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  1. I think the last sentence from the "Why Risk?" text box on page 3 got cut off.
  2. On the official BRP corrections PDF, it says this: [Definition of the term “FULL DAMAGE”. The term “Full Damage” crops up several times in the Attack & Defense Matrix. Precisely, it refers to “the damage which that type of attack would normally do”. It is not the same as “Maximum Damage”] Which confuses me even more. I'll give the book another thorough skim, I might have missed something.
  3. Hello everybody! New member here! (Kinda pretentious to proclaim this, but I'm new to the forums and the system in general, so expect some rudimentary questions). I'm not too certain if this question has been asked before as I can't find anything about it on the internet. Given that, can anyone fill me up on why "Full Damage" and "Normal Damage" is differentiated on the core rules for Basic Roleplaying 4th Edition (Specifically on the Parry/Dodge Matrix)? This is the same case for the retroclone G.O.R.E and the Quick Start edition. Maybe I've just missed something, but I've read the Official Errata/Corrections PDF of the Big Gold Book and "Full Damage" literally has no difference from "Normal Damage". I'd appreciate a clarification, thank you.
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