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  1. In the old books they used the word mayor. 😉
  2. I asked this specificly and got this: If you cast a spell that has more than two runes and techniques, is the cost of each added level of intensity doubled for each rune or technique that the caster has merely “a certain amount of knowledge” for (via minor runes, opposite runes, or opposite techniques)? Yes, if you don’t have the complete knowledge, sorcery is costly. So, casting a spell with a total of three runes and techniques, with no mastered runes or techniques, but insight to all of them, what is the base cost of this spell (my guess is six), Three runes and
  3. I believe that the cost of extra intensity is doubled if you have at least one rune or technique implied, and quadrupled if both implied technique and rune. So, base cost 1 per mastered rune or technique, 2 per implied rune or technique. And added intensity is 1/2/4 per level depending if it uses all mastered runes and techniques / all mastered runes but at least one implied technique or vice versa / at least one implied technique and rune used.
  4. I generally build my spirits as having at least about 3 points of POW per point of their highest-costing spirit magic spell. (Or, in other words, I don't usually give them higher point spells than their POW/3. Some exceptions do exist, when logic or story would so dictate.) You're the GM, do as you like.
  5. You should also have a way of indicating if the spell is currently in active memory or not.
  6. When will this Book of Doom be out?
  7. Somehow having managed to misremember and misread the (surprisingly simple) mastery to insight relationships between Sorcery Runes and techniques, I wrote the attached simple table to help myself with these, and decided to share it with you. It should reflect the rules as we know them currently, but if there are any mistakes, please let me know. There is also a tentative houserule in the table, explicitly marked as such and separate from the official rules. What do you think of letting Mastery of Magic infer knowledge of Spirit, Plant, Beast, and Man? (Previously I had Chaos on that
  8. A truce to collect the dead is described in the Iliad.
  9. So, the Dark Side is enticing and gives the practitioner a bad rep. Nothing new.
  10. Why does RQG Sorcery count magic points spent for duration and range in when determining how difficult it is to dispel a Sorcery spell?
  11. Gringle's is out of business at the moment, will see if someone restarts it at some point. I use the 200 L per POW figure is for cult tithes and such, items sell at different prices. Haven't really gone in to it as Gringle's is out of business at the moment. X)
  12. Depends on the spell. If spell description gives no indication, it's POW vs. POW. If description states something else, use that. Counterspell and similar resist the spell's strength.
  13. Countermagic and /or Shield, whatever the Sorcery spell against Sorcery spells is, and high POW are the primary defences. Reputation as an evil necromancer who spoils Orlanth in Sartar is probably warranted after a while.
  14. Oh, totally! Either the event is organised so that it will fall on an established holy day, or that event itself can be declared holy by it's very nature. I haven't had reason to spec other things, my players have these combinations of cults: Orlanth, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Storm Bull, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Eurmal, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Foundchild, Yinkin, Orlanth, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Humakt (maybe you can tell who was not present during the finale of the Broken Tower?) Humakti player was concerned on how they can regain run
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