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  1. Then I will create my character, as I described below. Two own language from education, Latin from class skill points, and two more languages from "hobby" points. Thank you for everyone who helped
  2. Thank you! So, If I understood correctly, I can have two own language, a foreign language allowed by my profession, and other languages payed by interest points, like this: OWN - Jiddis (education) - native OWN - English (education) -native latin (skill points) - profession other language german (interests skill points) - hobby hebrew (interest skill points) - hobby Also there is the rule, which allows you to add +10 to similar languages, if a language of yours is above 50, and another 10 when it is above 90. Does this play in case of own language? Technically, the rule is for language groups, but in my case, Jiddish is half german/hebrew, so it would be logical to both german and hebrew languages receive some bonus. But might it cause the investigator to become overpowered?
  3. Hello, I ran into an issue with my character in generation, which the rule book could not resolve, and I would like to ask for your help. I want to create a jewish antiquarian. Because of his heritage, he should be able speak both jiddish and english as own language, and latin as the secondary/learned language. Is it possible, to have two own languages, or if not, how should I resolve this issue? Since jiddish is a mix of german/hebrew, how would it affect scenarios in germany/middle east? Could I use hard success to be able to communicate with german people, and with jewish people in other countires (mostly middle-east scenarios), who are using a different, more traditional hebrew dialect?
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