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  1. I checked my bound 'Of Wrath and Blood' print-out and @JonHookis the "interior artist" as well as the scenario's author. I'm not sure what happened here then. Maybe Jon drew the picture before deciding the scenario would take place not long after the events of "The Haunting" and the draft image of the boys was included in the final version of the scenario anyway. Let's see what he says.
  2. I noticed this as well, so I never showed my players that picture from the scenario's art. I just assumed the artist didn't realize the actual age of the twin boys when he or she drew the portrait.
  3. A 7th edition of Shadows of Yog-Sothoth is unlikely to happen anytime soon. The Yog-Sothoth campaign was revised for the 6th edition (2004) and several other full-length campaigns are ahead of it for a 7th edition update.
  4. I'm running the 'Shadows of Yog-Sothoth' campaign for my players at the moment and the first scenario begins in Boston, the city setting for "The Haunting." I decided to tie the Chapel of Contemplation and the Order of the Sliver Twilight from this campaign together, as both cultists worship "The One Who Waits in the Dark"/Nyarlathotep. When my players broke into the Silver Twilight lodge at night, they found a number of clues indicating the Chapel of Contemplation is a branch of the Silver Twilight, and Walter Corbitt was a "wizard" of the order during this life/unlife. I decided to resolve the Chapel of Contemplation story thread from earlier in our ongoing campaign this way, as both scenarios are placed in Boston.
  5. I will send you a Private Message now as I'm not sure I can advertise myself on the forums. My published writing is not related to Call of Cthulhu.
  6. Yes, I believe that 'The Haunted' was re-named 'Of Wrath and Blood' when Jon published the scenario on DriveThruRPG. The Haunted was the scenario's name for the Yog-Sothoth scenario contest.
  7. You mean "Of Wrath and Blood?" https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/271923/Of-Wrath-and-Blood I wrote a post about running this scenario by @JonHooka while ago. https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/11345-of-wrath-and-blood Jon and I go back and forth about the sequel's story in this thread.
  8. I looked again and the information is on page 41 of The Grand Grimoire (how did I miss it?). What must of thrown me off is that some binding spells such as "Bind Shoggoth" have their own detailed entries. From page 41, "Each attempted binding costs 1 Sanity point but usually no magic points." I'll just read through the section found on pages 41 and 42. I will assume someone needs to cast the Elder Sign once to create the spell component (a stone) for the summoning.
  9. I considered that, but I looked and couldn't find the information for all Summon/Bind spell mechanics. I'll check again now.
  10. One of my players insisted that his Investigator learn the 'Summon/Bind Nightgaunt' spell from Jonathan Dover's Journal, which was found in the Doors to Darkness scenario, "None More Black." The spell is potentially dangerous as the nightgaunts can break free of the caster once summoned on a failed opposed POW roll (see the The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic for more info). There is no description of the spell in the Doors to Darkness supplement. I checked The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic reference book and there are only two paragraphs mentioning details about the spell, with no complete entry among the hundreds of spell descriptions found within this volume. In 'Chapter 4, page 42:' "Bind Nightgaunt: if the caster has a stone emblazoned with the Elder Sign (page 105) they gain one bonus die to the opposed POW roll to bind the nightgaunt. Alternative names: Mastery of the Faceless Ones, The Elder Token by which They will Know You." In 'Chapter 4, page 176:' "Summon Nightgaunt: a nearly silent swoosh of air comes then the single ghastly form of the blank-faced flying horror appears. To perform the summoning, a stone emblazoned with the cryptic Elder Sign must be present. The spell can be cast only at night when there is no moon. Alternative names: The Whispered Words of the Faceless Men, Conjure the Winged Shadow." Can anyone provide some necessary information such as Sanity loss for casting the spell, any POW losses, casting time, duration of the summons, and so on. Does the caster also need to know the Elder Sign spell before being able to cast Summon/Bind Nightgaunt?
  11. If possible, please update us on the status of the new campaign for Cthulhu by Gaslight. @Mike Mrecently mentioned on Facebook that Chaosium is getting closer to a release, but I would like to know if 'The Curse of Seven' will be published in 2021. Our gaming group is on Chapter 2 of 'The Shadows of Yog-Sothoth' campaign, and we should be done sometime around this Fall (September/October). I would like to run a Gaslight campaign next if the book is available.
  12. Adam, I wanted to check with you about Colonial Cthulhu as it has been almost a year now since your last update. The website for Sixtystone Press was online for a while last year and now re-directs to a pharmacy. Our gaming group is almost done with the 18th century "Reign of Terror" mini-campaign, and playing in that era has been a lot of fun. We would be interested in running another campaign during the 17th or 18th centuries if a supplement was available. I found this RPG from 1983 called "Witch Hunt," set in late 17th century Salem, on Wayne's Books website. "Witch Hunt" may be a good resource for your design work, but I haven't read the RPG's books myself. Witch Hunt cc: @Mike M
  13. I like this one, but I use the disposable medical masks instead. The Yellow King "No Mask?" Mask Mask
  14. This is a compelling fan-made video set to Lin Carter's poem "The King In Tatters" I found today. The video is about 5 minutes long and features a mix of stop-motion animation and live action. In the Court of the Yellow King The same YouTube channel also has videos for Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Out of Time,' 'The Other Gods,' 'Dagon,' and a number of other stories.
