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  1. Oh, totally! Either the event is organised so that it will fall on an established holy day, or that event itself can be declared holy by it's very nature. I haven't had reason to spec other things, my players have these combinations of cults: Orlanth, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Storm Bull, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Eurmal, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Foundchild, Yinkin, Orlanth, Maran Gor (Idrima sub-cult) Humakt (maybe you can tell who was not present during the finale of the Broken Tower?) Humakti player was concerned on how they can regain run
  2. Nice, if maybe a tad too powerful on the powers with crit. The only thing on Humakt worship I've declared in my Glorantha is that the night before the battle is a minor (or bigger) holy day of Humakt for all going into the said battle, if decreed so by the leading Humakt's Sword. The same is true when Stormbulls will be facing chaos, if the leading Storm Khan can be persuaded to not go meet the enemy early!
  3. I'd follow the advice under increasing your success with magic, on pages 244-247. Spirit combat participant would have to succeed on their intelligence check for each round to count against their augment attempt. Brobably at ×5 if they took no MP nor HP damage on the round, or at ×3 if they did take (either kind of) damage. I imagine it working something like this: Round 0: Spirit shows itself on some SR. Round 1: Attacked adventurer who noticed the spirit declares that they'll start talking in spirit speech, to gain the augment, SR 12 spirit combat, after that INT×X (se
  4. They could also use the Illusion spells to create an illusionary sable. Or, if they have a friend around, have the friend cast a Become Giant Sable spell that some local Eurmal shrine most definitely teaches!
  5. The priest wouldn't pay tithes from the income they receive from the temple lands to support their lifestyle.
  6. tnli

    Luck rolls

    Missed out from the RQG, POW*5%
  7. Off-camera, I just let 'em get a refill, unless the situation is really bad, like if they're in a place with no options for worshipping their gods. During adventuring times we roll, and the MP sacrifice can be significant.
  8. Yeah, if you go and harass a spirit, it might strike back an extra time! So it's not a safe thing to do. Better just cast that Disruption.
  9. From Scott's answer in this thread and the Q&A II thread, I believe that all spirit combats are resolved with the same mechanics. It's just that the spirit can't try to hit twice in a round, but if the friends of the corporeal entity it's in combat with try to intervene, they risk getting hit by the spirit too. Oh, unless they use spells. Spells seem to be safe. Unless the spirit decides to sling spells back at them!
  10. I made some questions about the issue of someone not in the spirit combat attacking a spirit in a spirit combat with spells, melee weapons, and ranged weapons in the Q&A II thread. Will see answers when we get them.
  11. So, assuming I am in a spirit combat with a spirit, can my buddies Bob (who has True Sword on his broadsword) and Charles (who knows Disruption) help me or not by swinging their sword and blasting with their spell, and how is it all resolved?
  12. When creating a binding enchantment, do you either: 1) Create a binding enchantment for, say, an elemental, or do you need to be more specific and say that it's for a fire elemental, then look at the fire elemental's stats, and determine that you need to sacrifice three points of POW as the fire elemental has three characteristics, and then can bind only fire elemental to that binding, OR... 2) Create a binding enchantment and sacrifice three points of POW for it to bind any spirit that has up to three characteristics, and then as you come up with spirits see if it has 3 or less char
  13. OK, I can't seem to find anything on this in the page indicated, nor in the whole spirits section. Would you mind pointing it out to me?
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