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  1. What is Dunstop like? Is it mainly populated by Tarshites? Who rules it in 1625? Is Dunstop talked about in any old supplements?
  2. I'm curious about the cost of a hide of land, if PCs ever need to sell land, or wish to expand their holdings. Is this is thing that can be done?
  3. Okay I found the answer in the Core Rules Questions thread.
  4. I tried to do a search but couldn't find an answer.
  5. If I have Bladesharp 1 and I want to pay a temple to teach me Bladesharp 2, how much does it cost? Page 257 says the cost of learning Bladesharp is 50L per point. Do I pay the difference of 50L, or is it like I have to learn a new spell, 100L?
  6. I don't think I've ever described myself as having gaming ADHD. Is that Alex? Or maybe Derek? But yeah, I'm working on that shaman of Waha!
  7. (Oh right, Hell Mothers, but what about a shaman of Waha or Daka Fal?)
  8. It doesn't look like any of the 13G character classes translate Runequest shamans? Are there any 13th Age classes more generally that could be adapted to be something like a RQ shaman?
  9. I'm playing a Humakti character. Her backstory is that she became a Humakti initiate after her family and clan were almost entirely murdered by her treacherous sister, who had become an initiate of Thanatar. Now my character has killed her sister, and may soon kill her sister's master, successfully avenging her family and clan. This seems like a moment for profound change for the character, and maybe a place for her to start over. Might she leave the service of Humakt? Or are the Humakti always in it to the death?
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