  15. I was looking around the Call of Cthulhu Vault for Halloween-related scenarios earlier today, after I made the above post. I think I am going to run "Tatterdemalion" from the 1990 'Fatal Experiments' supplement instead. I will move the setting from New York City to Arkham, with the premiere of the play The King in Yellow in NYC late last year on All Hallows Eve having "brought down the house." The Investigators receive complimentary tickets for the play's opening night in Arkham, Massachusetts...
  16. One of my group's future sessions falls on Halloween night this year. We will be wrapping up a story arc the session before Halloween, so a one-shot scenario would fit into our ongoing campaign. Does anyone have any suggestions for a particularly scary scenario that could also be completed in about 4 or 5 hours? I will have time to purchase a print copy of a supplement that is no longer available if I act more than a month ahead of the scheduled session. I have this list of 1920s scenarios from Yog-Sothoth, but asking here is easier than digging through all of these entries. The scenario would not take place on Halloween day in our group's campaign world as we are presently in the early months of 1923. We could perhaps do a one-shot in an entirely different era as long as it fits the Halloween seasonal theme. Call of Cthulhu Scenarios - 1920s
  17. I want to clarify some of the rules on combat as my group's sessions are becoming more combat-heavy as we advance through more difficult scenarios. In our earlier sessions, most of the session was investigation and role-playing with an end fight that lasted perhaps several rounds against one or two NPCs so fights were generally not complicated. I have read all of Chapter 6 (Combat) in the Keeper Rulebook and then I re-read the 7th edition Quick Start rules on Combat. What I'm not sure about is how many times an Investigator, NPC, or monster can Fight Back or Dodge in a single melee round (the rules for firearms are different). From Page 12 of the Quick Start rules, "The duration of a combat round in Call of Cthulhu is best described as “long enough for everyone to take one significant action.”" This statement seems to limit Fighting Back or Dodging to only once per round, per player or NPC. But, also from Page 12, "Every time you are attacked you may choose to fight back (attempt to avoid, block, or parry an attack while making one of your own) or dodge (attempt to avoid the attack completely)." So an Investigator may have to Fight Back or Dodge several times in a round if attacked multiple times or by multiple NPCs/monsters. The example on the next page seems to confirm this. On Page 13, "The ghoul is a monster with 3 attacks per round. On its second attack it tries to bite Brian, who fights back. Brian achieves a hard success; the ghoul achieves a regular success. Brian has a better level of success than the ghoul and so he successfully fights back — not only does he avoid injury, but he also inflicts 1D3 points of damage on the ghoul." The Investigator, Brian, had attempted to Dodge and failed during the Ghoul's first attack. The Ghoul will also have a third attack that Brian may either Dodge or choose to Fight Back against the Ghoul. Is there a limit on how many times an Investigator or NPC can Fight Back or Dodge in response to attacks in a single melee combat round? It seems that an Investigator could go through a dozen or so Fight Back or Dodge actions if attacked by several Ghouls before even taking his or her single Fight action in a round. @Mike M et al. may have to answer this one.
  18. Will the Nameless Horrors supplement be out-of-print after the current stock is exhausted or will there be other means to obtain a print copy such as print-on-demand?
  19. This is what I was searching for when I initially brought up the idea for a scenario list. Yog-Sothoth already has it. Call of Cthulhu Scenarios - 1920s
  20. Thank you. I know about and I am registered with the Yog-Sothoth website, but I hadn't looked at these tables.
  21. I've recently been looking at Call of Cthulhu supplements that are no longer in print such as 'Fatal Experiments' from 1990 (which includes "The Lurker in the Crypt") and 1998's 'Dead Reckonings' (featuring the infamous "Behold the Mother") for possible scenarios to GM for my group. As Call of Cthulhu is an almost 40-year-old game, there is quite an impressive collection of earlier edition material which could be run for players when converted to the current 7th edition rules set. I would have difficulty doing what I am about to propose, but someone else with the knowledge and available time might find this idea compelling. A complete list of all official Call of Cthulhu scenarios ever published could be compiled, organized by source and by date, with perhaps a brief description of each scenario (indicating period, experience level, and so on). Newer Keepers such as myself would find such a resource very useful while mining Chaosium's back catalog. RPGnet has a search function that allows results to be sorted by publisher, system, and date. Below is the link to the search result for (nearly) all Call of Cthulhu publications from 1981 to the present, in alphabetical order. Call of Cthulhu Publication List If anyone would like to take on this project, please reply here.
  22. "Horror Express" was one of my favorite "B" horror movies as a kid. Heavily influenced by the Mythos, if not exactly Lovecraftian, in its themes.
  23. Another Lovecraftian movie that leaves Tubi TV at the end of this month. Watch it before it's gone! H.P. Lovecraft: Two Left Arms Tubi TV is a great streaming service; I've found Lovecraft-inspired movies on the platform that I've never heard of before.
  24. Tubi TV is free with commercials and has huge selection, often beating Netflix.
  25. The two season Masters of Horror series on Tubi TV has two very Lovecraftian episodes: "H. P. Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch-House" and "Cigarette Burns." Ezra Godden from "Dagon" is Walter Gilman in the Witch-House episode. Cigarette Burns is directed by John Carpenter and is probably the best episode of the series, IMO.
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