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  1. This parallels with my initial post of how I would do a similar thing to my players so I wish to add to my point. I would only up the opposition if the players have had the best luck for a long long time and are getting too complacent and the fear of the enemy is gone. This is not to say I have the enemy cast some spell that is ridiculously dangerous, but ill have their equipment have a special quality or up the stats. On the flip side, if the opposition is doing way too good I will do the opposite. Maybe they managed to hit them and it disabled their arm where their
  2. Yes! This is one of the highlights of the system in my eyes. I use the option rule that you can use luck points do pass a failed roll, my players use this pretty often. I ran a one shot that I wrote years ago and I told my new players about this rule. Well they went all out on that rule, constantly using luck because they don't wanna fail any rolls and "what's the worst that can happen" Well they were sneaking in a mansion and I called for the almighty "Group luck roll " the look on their faces when I said its the lowest person's luck that rolls. We all had a good laugh when the normal m
  3. So most of my close friends are all DMs and we all come from different RPG backgrounds (EotE, DnD 3.5/5, CoC, Pathfinder, etc.) and something that always sparks a real interesting discussion is the topic of fudging rolls in our games. I will talk about my personal experiences and feelings on fudging rolls, but I would love to hear the opinion of other DMs and even from a player mindset. A outright TPK can be anti-climactic and can really ruin the mood and fun and leave a bad taste in the players mouth. If a player is absolutely on fire with their rolls it will make the en
  4. I am coming to a close of a campaign I am running of Call of Cthulhu, so I am trying to plan ahead to my next game. I have been doing research of Samurai based rpgs and I was going to pick L5R because of the accessibility. But recently discovered that 2 years ago there was talks of a Samurai game using Pendragon rules before Pendragon went to chaosium. Has there been any news since 2018?
  5. Long time Lurker here, I've been seeing this topic a lot on multiple platforms as well as in person so I thought I would throw my personal opinion in the ring. I have players using magic (sometimes) in my game. Although it is rather recent I have found it creates a fantastic player dynamic. The player with magic is unknowingly a cultist, praising the mythos in secret. CoC allows you to pick an occultist occupation as well as mythos experience background so I thought why not. Since I am the Keeper I get a say in what cult he joins and how they operate for max RP and Campaign flavor
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