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  1. Hey guys; Any news on when this is supposed to be coming out? Also; happy new year!
  2. IIRC Mongoose no longer has the "Elric of Melnibone" license, which is why you can't but PDFs of any mongoose elric stuff nor Chaosium elric stuff. I believe that's what p_clapham is referring to. I doubt we're going to see Talons of Winter any time in the near future.
  3. So then, they may become available again some time in the near-ish future, perhaps?
  4. So Power Attack? It could work. I've been toying with the idea of changing weapons myself. I've been toying with the idea of RQ6 style flat armor (but without hit locations) and more importantly, removing damage rolls. My thought was that for every 5% you succeeded by, you add damage to your attack, depending on your weapon, and all weapons do 1+amount based on the attack roll. So if someone rolls well enough, they can kill a man in plate armor with a punch. Currently my idea involves a table, so that a greatsword will do more damage, faster. It's hardly a fleshed out idea, and you would
  5. Once Classic Fantasy is out, you should be able to pull out adventures written for AD&D, D&D BECMI/RC, or OD&D and run them in RQ6 just replacing statblocks. You might even be able to manage it with 3.5/Pathfinder/5e.
  6. He says he's got the hard copy, he's just looking for a searchable digital PDF, and unfortunately, it appears those are no longer available.
  7. Ah. I see. That's unfortunate. Both for Moorcock and for Hasseo66
  8. I don't mind Vancian casting for magic, but it really bothers me when someone puts an X uses/ time period limit on most abilities.
  9. I heard about that. From what I understand from his forums, Chaosium sublicensed out Corum, and he says they didn't even have a license for Corum. I can see that falling out being a reason he wouldn't want you to give your money to Chaosium, but I would think if you were handing him money directly for digital copies of licensed products which he has the rights to and the original company no longer does, he wouldn't turn down free money.
  10. Unless it's for sale by Chaosium, I don't think you will have any luck, I picked it up a while back on DTRPG, but when Mongoose lose the Elric license, they stopped selling it there. You can't find any of Mongoose's Elric stuff in PDF format these days either. So when it comes to PDFs, I think you're likely out of luck until the next time there's a license for it. You could try contacting Moorcock, maybe he has the ability to sell copies of the RPG, since they had to license it from him anyways.
  11. looks like one which would be of use to you.
  12. Ah. When I say "strongly object" I mean they would likely be a requirement for me to want to play in a 5e game. I would object so strongly as to say "I don't think I'm going to be interested in this campaign guys". and would proceed to play other systems with my group instead. (I might be convinced to try it once with great hesitation, but I am pretty sure that my opinion on the matter wouldn't change and I would drop it 3 or 4 sessions in). From my perspective, the selectable feats are the most important aspect of D&D character creation, they are what makes characters feel different f
  13. Yes, it uses feats (though those feats are supposed to be a bigger deal), but you get like, half as many opportunities for them, and they also serve as your opportunities to increase your stats. They're also mentioned as "optional" in that you might get stat increases but not be allowed to take feats (though most of the people I've talked to have said they would strongly object if a GM told them no feats).
  14. Or this one http://www.nobleknight.com/ProductDetailSearch.asp_Q_ProductID_E_2147373090_A_InventoryID_E_2148109435 The latter is the one I have a copy of.
  15. Haha. Oh wow. Such awful puns. Your post got me looking into these retro-clones. I intend to look into Castles & Crusades, LoFP, Basic Fantasy RPG, and For Gold & Glory. I've played a bit of 2eAD&D, and I picked up the collector's edition AD&D1e reprints they put out a year or two ago (and have read but not played the 1e reprint) - and I remember thinking 1e didn't have much to draw me to it, and I recall 2e being a bit too clunky & not customizable enough. We'll see how it goes though, and I could be wrong. I do like lots of 2e Adventures and Setting supplements,
  16. There is a spirit magic supplement for Legend, but I have no idea what it contains.
  17. Hmm. I thought about that, I'm not sure if you could work in Advantage/Disadvantage, the terms may be trademarked. But besides that, I concur. You could make an OGL alternate core book, if you were so inclined, like a retroclone, but not retro. You ouldnt use any of the text from the 5e book, and you couldn't directly copy their tables, but beyond that, yeah; you could do it, if you really wanted to.
  18. Haha. okay, I never would have gotten that. Most OSR D&D isn't really my thing. I was interested in Myth and Magic, but I think that Fizzled; and I may look into ACK or LoFP at some point in the future, but I have not played them as of yet.
  19. The approach of making everything a "Power" is a very large part of what turned me off of 4e. I hated the "boardgamey" taste it left in my mouth, and destroyed any verisimilitude it had for me ("What do you mean I can't swing my sword the same way twice in a fight?"; "Wait, how am I swinging my sword to heal myself exactly?"; "Why can't I try to trip a dude without a magical trip power?"; "Why did I have to unlearn an old power to get a new one, and why don't I get better at them as I become more skilled"-unless you pick the upgraded versions of the same ones in which case it's "Why can I only
  20. Hmm. I'll give you that. 4e definitely handles inter-character power balance well. I have objections to it for my own games, but character balance issues are not among them.
  21. Interesting. I'll have to take a look at it. A heavily-houseruled Pathfinder is one of my go-to systems, simply because IMO it's in a different category than all of the other fantasy games I've played, in the fact that is supports high powered magic once you hit the 12-18 range. That, plus the mountains of supporting material and character options. When I look at lower magic RPGs, the most fun I've had thus far was with RQ6 and MRQ2/Legend.
  22. From what I understand, they intend to make the 5e Realms much closer to the realms as it was in the late 90's up to what it was in in 2007 at the end of 3e, I've also seen hints that they're going to deliberately support play in multiple time periods, which would be a very nice improvement.
  23. I have no idea what game Darkholme reminds you of. I happen to be a longtime fan of X-Men Comics & Cartoons, and Darkholme is Mystique's surname (Raven Darkholme), and it was a name I just always thought was cool. It's on the list of surnames I've been considering for about a decade (I've never really liked any part of my legal name, and have long considered changing it, but have yet to come up with the money to make it a reality or decide on what my new name would be).
  24. Ugh; yeah. That might as well just be empty white space. Useless. Same with endless droning on with unneeded or overly long examples, or–the thing that drives me crazy with Pathfinder content, character options that are absolutely awful. They're not useful to anyone who wants to be at all effective, they're an unwanted surprise to newbies, and they only serve to block the development of good options in the future. Annoying clutter to sift through to get to the real content, which gives the developers the unfortunate impression of "We've Already Adequately Covered this Niche". These are my pet
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