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  1. Is there a Physical release date for Mansions of Madness? Thanks Gary
  2. @Mike M First of all yes I find this very helpful and would love this in all products moving forward with the additional defined session length. Is a session 2 hours, 3 hourS, 4 hourS, 8 hours? I assume it's 4 hours but don't know for sure. Like many gamers I'm busy and always have to balance adventure length with my availability. If I know up front how long an adventure or campaign is expected to run I'm much more likely to buy it in addition this adventure looks ver Noir....can we please get a "Noir Cthulhu" setting book in the vein of Pulp Cthulhu or Berlin the W
  3. Wow!! That's awesome. I will read over your linked post just as soon as I get the chance Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. My mind is blown that you have gotten through so much of the campaign in such a short time. I'm open to cutting some of the side missions and agree that would cut quite a few sessions off. My prep. Well I dont read super fast and my retention is not great so I have to take notes and then study the notes. 1) I read the campaign cover to cover 2) I read the section the players are starting in again 3) I read the same section and take notes to make a master copy I will run the game from 4) I read the notes for the current section
  5. Hello, I'm considering attempting to Run Masks of Nyarlathotep again. Last attempt made it to the end of London and that was it. From my calculations this will take us about 77 3 hour sessions assuming we dont miss a single week this will take 1.5 years. I have mixed emotions about this. On 1 hand I'm super excited on the other I'm full of dread and stress. My 1st attempt went very well...for 50 % of the group. Masks resulted in the end of and separation of a 6 year weekly gaming group. 50% loved it 50% hated it. We have gone our separate ways.
  6. Hello I have been reading the Guide to Glorantha and stumbled across Kralorela... has anything been published for this culture or section of Glorantha? Sourcebooks? Adventures? Anything? Thanks
  7. Hello all, I just ordered the Guide to Glorantha and have been slowly reading it. Does the Guide contain everything in the Source Book or do I need to get that too? Thanks Gary H
  8. I think the best approach for me will be to start with what I have (Slipcase adventure) +inevitable starter set then move into the new Pavis and Big Rubble books when they come out. Thanks for all the info
  9. Thanks Akhorahil....i lOVE the cover art of both of those books. I own the RQG Slipcase.....i have 30+ years of experience running games (Rolemaster 2, WFRP, AD&D, CoC, etc) BUT my only experience with Runequest is the Broken Tower.....with that said is it easy to convert the coming storm and eleven lights to RQG considering my experience with RQG?
  10. Thanks, that's a lot of info. I'm leaning toward Pavis because I'm told that is is very Sword &Scorcery and that is what appeals to me. I may have to wait until Robin Laws finishes his new books for RQG
  11. So per the advice of this thread I've been doing some research via internet and Buds rpg reviews on YouTube (great channel) Is it fair to say the Darastor book, Sartar Kindom of hero's and Pavis Gateway to Adventure are the equivalent to campaign settings in ther own right? Much to my extreme dismay some of these books sell for close to $174 on Amazon and I don't use pdfs to run games....LOVE BOOKS
  12. WOW....Im pleasantly overwhelmed by all of the helpful responses.......just.....WOW. Thanks so much to everyone.....i had no idea so many people would reply with helpful advice. Several people have expressed starting small and expanding from there....check Several have explained that Pavis and Prax may be more S&S so I think I will try to start there. Several links to articles of which I will read all of them...thank you for those links. Many people suggest that Glorantha (depending on gm style) can be dark gritty S&S....thats very encou
  13. Hello all, I really want to love Glorantha but im having a difficult time wrapping my head around it. Please help 1) to a new commer it feels impenetrable. So much depth and history...and that's part of the draw of the setting but also makes it seem impossible to get into...to learn and to teach to players. Feels like it demands a much higher level of commitment from the players to get the setting than any other setting I have experienced.....perhaps I'm to old now. 2) what drew me to Runequest Glorantha was the implication of a Sword and Scorcery setting. Now wh
  14. Thanks. I will have to pick it up. I find the Glorantha art to be very inspiring.
  15. Hello, I'm considering the purchase of the Guide to Glorantha. I currently have the Glorantha Sourcebook. Does the Guide to Glorantha have additional and or expanded art that is not already in the Core Book, Bestiary, Smoking Ruin or Glorantha Sourcebook? Thanks Gary
  16. Thanks, I have Arkham Detective Tales and Eternal Lies (OMG I love Eternal Lies) but I'm concerned that converting either to Coc would make them feel differently. I would have tha same concern for converting Horror on the Orient Express or Masks to Trail of Cthulhu. But yes I agree with you that Arkham Detective Tales and Eternal Lies are both fantastic and feel very Noir.
  17. Hello I've been watching several of the old (and not so old) detective Noir films lately and no I really want to run a Cthulhu Campaign that is written with a Noir flavor, not Pulp but Noir. My question is, do any such Campaigns exist? Thanks
  18. Any idea when the book of adventures or perhaps the Campaign will be coming out? Thanks
  19. Thanks for the reply. I like this idea and will run through the potential events with that in mind. This would alter the story but allow the players to experience both. Normally I wouldn't care but one of the players seems very excited to hunt down a "Werewolf " Thanks again
  20. Thanks for the reply. I should have been more clear. The party is already in london so travel time will not require weeks to get to Edale. The full moon was a week ago, so if the pcs are to experience the Derbyshire Horror during a full moon then it would be about 3 weeks from now, meanwhile the New moon is about a week from now. So if the pcs head to edale to investigate Henson Manufacturing or The Derbyshire Horror and remain there until the next full moon then they would miss the the New Moon and the Grand Rite/climax of England. ... I think I just answered
  21. Hello, I'm running Masks and my players are nearing the end of the London chapter. They are about to investigate Edale and Misr House. Problem is that the Full Moon was a last week and the new moon will be in about one weeks time (sorry I dont the calendar near me for specific dates. How do I allow the players to follow up on the Edale mystery involving Plum castle and still maintain the momentum they have built for the England climax? I can't make it be a full moon one day and then a new moon a couple days later. Thanks is for any ideas Gary
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