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  1. Question all...someone pointed out to me that Avonmora is kinda stepping on the toes of Voria...I thought I avoided this...but what do you all think? Avonmora Goddess of New Beginnings, Vitality and Energy Air, Fertility, Movement Avonmora is one of the three triplets born to Orlanth and the Fog Spirit Huraya. She is the Refreshing Wind, the Lady of Joy, Protector of Children, and She who is Invoked at the Start of Something New. The cool morning air that feels crisp on your breath at a new dawn. Her followers are inciters, albeit in order to encourage positive changes in people’s lives. In addition, there was always a point in Orlanthi children’s lives where Avonmora was their big sister, and were under her protection. Out of all of the three siblings’ followers, Avonmora’s tend to wander the most, helping others onto new paths in life and picking those that have fallen off their feet. Their numbers are few, but two clans are directly descended from her: the Mora Don and the Shera Don clan. There her worship is much heavier, and both clans sponsor the yearly Vitality Chase which is a widely attended competition.
  2. I admit I wasn't expecting this spell to end up this complex. The base idea is "dispel all lies with clearing wind", and it should in a reasonable distance push away illusions. That said...is that concept just Spells cast with the Illusion Rune Spells with the word "Illusion" in their name Or should I be more specific with it?
  3. Would something like "Cast with the Illusion Rune or a Sorcery Spell with the Illusion Rune" work better?
  4. Well, it will do for now. I'll keep it as "Has the Illusion rune as one of its runes". for now. Also, I've started to brainstorm some mythology here for these three. For the whole dog thing, I decided to have some fun with that, and have it be a back and forth of petty rivalry between Yinkin's Cloud Cats and Huraya's Fog Dogs (Which are based are the guardian version of Black Hounds). That said, I do want some uncombined mythos for each. I was thinking of solving a Secret Murder (One that just happens without anyone claiming credit) for Gelmollan, perhaps the very first one. For Avonmora I was thinking a representation of the "Great Race" challenge that's her born clans' shtick. Ekkao should have something with Dream Spirits probably, but...I'm back and forth on how I want to do that.
  5. I revised Stall as the following: Stall 1 Points Ranged, Temporal, Stackable Stasis If the user overcomes the target’s POW with their own, the target seems to slow down dramatically. Every action in combat the target slows in that any action that doesn’t take more than 1 Melee adds 1 to the target’s SR per point. The target can always take an action that would normally take less than a full melee round at 12. Currently any Spell with the Illusion rune, so I presume Sorcery. Glamour...being a spirit spell doesn't quite fall into that. Not sure if that's too wide or narrow. (I also don't want a laundry list of spells it counters)
  6. So, I'm trying to work out some specific spells as I think out more mythology for these 3. I was hoping to post them here to get some feedback if people are still interested. Gelmollan Special Rune Magic: Detect Truth, Analyze Magic, Cloud Clear, Dismiss Illusions, True Strike (Works for all unarmed attacks) Dismiss Illusions 2 Points Ranged, Instant Truth, Air This spell dispels all Illusion magic in 20 meters of the user. The user of this spell rolls POW vs POW against every creator of every Illusion spell in that range. If successful that spell ends immediately. ...This sort of gets across what I want, but I feel it's not quite where I want it. Avonmora Special Rune Magic: Dancing Winds, Leap, Charisma, Fearless, Invigorate Dancing Winds 1 Point Ranged, Temporal(4 hours), Stackable Air, Movement The target affected by this spell’s is pushed along by refreshing and buoyant wind as they travel. Their travel time during the period of the spell is cut in half. Targeting someone’s mount affects them as well. Another point can be spent to affect an additional two targets. My thought here was literal get up and breeze pushing you along. Which...it does that but I'm not sure how critical movement speed is out of combat is. Ekkao Special Rune Magic: Hallucinate, Invisibility, Fireshield, Stall, Calmed Heart, Summon Dream Spirit, Dismiss Dream Spirit Stall 1 Points Ranged, Temporal, Stackable Stasis If the user overcomes the target’s POW with their own, the target seems to slow down dramatically. Every action in combat the target slows in that any action that doesn’t take more than 1 Melee adds 1 to the target’s SR per point. The target can always take an action that would normally take less than a full melee round at 12. Calmed Heart 2 Point Touch, Temporal (1 Day), Nonstackable Harmony, Stasis This spell may be cast on a willing subject, and for the next day, they are not bound to their passions, may not commit any violence, and are not affected by spells such as Demoralize, Berserk, or any other spells that may alter their emotions. Stall was modified as suggested earlier...though I'm not sure if it's quite where I want it. As for Calmed Heart, I'm not fully sure how useful it is. My thematic is to bring a troubled or willing subject to a state of mental calm, and it works with Ekkao's revised theme. Also, I switched up Ekkao's Rune Priests to be Shaman, and given existing Shamans statuses that appear in the Core Book God Cults having existing taboos for Shamanic abilities, I figured I'd give it a shot as well. Never use any weapon but a whip Always Dance when spellcasting Must always be under the effects of Dreamwright during the entirety of Sacred Time. Make a pilgrimage to the Mirror of Dreams in the Spirit World once per season. I'm going to continue on fluff brainstorming (But feel free to throw that in too)
  7. Well, I've done a quick revise of everything. If anyone wants to take a look. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iajpjUl6Jdmky1XXg9r1uxnri6ce4KaZ98yZzBNexH0/edit#
