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  1. So depending where, when and what cultures your players are playing can have an interesting impact on how suspicion trusting can work. So in one of my games one of the players had a suspicion of 13 with a directed trait against Romans due to family history. So every time he goes and deals with Ulfius of Silchester or many of his representatives he is always second guessing their motives toward the Countess Elaine and caused a fair bit of problems for the county due to his mistrust of Romans. The biggest thing with suspicions is you have to at times as the GM force the issue by telling the suspicious player slightly different information or how the knight might perceive a particular incident, or excuse for an action or inaction by those he is mistrustful of. Now If the knight is famous for that trait then he should be second guessing everyone for almost every action they do and be planning a response for the worst case scenario due to their renowned paranoia. Now for the opposite those with high trusting should almost be gullible and not see ulterior motives in what others are doing even if it seems obvious to other player knights. High trusting would be that you expect other people to keep their word.
  2. For the spreadsheet when it comes down to what you as the overlord would get from them just place the pop of the vassal lands into, I believe B7 in the spreadsheet and it will auto-calculate the gifts and court fees owed by your vassals. Attached file is for a "Lord" banneret not an estate banneret. So to determine the rough count for knights and soldiers knights minimally should match the pop number and soldiers should equal the pop X 5. That would be a low ball estimate especially for the more powerful lords such as Dukes, and Earls. BanneretyLandSheet.xls
  3. I have an excel spreadsheet for using Lordly Domains economic system. It is self calculating for things like court fees and harvest grades. I didn't do all the work on this for the calculations it was a product of my former GM Alan Day. I have done some editing though to remove a few logic errors in the calculations. The land sheet is the empty form and the vassal knight sheet is an example so you can see how it functions. Another example is an Estate Banneret. LandSheet.xls pop2 manor.xls pop5 Estate.xls
  4. I would say five is a pretty good number of people. it gives you a lance for when battle happens so you can give the position of unit commander to one of the player knights. This also lets different people have different roles in the group maybe one or two end up the courtly knights while the others are turned into combat monsters or a brilliant commander. If you have female players and are running 4th edition you can bring in magic if that's your thing, and add that whole other side of the Arthurian legends come into play.
  5. So for the use of the book of knights and ladies being too over powered in the cultural skill the easiest fix that i've come up with is to take the starting values of the skill from the core rule book and take the cultural skill value add them together then divide by 2 to get an averaged skill. Now mind you I do run the 4th edition rule sets which do give examples for the different cultures of the islands.
  6. To Atgxtg The glory for the marshal of a king is already greater because every time he goes out and leads troop he does so as the army commander which gives a flat glory award at every battle he leads no matter the outcome. Donj't forget that he will be participating in extremely large battles which give extremely large amounts of glory along with the fact that he is most likely to survive every round and gain glory from it. Plus there is also all the time he will be at court with the king and the other great nobles which offers him even greater chances for more glory. While the little marshal to some £100 lord is gonna have none of those chances to gain additional glory. So as you can see the additional glory you are wanting to award is earned through other glory mechanisms that the players might not see on screen because they are simply not present as lowly household knights to some minor baron or even to some of the greater barons.
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