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    I have played Runequest since 1980. Also played D&D. Have not actively played for like 30 years. I have gotten the books and love RQ.
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    Retired telemarketer.

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  1. I have the Screen, Beastiary and the core. What is coming out soon?
  2. How would you handle Blade Venom? Not sure what to replace it with since it can quickly turn the tide of battle.
  3. Thought everyone would like to know that Rick seems to like the idea. He sent me this email. So I guess we need to figure out how to coordinate our work so we do not over lap each other. Hello Kevin, Thank you for sending the NPC samples. I have cc'd David Scott on this reply, as he is one of our IT gurus. I'd like Chaosium to be the keeper of these stats, and have them on one of our websites. You are welcome to prepare more converted stats, and provide them to us. We will be providing these for free to the public once they are all done and we know how to store/distribu
  4. THE BIG RUBLE rq2 short scenario. Good for beginners.
  5. I was thinking of starting on the Tenement scenario. Where do you think we should start. I have contacted Chaosium to get permission to publish. What do you think should I set up a website to put the post or can we do I here?
  6. I am thinking about taking RQ2 scenarios and updating NPC stats to RQG. If we cloud source it we can get some real traction. I know RQG is great but the old scenarios were awesome. As a group we can pick a starting scenario and then divvey up the NPC'S. Then we can all use them with our groups. Whats your thoughts. We could do it all in a forum thread.
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