  8. That...all seems pretty reasonable to me. Gelmollan I need to work out how "Blow Away Illusions" works beyond POW vs POW for all illusions in sight or something like that to dispel them. I sort of like the counter-bad magic angle too. Crel Mentioned a variation of True Strike...which is fine, just given the Martial Arts skill already does that, would it quadruple the damage dice? (True (Weapon) doubles, rolling under MA doubles...so would a punch be 4d3?). It shouldn't take much to change him at his point. Mechanically he's the most reasonable. Also, if anyone was curious about the Man run on him, that was meant to represent his base relation to people and his tie as a supporter of the civilization around him. Also...given the Air Martial Arts bent...I suppose he could also have a spell to hit people at range with Punch and Kick attacks (Literally throwing the air at them) Gelmollan is the God that Destroys the Lies in your life and reveals the world as it truly is. Ekkao I like what you've all said...though I do want to keep the dream aspect. She is the retreat people go to when there is no recourse. Either literally in a chemical induced mental fog, or driving themselves into their dreams for slumber. She is escape and recovery. Not necessarily healing but solace. Search out people that are falling apart and taking them under their wing. Also Samoyeds are the poofy, white, smiley cloud dogs. I do want to stick with the dream thing...and yeah I can drop that water spell. I know you mentioned shamanistic things...but perhaps Ekkao is the one that fits that best. Perhaps instead of Rune Priests she has Shaman? Sort of Shaman they may work with "Dream Spirits" for focus. As for the sleep spell...given they are both based on recovery anyway, she *should* probably have a relation towards CA. It would make sense. Avonmorra Yeah...I'm probably going to make her more of a Refreshing Wind/New Beginnings/Start of the Journey sort of Goddess. It fits in better with her siblings that way. Is there any God/Goddess that is protective of children? She could be the one if not. Thematically she'll need the biggest write up change...given she's no longer someone people would want to avoid, though I do like the two clans descended from her. Maybe instead of the weird parties, once per year there is a week long race or competition that starts with one Clan's location and goes to the other for FABULOUS prizes....what does Living Blade do? On Dogs Well...I am aware of the trouble with Orlanthi and Dogs...and it was originally just because I happen to prefer Dogs over Cats. Though, it could be a thing in their Mythology that they have literally never gone along with their Uncle, and taking on dogs instead of cats was just initially a way to spite him...which transitioned to them preferring the hounds they took on anyway. Obviously they would never get along with Yinkin cultists, but that's fine. That way leads to plot. Summation for this post at least I do want to stick with them being Gods and avoid them being spirits, that's just a preference of mine. I'm going to rewrite their base descriptions in a bit here...but yeah...
  9. What sort of role could a brawler fit in the pantheon then? I presume he needs more than "Punch Stuff: The Person" (At least, I'd prefer a deeper role than that). And I suppose Water to Stone would be more appropriate (Glass was from the Mirror motif for Ekkao). And I'll take a look at Create Market. (And I still need to clean up Avonmorra's role if she's tripping on Uleria)
  10. I will start out saying I shoot high mechanically, because it's easier for me to tune things down rather than the opposite, so that's fine. Also, as for the dogs...I like dogs. I will support all dogs until the end *salutes* Gelmollan Well, my original idea was a sort of Detective Dee sort of character. An investigator whose job is it to uncover more practical societal mysteries. Basically a "No one knows what is happening, please look into this." So basically someone's whose job is to help deal with the groundwork of holding a tribe together and handle problems. At least that was my thought. And given adaptability, I thought it'd be a good place to use the Martial Arts skill within the Orlanthi (IE, be ready for anything). I figured the investigation focus he'd need Truth, that was my thought at least. If you have any ideas I'd be willing to listen. I'll take that advice for the Rune Spells. As for MA, it basically just gives an additional damage die if you roll under it on attack, and 6 armor in that location you parry with on defense. I was playing with different effects, but that may be better for spells. Avonmorra My thought with her was something more...Dionysian? Basically that sort of Bacchan frenzy (Which is what inspired that spell). I thought Uleria was just Love and Romance...so I wasn't aware she held a similar focus. Calm feels...too much like her Sister so I don't want to go quite that Route. I do want some variance between the siblings. As for the spell, that goes back to the Bacchan thing...so it's meant to last as long as a "Festival" or that sort of thing...what if anyone else could...opt into the effect if they make contact with the target by spending magic? Spitballing. Also...is extendable duration an older edition thing? I don't see it in core. Ekkao Well, we'll see if anyone else is familiar with Alchemy then...I'm a bit worried about the mechanics behind those concoctions. That works for Stall...as for Water to Glass. My idea was to basically construct a temporary item out of nearby water for use, or just sort of...solidify a body of water. In my head it basically just allowed to the liquid to act Solid, instead of being Ice. At least that was my thought.
  11. So, I've been trying to get into Runequest Glorantha, and I've been inspired to write up a couple of new gods for a few reasons. Found it fun Wanted to fill up a few more rune combos and options in the Orlanthi...if not just for my home campaign. I'm looking for feedback on them to both clean up the mechanics, and better integrate them into the pantheon. I figured this may be the best place to do it. The base concept is a set of Triplets born to Orlanth and the Fog Spirit/God Huraya. I have them in a doc...here... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iajpjUl6Jdmky1XXg9r1uxnri6ce4KaZ98yZzBNexH0/edit# Before I go hog on mythology, I just wanted to try to mold the theming right, and was hoping for feedback.
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