AD&D, Gamma World, Traveler, Palladium, CoC, and a few games from White Wolf and ICE as well. I also enjoy online RPGs, such as NWN, DragonAge, & Fallout 3 (some day I'll try 4).
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    AD&D 5e, CoC, Simple System.
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    New Mexico, USA
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    I like side-plots and seeing how the players respond when they have to think on their feet!!!

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  1. A '67 Impala? RQ isn't *that* old! How about a classic late 70s sophisticated sports car? The system is a classic, but it is also both streamlined and sophisticated.
  2. Thank you, Roger. Where can one find the original at a reasonable price?
  3. I also found these, but am not sure if the are related to any of the Hero Games (HQ, DC) that you suggested: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/107799/Champions-Complete https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/207058/Champions-The-Super-Role-Playing-Game-4th-edition https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/207333/Hero-System-Rulesbook-4th-edition
  4. I was looking for a reasonably (or dirt cheap) priced Torg Rule book, and I came across these: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/216248/Torg-Eternity--Core-Rules https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/215400/Torg-Eternity--Free-RPG-Day-Special https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/28828/Torg-Introductory-Pack The first looks like the standard Rule Book, but would either of the two other options be sufficient for my purpose? -Many thanks
  5. Thanks - however, I I did not find anything on Amazon after searching for "Bloom of Heroes 2" that resembled a TTRPG. Do you have a specific link? Did you, perchance, mean "Blood of Heroes?"
  6. D&D went through a similar quandary when it added, and later removed, the Comeliness Attribute. The problem, of course, is that both physical appearance and personality attractiveness tend to overlap each other in subtle ways that are difficult to draw boxes around. If we try to say, for instance, that a physically attractive female who has a horrible and irascible personality has no charismatic influence over people, we are confounded by the fact that somehow she still does indeed have a charismatic affect on others - and even might have people seemingly irrationally bending obsequiousl
  7. D.C. Heroes looks a bit hard to find in an inexpensive format. I have some Rolemaster already, and I have wishlisted the others.
  8. Thanks to you both :D. How exactly does the Harn system work and differ from the ones that JonL mentioned above? Thanks again.
  9. That is cool. I like the idea of Mastery in HQ. What I would like to do is to design a bell-ish system where the ability/skill progression is virtually open-ended at the top, yet has an ease of playability that scales well as the "bell" simultaneously stretches and becomes shaped to reflect a weightedness toward higher levels of mastery. Being that I am not a statistics genius, I think that the logical approach to doing this would be to incorporate the repetition of a simple two-stage process until a result with good balance has been obtained. The first stage would be determining ways in
  10. I don't have Pendragon. How does it handle skills > 20? And how does HQ and BRP handle skills > 20?
  11. Thanks! I've got it now. This is actually very nice, indeed. It is quite bell-ish, and even though there are some odd dips here and there, overall, they don't really affect the aggregates too much - in fact, you could say that they add "character." Is there a way to add modifiers? When adding modifiers, what happens to the curves? I like the fact, that as the basic d20 vs d20 roll statistics stand - without modifiers - that the curve still encompasses the full gamut of possible outcomes; whereas, I would be concerned that after adding in modifiers that the curve would shift so that some
  12. So, the table is a roll versus roll table rather than a roll versus a Target Number table?
  13. No, that wasn't the gist, actually. I was more interested in the tensions between Becket and the Crown over who could try and judge the clergy. I thought perhaps that those relations might have been more inflamed due to the tradition you mentioned.
  14. Ironically, Orwell did seem to be paying attention.
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