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    1979 D&D, later all skill based and class-less d100. RuneQuest in Glorantha preferred.
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    Glorantha, Shadowrun
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    We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!

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  1. Everything has been done to show you the content! I think you had the page still in your browser's cache. Click here. External Link Turnout (this is what you should always see, when you click an external link in my archives) and then choose the Web Archive Link! No 404!
  2. I admit the link turnout is not not very clear, I will make this more obvious when I have time to. For now take a closer look to the text and both links: The 1st link tries to find the "original". That is a 404. The 2nd link calls the time machine, and they have a copy from 2008.
  3. Hi, I am the maintainer of glorantha.steff.in, and I made it behave better in finding external links. As I know most of the stuff is quite old, the links are likely to be outdated. So I inserted a link turnout that lets you choose to search the wayback machine for that page. Try it, it finds pages to all three links! Have fun!
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